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AOH Weekend

Sat 13 Oct 2012 – Sun 14 Oct 2012

    Dynamic Physiology of Mind and Consciousness II: Esoteric Dimensions

    This builds on the first weekend held in July, and brings in the esoteric aspects of the evolution of mind and consciousness, borrowing mainly from Steiner’s work. This weekend will focus on one of the two ultimate goals of the AOH program – metamorphosis. It will be useful to have attended or listened to the first weekend. Open to all students and graduates, and should be comprehensible for the most part to all, but does require a certain level of understanding of Steiner and dynamic physiology to get the most out of it.


    St Paul University, Ottawa, ON


    Saturday Oct 13, 2012 and Sunday Oct 14, 2012

    Class: 9 AM – 5 PM daily.


    • Cost
      • $225 in-person
      • $275 on-line

    Access to the recordings

    For those that register using either option access to the recordings is included in the registration fee. Please note both weekends will be recorded for those unable to attend and the recordings can be purchased afterwards for the on-line price mentioned above.

    More details

    Please contact the Registrar of the College for more details.