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Government Health Regulation

Various governments in North America and around the world may or may not regulate the practice of various health professions. This is a legal matter that has to be determined by each person for the political jurisdiction in which they intend to practice.

To our knowledge, no governments have any regulations in place related specifically to Heilkunst. In many places in North America, due to the rights under Common Law, anyone can practice any form of medicine unless it is specifically prescribed or regulated. In some jurisdictions, the practice of medicine generally requires a licence and this is restricted to more conventional practitioners, though this is changing along with health freedom legislation as is found in the province of Ontario, Canada, which law, implemented in 1994, has served as a general model for health freedom legislation throughout North America.

Some jurisdictions regulate the practice of homeopathy, but the restriction generally applies to those who wish to use a certain protected title such as “Homeopath” or “Doctor of Homeopathy.” This does not usually prevent anyone who is practicing Heilkunst from the use of homeopathic prescribing within the context of Heilkunst.

The province of Ontario recently passed regulations that allow only those who register with a regulatory body to call themselves “Homeopath,” but this will not in any way affect the Hahnemann College or the practice of Heilkunst for any graduate. All graduates can become members of the professional association for Doctors of Medical Heilkunst, the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association.