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Summer School 2013

Tue 23 Jul 2013 – Mon 29 Jul 2013

    The Hahnemann College is pleased to announce the agenda for its annual Summer School conference in July 2013.

    This year we are offering an additional workshop on Anthroposophic Orgonomic Heilkunst for those interested immediately before the annual Summer School conference. More details on this will follow.

    The dates of this year’s sessions are below. We are also pleased to announce that this year we will offer two options for attendance: in-person or on-line.

    As always Summer School is open to one and all and this year’s program is a great introduction for those wondering what it might be like to study with the HCH. If you ever wanted to attend, this is the year!

    Mark it on your calendar and plan to be there, this year’s conference looks to be great!

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  • HCH Anthroposophic Orgonomic workshop

    Tuesday AM and PM & Wednesday AM and PM

    Anthroposophic Orgonomic Heilkunst

    The Idea of Life – Its Historical, Philosophical and Scientific Meaning and Role in Romantic Healthcare

    The Idea of Life is the very foundation for Romantic Healthcare (Heilsorge). It is essential to understand the Idea of Life in order to confront and deal with the complex system of belief of our age. It is not enough to remove individual beliefs, but we must also strike at the very entire structure as it affects us personally, the invisible matrix of our own mind holding us prisoner in a jail without visible bars and walls. As much as we can remove secondary and tertiary barriers on the path to health, it will become undone to the extent that the belief system remains. Only through the rich process to understand the Idea of Life, can one scientifically approach the root cause of this system of belief, the highest disease – ignorance.

    In these two days we will explore, with the help of various contributors to Romantic Healthcare, the Idea of Life from several perspectives. Our journey will take us from Genesis, to American New Thought (Quimby and Neville in particular), through the Gospels, Coleridge, Brown, Hahnemann, Phenomenology, Semesiology, Emergent Evolution, and Steiner and Reich. These two days will follow on the previous AOH session on The Dynamic Physiology of Mind and Consciousness (though not a prerequisite). Several of the AOH teleconferences between now and July will also be helpful in getting the most out of these two days. (Wikipedia entry on Romantic Medicine will give a glimpse:

    HCH Summer School

    Theme: Heilkunst: Therapeutic Medicine From A to Z

    This summer school is dedicated to reviewing the gamut of medical therapeutics available to us today, starting with a thorough review of the foundational aspects, leading into the most recent discoveries, including use of the various potency scales (C, X, LM, Fibonacci). The four days are intended to give all students and graduates a comprehensive and integrated perspective of Heilkunst as it has developed over the past 15 years.

    Friday AM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    Heilkunst : The Context

    This session will place Heilkunst (therapeutic medicine) within the context of Heilsorge (Healthcare) and its links to Heilkunde (Regimen)

    Friday PM

    Speaker: TBD – tutor led session

    Heilkunst and Case-taking

    Identifying Geno-types and Doing the Initial Consultation (possible break-out for DAHH students on same topic if numbers warrant, available for in-person attendees only)

    This session will address what an initial consult should look like with a new patient and give guidance on how to determine the Geno-type of a patient.

    Friday PM 6:30 onwards

    Annual potluck

    The yummiest part of the week! All potluck attendees are asked to bring a dish to share and be creative! The HCH provides plates, flatware, cups and liquid refreshment; some serving spoons and dishes are available.

    Venue: Breakfast Room (ground floor) St Paul residence.

    Saturday AM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    Heilkunst I: The Foundation and Keys to the Kingdom

    This session will review and provide the latest teachings on typologies (genotypes/phenotypes), timeline treatment, and miasmatic prescribing.

    Saturday PM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    Heilkunst II: Treating for the Ideogenic and Chthonic Realms, and Handling Healing Reactions

    This session will review and provide the latest teachings on the two polarities of spiritual and natural diseases, as well as the difficult question of healing reactions.

    Saturday 5:00 PM


    We ask that those who have attended Saturday’s session make every effort to stay for Graduation afterwards. It is such a special occasion, the more the merrier!

    Sunday AM

    Speaker: TBD – tutor led session

    Clinical Cases to Discuss and Resolve (possible break-out for DAHH students on same topic if numbers warrant, available for in-person attendees only)

    This session will be have practitioners presenting and discussing cases to illustrate real life situations of how patient issues can be addressed and resolved.

    Sunday PM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    Heilkunst III: Advanced Therapeutics

    This session will cover various advanced topics such as formulas, treatment of dental issues, and approaching complex disease-conditions such as autism, cancer, and mental illness.

    Monday AM

    Speaker: Aleksandra Mikic

    Introduction to Animal Heilkunst

    This session will review treating animals with Heilkunst and introduce the newly revised DAHH program.

    Monday PM

    Speaker: Rudi Verspoor

    The Consumate Heilkünstler: Tackling Complex, Chronic Cases, and the Inevitable Surprises, plus the Dread of the Unknown

    This session is intended to pull everything from the weekend together and look at how to put it all into practice and deal with the difficulties of chronic cases, the surprises that can face a practitioner and dealing with the dread of “what next?”.