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Summer School 2014

Wed 23 Jul 2014 – Sun 27 Jul 2014

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  • Advanced Topics Workshop

    Dynamic Regimen (Heilkunde) – Nutrition (July 23/24, 2014)

    We will take an intensive look at the advances in nutrition: determining what is right for each patient, going deeper into the typologies, as well as beyond, into the individuality.

    The workshop will cover new material in three areas

    1. Methods of testing readily available to practitioner and patient for metabolic disorders, as well as the progress of dietary and other changes, including Heilkunst treatment, including demonstration of the Reams’ test.
    2. Advances in the application of the various dietary typologies, including the polarity of glycogenesis and ketogenesis, and how they inter-relate.
    3. Moving from typology to individuality – how to go beyond typology – necessary for the more advanced patients (in terms of health, mind and consciousness).

    No pre-requisite, but Winter School 2013 (attendance or recording) is highly recommended. Participants will also benefit from the prior series of 6 webcasts on dynamic regimen (looking at the other 3 cardinal points – recreation, respiration, hydration). Contact the Registrar’s office if you wish to arrange access to these sessions.

    Summer School (July 25 – 27, 2014)

    Day One

    AM- The Future of Romantic Science and Healthcare: What Does It Mean for You and Your Patients?

    PM – Developing The Etheric Mind

    We will work with specific exercises. You will be assigned to one of several smaller groups to work on an exercise and then the results will be shared with the whole group (there will also be a faculty-led on-line group).

    Day Two

    AM- Advancing Your Heilkunst Practice through Materia Medica Study

    You will study an aspect of the MM of natural medicines in more detail, to expand your knowledge and increase your ability to prescribe more successfully.

    PM- Materia Medica of the Mind: The Study of English Literature

    Day Three

    AM: Advancing Cultural Literacy

    We will examine a particular aspect in the history of Western culture in detail, and its importance to the development of mind and consciousness – topic to be identified later.

    PM: Advancing Western Thought: Studying the Great Thinkers

    We will examine the ideas and influence of one of the great minds of Western thought and their place in Romantic Science.