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Summer School 2012

Thu 26 Jul 2012 – Mon 30 Jul 2012

    Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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    Photos from the graduation

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    What is Heilkunst? Forward to the Past

    This Summer School will first focus on pulling together all the foundational ideas, laws and principles of Heilkunst to date, as taught in the DSH and DHHP programs, to present them in an integrated and functional manner, such as a student on the verge of clinical studies would/should have assimilated them. If you think you already know all about basic Heilkunst, think again! It is critical that we have a clear and integrated understanding of the foundations of Heilkunst so as to ensure the necessary stability and courage to go further and deeper into the heart of darkness of disease and illness.

    What is Heilkunst? Back to the Future

    Next, we will look at the future of Heilkunst as it lies in the past work of such great minds as Steiner and Reich, but also taking into the account the entire legacy of Western culture and consciousness. Whereas Heilkunst I and II touched more on medicine and physic, Heilkunst Phase III treats of the deep problem of knowing – confronting belief, delusion, illusion, ignorance, and takes us from the emanationary world order (cosmos) to an evolutionary one (pleroma), from karmageddon to dharma-gettin’, from plurific desideration to unific aspiration.

    Thursday AM PM

    This optional workshop is offered primarily for distance students who need to complete Module 41. Roxanne Harris will be teaching the basics of Live Blood Analysis, what can be seen under the microscope and how it fits into your practice; Rudi will be providing the dynamic view of blood and how it fits into the dynamic physiology.

    Friday AM

    • Something Old – Heilkunst’s Origins – The Dynamic Legacy – Rewriting Hahnemann’s Organon – pouring the foundation.

    Friday PM

    Sheila Earl and Jeff Korentayer

    • Tutor-led workshop with Sheila Earl and Jeff Korentayer
    • Deconstructing Remedy Formulas : Knowing when and HOW to use them

    Heilkunst has often be accused of “not being Hahnemannian” as we apparently break the “one remedy at a time rule”. While the principles around treating a compound timeline event may be clear to us (one remedy per disease at a time), how clear are we about the principle behind the various Heilkunst formulas we use? How can we be sure that a particular formula is right for a particular patient?

    This workshop will include an exercise where we’ll break down some commonly-used formulas to understand exactly why each remedy is included a given formula, and to illustrate how formulas are not the same as “shotgun” combinations and why they are not polypharmacy if they are prescribed based on principle.

    Memorial for Patty

    To be held immediately after the workshop, in the same venue. This celebration of Patty’s life is open to students, grads and patients; we are keeping it informal and less structured so as to facilitate participation by all. Rudi will speak at the beginning and then anyone who wishes to say a few words, play a tune, sing a song, read a poem – whatever they wish – will be invited to come up and share.

    Annual potluck

    The yummiest part of the week! All potluck attendees are asked to bring a dish to share and be creative! The HCH provides plates, flatware, cups and liquid refreshment; some serving spoons and dishes are available.

    • 6:30 PM onwards
    • Venue: Breakfast Room (ground floor) St Paul residence.

    Saturday AM PM

    Guest speaker: Roxanne Harris

    • Module 13: World of Regimen, with special focus on Supplements

    An in-depth look at the intricacies of regimen as it relates to our patients, the world of supplements and our practices. We will spend the latter part of the afternoon looking specifically at supplements, their benefits, their use, what to look for in a quality supplement, acknowledging the complexities of the legalities around labelling, marketing and how supplements are categorized as food.

    The day will conclude with discussion relating to a new CIHA-sponsored research project on greens supplements as we try to unlock the mystery of what works and what does not, using live blood analysis as a measuring tool to identify the efficacy of the same for specific blood typologies. This project is for the benefit of all Heilkunstlers and their patients, with plans to expand and eventually research multiple supplements in order to build a catalogue; the object of this would be to confirm which supplements do what they’re supposed to do, according to blood typology. This would take the guesswork out of the process and allow practitioners to see the results they desire in their patients.


    Photos from the graduation

    We ask that those who have attended Saturday’s session make every effort to stay for Graduation afterwards. It is such a special occasion, the more the merrier!

    • 5:00 PM
    • Venue: Amphitheatre 1124

    Sunday AM

    Something New – Heilkunst and the Sequential Idea – building the structure – development of the miasms and the chthonic realm

    Sunday PM

    Something Borrowed – Heilkunst and the Second Organon – laying the basis for a true physic (therapeutic regimen)

    Faust Play

    Beat the Devil! (Faust, the Whole Story) is a condensed rendition of the original Faust play by actor Glen Williamson. More

    Monday AM

    Something Blue – Heilkunst and the Realm of Psychosis – going from genital primacy to full orgastic potency – climbing the heights of Mount Everest and sounding the depths of the Pacific Ocean’s Marianna Trench.

    Monday PM

    • Special Topic and Q and As.