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Summer School Program: From Basics to Blast-Off - Continuing the Dynamic Journey - Jul 2009

Fri 10 Jul 2009 – Mon 13 Jul 2009

    Registration & Accommodation

    Questions? Contact the Registrar.

    Thursday, 9 July

    Introduction to Dynamic Blood Analysis

    This optional workshop is offered primarily for distance students who need to complete Module 41, and who have been unable to attend the full weekend offered in previous years. Roxanne Harris will be teaching the basics of Live Blood Analysis, what can be seen under the microscope and how it fits into your practice; Rudi will be providing the dynamic view of blood and how it fits into the dynamic physiology.

    No fee for DHHP and/or DAHH students.

    Friday July 10th

    New advances in Heilkunst – Bioresonance technology, Heilkunst CoRe – AM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    Back to the future? Where is Heilkunst going? What does the roadmap look like? What does it mean for you?

    Tissue Salts Part 1 – PM

    Speaker: Gudula Bauer

    Exploring the principles and therapeutic application of these little understood and yet widely used remedies.

    • 5:15-6.15: C/IHA AGMDMH/DAH holders and all students welcome
    • 6.30 onwards: Annual potluck

    Saturday July 11th

    Tissue Salts Part 2 – AM

    Speaker: Gudula Bauer

    Continuing the exploration of the therapeutic use and application based on extensive clinical experience.

    Note: morning session wraps up at 11.20AM, afternoon session resumes at 1PM

    Lunch time class: Optional. MacRep & ReferenceWorks with Patty from 12-1PM, please be prompt.

    Cancer, and how to approach treatment – PM

    What exactly is cancer and how do we go about treating it? Exploring the often-confused world of cancer therapeutics and coming out alive.

    • 5.00 – 6.30: Graduation

    Sunday July 12th

    Animal Heilkunst – AM Animal students and grads ONLY

    Speakers: Patty Smith, Aleks Mikic, Gudula Bauer

    Learn to understand the role of people in the lives of animals and how much of the illness of animals is due to their caregivers. At the same time, this provides a useful insight into the nature of human anxieties and how they are transmitted to others.

    Timelines and Remedies – AM All welcome

    Speakers: Donna MacKenzie, Sheila Earl, Marion Elliot

    Hands-on and detailed tutorial work with tutors in smaller groups on understanding timelines and identifying the relevant remedies and potencies for treatment.

    Regimen and raw milk, live foods, whole foods – PM

    Speakers: Michael Schmidt (Guest speaker), with Rudi Verspoor

    A unique opportunity to hear about the on-going battle for access to living foods and the importance of such foods from a courageous man who has taken on the existing statutes in Ontario on your behalf, not just here but also in other jurisdictions across North America.

    Monday July 13th

    Taking a constitutional case – AM All welcome

    Speakers: Donna Mackenzie, Sheila Earl, Frances Quin

    Hands-on and detailed tutorial work with tutors in smaller groups on understanding constitutions (genotype) and identifying the relevant constitutional remedy for treatment in a case.

    ↑ OR ↓

    Repertorization – AM All welcome

    Speakers: Gudula Bauer, Susan Cohen, Marion Elliot

    Hands-on and detailed tutorial work with tutors in smaller groups on understanding repertorization and using it to find relevant remedies for the treatment of pathic diseases that arise during treatment.

    Getting to etheric thinking – PM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    What is required to take the next step in your training and journey as a practitioner. Come and find out.

    Fundamentals of Practice – Preparation for Clinical, Your Heilkunst Practice and Case-Taking – PM

    Speakers: Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith

    An opportunity to discuss a number of issues related to being a better practitioner and also to ask questions. A fitting end to Summer School.

    Closing Q&A.

    Tuesday July 14th

    CIHA Practitioner Day

    More information to follow separately. The day is open to graduates only, and only to those who are full members in good standing.-