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Public Webcast: Come join us as we announce new and exciting details about upcoming changes at the Hahnemann College

Thu 16 Jan 2014

On January 16th at 7PM, we will be hosting a launching via Webcast of the Center for Romantic Science.

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  • RSVP is required, space is limited. The session will be recorded and made available afterwards.

Catching The Next Wave

We are excited to announce the coming official launch of the next phase and major expansion of the HCH. We have been working on this new program for several years and everything is finally in place. The HCH is now going into Romantic Science and Healthcare.

Alvin Toffler spoke of the Third Wave in terms of the evolution of Western culture, from agrarian, to industrial, to information age. Since the inception of the HCH in 1997, we have been through a number of significant transformations, and in each case the HCH has expanded what it has to offer.

The first stage was the journey from homeopathy to Heilkunst, ridding the Augean stable of homeopathic literature and teachings of its many myths and misconceptions, as laid out fully and formally in The Dynamic Legacy: Hahnemann from Homeopathy to Heilkunst. This was the basis for our initial practitioner diploma program in sequential therapy and Heilkunst.

The second stage involved laying the groundwork for the emergence of a rational system of regimen (Heilkunde) and a rational approach to the ideogenic realm, therapeutic education (Heillehre). It also meant including the fundamentals of a dynamic physiology and introducing the insights of Dr. John Brown and the ‘Second Organon’.

The third stage has now emerged out of the other two stages, quided by the insights of the Romantic Idea. This organizing idea integrates all parts of healthcare (Heilsorge) within a rigorous rational, scientific framework, in particular as regards the most challenging aspect of all, that of the problem of ignorance and belief, knowledge and truth.

Just as homeopathy is a part of the more extensive system of treating disease – Heilkunst, so is Heilkunst itself an integral part of a much more extensive system of treatment – Heilsorge (healthcare). The system of Western healthcare includes the treatment of disease (medicine), disorders (regimen), ignorance (education). Therapeutic regimen and education are no less complex (indeed, more so) and yet as open to rational understanding and effective therapeutic application as Heilkunst has proven to be. The HCH now has, in addition to its existing programs, an expanded study program to teach the laws, principles and therapeutics of a true system of Western healthcare on a more integrated, comprehensive basis. Romantic Science and Healthcare includes and expands on all three streams – regimen, medicine, education – into a more systematic and evolutionary approach to health and life at all levels – body, mind, soul and spirit, and by activating and nourishing the new capacity of mind and consciousness needed to understand and practice such a system. Provisions exist for merging the existing DHHP into the new program.

On January 16th at 7PM, we will be hosting a launching via Webcast of the Center for Romantic Science.

Come and learn about the new possibilities in therapeutics training, whether a student or graduate. The challenges of treatment grow, with ever more chronic, complex disease-conditions, particularly in the soul-spiritual realm. Our capacity for effectively addressing these issues is also increasing through the insights of Romantic Science.