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Medical Contributors

In studying with the HCH, the student will have, thanks to the powers of the Internet and the dedicated research of its staff, access to the various ideas and insights of numerous individuals, who, through our integrative work, form an illustrious virtual faculty of advisors and tutors. These individuals have provided humanity with their best works and teachings, in the form of certain books or articles, which form an integral part of the true system of Western medicine. The goal of the HCH is to facilitate the integration of several centuries of Western medical knowledge as represented by these researchers into a coherent system, founded on the blueprint provided by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, called Heilkunst.

While each individual is not formally on the teaching staff of the HCH, their ideas and insights form an integral part of the teachings of Heilkunst. The list of various contributors to this dynamic system of medicine will be expanded as others become known to us through our on-going research.

Medical Contributors (with their main contributions)


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, MD: The Extended Organon of the Remedial Art

Department of Philosophy and Principles

  • Dr. Lutze, MD (Germany): dual remedy prescription
  • Dr. Aegidi, MD (Italy): dual remedy prescription
  • Dr. James Tyler Kent, MD (USA): essence prescribing
  • Dr. Andrew Taylor Stills, MD (USA): osteopathy
  • Dr. Stuart Close, MD (USA): general statement of homeopathy
  • Dr. H. A. Roberts, MD (USA): general statement of homeopathy
  • Dr. J. F. Elmiger, MD (Switzerland): sequential therapy
  • Dr. Francisco Eizayaga, MD (Argentina): degrees of similitude
  • Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, MD (Canada): iatrogenic disease
  • Dr. J. Compton Burnett, MD (England): vaccinosis and drainage

Materia Medica/Repertories

  • Dr. Constantine Hering, MD (Germany/USA)
  • Dr. Adolphe Lippe, MD (USA)
  • Dr. E. A. Farrington, MD (USA)
  • Dr. Henry C. Allen, MD (USA)
  • Dr. T. F. Allen, MD (Canada)
  • Dr. William A. Yingling, MD (USA)
  • Dr. E. B. Nash, MD (USA)
  • Dr. Willam Boericke, MD (USA)
  • Dr. J. H. Clarke, MD (England)
  • Dr. Margaret L. Tyler, MD (England)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard, MD (USA)
  • Dr. A. H. Grimmer, MD (USA)
  • Dr. M. B. Panos, MD (USA)
  • Dr. Richard Moskowitz, MD (USA)
  • Dr. Roger N. Morrison, MD (USA)
  • Dr. Didier Grandgeorge, MD (France)
  • Dr. Paul Herscu, ND (USA)

Orgonomic Medicine

  • Dr. Wilhelm Reich, MD (Austria/USA): discovery of the orgone
  • Dr. Charles Konia, MD (USA): various writings on Clinical Orgonomy
  • Dr. Elsworth M. Baker, MD (USA): character analysis

Anthroposophical Medicine

  • Dr. Ita Wegman, MD (Holland)
  • Dr. Friedrich Husemann, MD (Germany)
  • Dr. Otto Wolff, MD (Germany)
  • Dr. Victor Bott, MD (USA)
  • Dr. Michael Evans, MD (USA)


  • Dr. Anton Mesmer, MD (Austria): mesmerism
  • Dr. Max Gerson, MD (Germany/USA): potassium/sodium balance
  • Dr. Hans Reckeweg, MD (Germany/USA): homotoxicology
  • Dr. John H. Tilden, MD (USA): autotoxemia
  • Dr. Walter Cannon, MD (USA): homeostasis
  • Dr. T. L Cleave, MD (England): role of dietary fiber and processed sugar
  • Dr. Weston Price, DDS (USA): role of natural diet
  • Dr. Jean Valnet, MD (France): essential oils
  • Dr. Edward Bach, MD (England): Bowel Nosodes and Flower Essences
  • Dr. Sutherland, DO (USA): cranial-sacral
  • Dr. Henry Bieler, MD (USA): balancing diets
  • Dr. Bhatmanghelidj, MD (Iran/USA): hydration
  • Dr. S. Chouchoua, MD (Australia): induced remission therapy
  • Dr. Penoel, MD (France): essential oils
  • Dr. William C. Dement, M.D. Ph.D (USA): sleep/dormition
  • Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD (USA): lifestyle advice
  • Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD (USA): antineoplaston treatment
  • Dr. Andrew Weil, MD (USA): lifestyle advice
  • Dr. Larry Dosey, MD (USA): mind-body connection
  • Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD (USA): respect for natural healing power
  • Dr. Mercola, OD (USA): lifestyle
  • Dr. Peter D’Adamo, ND (USA): blood type diet
  • Dr. Jacob Liberman, OD, Ph.D (USA): role of light
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD (USA): female health
  • Dr. Dean Ornish, MD (USA): heart disease and diet/exercise
  • Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD (USA): mind-body connection
  • Dr. Sarno, MD: back problems
  • Dr. Charles Sandford Porter (USA), MD: milk cure
  • Dr. William H. Bates, MD (USA): natural correction of vision problems
  • Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS (USA): mercury amalgam toxicity
  • Dr. Mark A. Breiner, DDS (USA): whole body dentistry
  • Dr. Robert Nara, DDS (USA): remineralization of teeth

Physiology, Pleomorphism and General Research

  • Dr. Richard Saumarez (England), MD: dynamic physiology
  • Dr. Antoine Bechamp, MD (France): pleomorphism
  • Dr. Raymond Royal Rife (USA): microbial energy frequencies
  • Dr. Gilbert Ling (China/USA): structured water
  • Gunter Enderlein (Sweden): pleomorphism
  • Gaston Naessens (France/Canada): pleomorphism, live blood analysis
  • Dr. Vera Schreibner, Ph.D.: iatrogenic effects of vaccinations
  • Dr. Weston Price, DDS (USA): natural dental health, nutrition studies
  • Dr. Albert Abrams, MD (USA): radionics and radiesthesia