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HCH clinic 2013 Fee change and new loyalty program

    The Hahnemann Clinic’s mission is to provide the best quality healthcare at the most affordable cost.

    We strive to keep fees at the lowest level possible and still be able to offer the highest level of service to all of our clients.

    We consider the care that we offer among the best in the world. Our consultation fees have always included all remedies recommended by our practitioners so that the consultation fee is the final fee (plus only shipping costs). However, because of regular increases in costs to us, the cost to us of continuing to provide the services we provide has gone up steadily over the years.

    We are now forced to reconsider fees in order to accommodate the rising costs of materials, labour and other day-to-day costs.

    We have done our best to minimize this increase and keep it to the minimum necessary and, in some cases, we have left fees as they are. We are also keeping in place our family discount program (see details below). Our last increase was almost 3 years ago.

    We are also introducing two new features.

    New features

    Periodic free teleconferences

    Periodic free teleconferences on various health topics for all our active clients1, 3-4 times a year.

    Loyalty program

    A loyalty program, which will reward those who undertake regular and systematic treatment.

    Our goal for you is the best, long-term and permanent health possible, and with this new program, we hope to encourage everyone to enter into longer-term treatment for full health.

    While health is its own reward, this program will also give a small thank-you to you from us for working towards this goal.

    Clinic fees effective 15 January 2013

    Effective 15 January 2013 the clinic fees will be:

    Product Fee
    Initial – 12 and over $280
    Initial – 12 and under $220
    Follow-up 15-minutes, one person $95
    Follow-up 30-minutes, one person $135
    Additional Person, same consult $45/person
    E-mail Consult $80
    Practitioner on Call $40 (First 15-minutes, $25 for each additional 15-minutes)
    Specific CoRe $95
    Comprehensive CoRe $140

    Please note that if the practitioner deems extra time required for an appointment to discuss in more detail complicated issues he will inform you of this in the the appointment and the fees for a longer time slot will be applied at the time of invoicing.

    Family Discount

    Our family discount program will stay as it has. For each new patient that lives with an existing patient and who books an initial of 15-minutes, a 50% discount will be offered on the cost of the initial.

    For family follow-ups, if more than one person is seen in a 15-minute appointment, the rate for a 15-minute appointment will be charged to the first patient and for each additional patient within that appointment the rate will be $45/person (e-mail update is required 24 hours ahead of the appointment for all patients).

    Full details of the family discount program.

    Student and Graduate Discount

    Current students enrolled in the DHHP program through the Hahnemann College will continue to receive a 20% discount on their consult fees. Graduates of this program will continue to receive a 15% discount on their consult fees.

    Loyalty Program

    The Hahnemann Clinic is proud to announce the launch of its new Loyalty Program.

    The program will have three components.

    First — new patients credit

    First, new patients (including new immediate family members of existing patients) will be offered a 10% credit to their account on the first consultation as of the date of the new fee increases, redeemable towards their next follow-up.

    Second — loyalty dollars

    Second, on all appointments after the initial appointment loyalty dollars will be awarded to consult fees (products (books, chlorophyll, ointments etc) and postage are excluded) in the amount of $1 for every $15 spent. This can be applied towards future consults.

    Credits are awarded only for fees paid, not for fees invoiced. Credits accumulated cannot exceed $100.00 for any single billing account. Credits on accounts that are inactive for more than one year will expire. Credits are not transferrable to other clinics or practitioners. Insurance receipts will not be issued for consults paid for with loyalty credits.

    Updates will be sent quarterly with your accumulated loyalty dollars.

    Third — webcasts

    The third and final component of our loyalty program is the inclusion in upcoming webcasts that the HCH will host, and access to a presentation on regimen which is currently under development. We currently plan on hosting a webcast quarterly in 2013 and active patients1 of the HCH will be allowed access to this webcast at no additional charge. The regimen presentation will be released to active patients1 as soon as it is ready.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of this information please do not hesitate to contact the Clinic.

    1 Active patient is defined as having had an appointment within a six-month period.