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Summer School Program: From Cradle to Grave - A Dynamic Journey - Jul 2007

Fri 11 Jul 2008 – Mon 14 Jul 2008

    As it was in 2007, we will be hosting this annual event at St Paul University in Ottawa. Summer School is open to anyone although the majority of attendees are students. If you would like to register, please complete the registration form and fax back to the Hahnemann College no later than July 7, 2008.

    Questions? Contact the Registrar.

    Thursday, 10 July

    Introduction to Dynamic Blood Analysis

    This optional workshop is offered primarily for distance students who need to complete Module 41, and who have been unable to attend the full weekend offered in previous years. Linda will be teaching the basics of Live Blood Analysis, what can be seen under the microscope and how it fits into your practice; Rudi will be providing the dynamic view of blood and how it fits into the dynamic physiology. * No fee for DHHP and/or DAHH students.

    Friday, 11 July

    Heilkunst – Getting the Fundamentals

    A day spent looking at the underlying principles that inform the therapeutic matrix for Heilkunst, and how they fit together. If you are having difficulty keeping a perspective in your studies, or have sometimes lost your way in your day-to-day practice, this session is for you.

    • 5:15-6.15: C/IHA AGMDMH/DAH holders and all students welcome
    • 6.30 onwards: Annual potluck

    Saturday, 12 July

    Repertorization Treasure Hunt – AM

    While pathic prescribing is only one part of Heilkunst, when you do need to use it repertorisation skills come in handy. Join us for a morning of fun and games while we explore the repertory and become more familiar with this useful tool.

    Regimen – Latest Developments – PM

    The world of regimen is constantly changing, as is our understanding of it. If you are confused or feel like you are drowning in the flood of new products and therapies, or are just curious, join us for an afternoon designed to provide some solid ground for using the principles of therapeutic regimen, and also to set out some of the latest approaches that have been integrated into Heilkunst.

    • 5.00 – 6.30: Graduation

    Sunday, 13 July

    Conception/Pregnancy/Labour/Birth/Infants – Dynamic Midwifery – AM

    One of the areas in which Heilkunst absolutely shines is the treatment of patients from conception to birth. Energetic medicines are the only ones that are completely safe for mother and child. Come and join us for a morning dedicated to one of the wonders of this world: the creation and birth of a new individual. We have been developing this as a new module, to be included as part of the DHHP program and as a standalone for graduates.

    The Functioning and Meaning of the Internal Organs – A Dynamic View – PM

    Our internal organs represent cosmic energy condensed into matter. They connect to our sub-conscious, our nether being and to the powers we need to develop our higher organs of supersensible knowing. This afternoon is designed to explore and better understand the meaning of the ventral organs.

    Monday, 14 July

    Incarnation and Grounding – The Process and the Problems – AM

    The issue of the evolution of consciousness in a given lifetime is linked to the ability to incarnate fully into one’s body. This session will take a look at the challenges and possibilities for treatment of this very human, but individual, journey of the “I.”

    Q&A: Open Discussion – PM

    If you have questions that were not answered in the course material, teleconferences, or this summer school itself, this is the opportunity to pose those questions. The rule is that no question is silly or stupid, as all questions come from our sub-conscious desire to know. All are invited to question and comment, as there are many questions still unanswered as well as many answers unquestioned.

    Tuesday, 15 July

    CIHA Practitioner Day

    More information to follow separately. The day is open to graduates only, and only to those who are full members in good standing.