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Summer School 2011

Thu 4 Aug 2011 – Mon 8 Aug 2011

    Back to the Future – Heilkunst Redivivus


    Questions? Contact the Registrar.

    Thursday Aug 4

    Optional workshop — Basics of Live Blood Analysis, the dynamic view of blood and how it fits into the dynamic physiology

    This optional workshop is offered primarily for distance students who need to complete Module 41, and who have been unable to attend the full weekend offered in previous years. Roxanne Harris will be teaching the basics of Live Blood Analysis, what can be seen under the microscope and how it fits into your practice; Rudi will be providing the dynamic view of blood and how it fits into the dynamic physiology.

    No fee for DHHP, DAHH, DynBC, DynNC and DynHC students.

    Friday Aug 5

    Heilkunst: Peering into the Future from the Past – AM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    What does the future hold for Heilkunst in terms of therapeutics? Come hear about the exciting steps being taken to advance Heilkunst into the heights of spiritual disease and the depths of natural disease. This session will situate you with respect to the past, present and future of scientific healthcare and serve as an introduction to some of the other sessions during Summer School.

    Tutor-led Workshop – PM — Case-taking and how to interview the patient

    Speakers: Susan Cohen, Sheila Earl & Aleks Mikic

    A hands-on pragmatic workshop that will teach students how to be with their patients in a consultation. Guidance on how to dissect a case, step-by-step. Come prepared to share your own ideas and experiences, and learn more along the way. Interactive, and designed to maximize your time with, and understanding of, each patient. 

    Saturday Aug 6

    The Real First Organon - AM and PM — John Brown and the Science of Physic and Therapeutic Regimen

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    Heilkunst contains two fundamental laws of therapeutics – we have the principles for the one, but not yet for the other. Learn about the “Second Organon” of Dr. Brown and how it provides the foundation for a scientific approach to the jungle of natural health therapies – Physic – and the basis for the launch of an entire new practitioner diploma program by the HCH – a 3 -4 year study program as comprehensive for the law of opposites as the DHHP and DST are for the law of similars.


    Sunday Aug 7

    Expanding the Mind – AM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor 

    Exercise session. Learning how to do critical analysis, thinking in a methodical way, textual criticisms, in-depth textual analysis, how we determine when to use what, exercising your mind. 

    Natural Immunity and the History of Vaccinations – PM

    Guest speaker: Dr Raymond Obomsawin

    Dr. Obomsawin has studied vaccination history and effectiveness extensively, both for the government and privately and will share the results of what he has learned. While the effect of vaccinations on health is no surprise, you will learn much more about the history and lack of science behind this grand experiment on humans. This will deepen your understanding and assist you in discussing this issue with patients. 

    Monday Aug 8

    Spiritual Laws, Putting American New Thought in its Context – AM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor 

    There are natural laws and spiritual laws and we are subject to both. The American New Thought Movement has, for the first time, brought forth into full view the hidden content of Plato’s teachings regarding the functioning of law in the spiritual realm. Learn about the history of this fascinating movement in America, its main characters (Quimby, Shinn, Evans, Neville Goddard, etc.) and the essence of its teachings, which are behind the more recent emergence of “The Secret” writings and movies.

    Preparedness followed by General Q&A – PM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith 

    On this last afternoon, we’ll spend some time talking about dealing with the current and coming economic, financial, and spiritual changes. There will be time for an open question and answer session based on the previous days or any other topic related to Heilkunst.

    Tuesday Aug 9

    CIHA Day