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Welcome from the Dean

Welcome from Dean of Student Affairs

Welcome to the HCH!

We welcome your consideration of this college, as it is beyond unique — it is the only one offering a complete education in Hahnemann’s full medical system, which he termed “Heilkunst.” Heilkunst is all about learning the art of helping oneself and others become whole, and our students have the same fulfilling journey ahead of them as their patients will.

The students of the HCH create an amazing community of people. Coming from all corners of the world, from diverse backgrounds, each one of them makes an invaluable contribution. For those students registered for the diploma programs, all study is completed by distance with students coming together during the year in a number of ways thanks to the wonders of technology. It culminates in opportunities to meet tutors and other students at Summer School (summer in Ottawa) and also at Winter School (February in a southern location) and Autumn School on the West Coast (near Victoria, BC).

Summer School is held annually in Ottawa. Students and staff who might have known one another only virtually during the year all come together. There are many double-takes as people glance at nametags and recognize one another as friends they have known virtually, from the online group, or from teleconferences. Fast friendships are made, with deep resonance, that are long-lasting. Summer School is always an expansive experience for all, in many, many ways other than merely educational, and we look forward to making it more relevant and fascinating each year. An annual potluck dinner is organized one Summer School evening, where those more local to Ottawa wine and dine those coming “from away,” and a splendid time is enjoyed by all.

We offer an online email list that affords students, faculty and staff the opportunity to communicate immediately. This list is used to discuss course material, share ideas about insights and experiences, offer information on current medical issues (vaccination, mercury toxicity, fluoride, etc.) and more.

Teleconferences are scheduled regularly throughout the academic year for all students to gather in a virtual learning experience, pose questions to staff members about course material and share thoughts and ideas more generally.

Regular reports and announcements keep students apprised of what’s new, such as innovations within the HCH, updates on new additions to the websites, course material or clinic operations, and the schedule of required and optional classes offered. And our official Heilkunst Journal is a serious collection of writings, as well as poetry and artwork, from students and patients, all offering an insight into their journey through learning and “wholing.”

As Dean of Student Affairs (in addition to my teaching responsibilities), I feel like a concierge. It is my job to ensure that the HCH communicates with the students, hears what they have to say, answers questions, makes them comfortable and happy in their decision to study with this amazing school. I look forward to meeting you and working with you!


Dean of Student Affairs