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Application and fees



  • PaymentPolicy.pdf Payment Policy all Diploma/Certificates. (Size 212kB, updated: Wed 25 Feb @ 4:02 am).
  • TreatmentPolicy.pdf Treatment Policy. (Size 1MB, updated: Wed 25 Feb @ 4:02 am).


Tuition Fees

Students registering for the diploma program have a choice of payment options.

Registration for the diploma program includes a non-refundable fee of $600 to cover administrative costs. A non-refundable fee of $300 applies to the Certificate course. The cost of books for all programs is non-refundable.


Should a student need to withdraw from a program, refunds will be calculated as per the payment policy.


Students are encouraged to attend a certain number of Study Weeks (Summer and Winter School), but if attendance at a Study Week is not possible, you may purchase a copy of that week’s audio material or it may be exchanged for a credit. Ask the Registrar for more information.

Practitioner Diploma in Sequential Heilkunst Treatment (DSH)

The fees for the Diploma in Sequential Heilkunst (DSH) program includes:

  • access to tutor led webcast sessions
  • access to six (6) Study Sessions (Summer and Winter School) in person, on line or recordings
  • access to the Hahnemann College site on iTunesU hosted by Apple Inc.
  • all required lesson material and textbooks and access to audio recordings of relevant lectures and seminars
  • personal tutoring for directed home study
  • personal clinical supervisor for the Clinical Internship
  • membership in the on-line study group

Payment Options

  • Option 1: Easy Monthly Payments – $545 each for 36 months
  • Option 2: Regular Annual Payments – $6,500 each for 3 years
  • Option 3: Single Payment $19,500


Any fee increases due to rising costs as decided in September or January of any year by the HCH will be added to your monthly fees from that point forward. You will be notified of the changes by the Registrar’s office.

Other payment arrangements should be discussed with the Registrar.

Certificate Courses

Homeopathy at Home, Work and Play

Leading to a certificate in basic remedial prescribing for acute issues for self and family.

Payment options

  • $450 single payment
  • $250 in two monthly payments

Dynamic Health Counselor Certificate

Payment options

  • Option 1: Monthly Payments – $475 each for 18 months
  • Option 2: Two Semi-annual Payments – $4,250 each
  • Option 3: Full Payment – $8,500