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Mod 34-38 Clinical Internship

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Clinical Work – Level I

Module 34

Clinical Case Study

This module involves listening to a number of audio recordings of existing cases and answering questions about the cases as preparation for Module 35.

Module 35

Clinical Internship (Initial)

This is the most critical component of the DSH/DHHP or DSV/DAHH diploma programs, where all the training comes together and is applied as would be the case in an actual practice. Students find that this is the most intensive, but also most rewarding aspect of their training and provides them with the confidence to start their own practice. This is generally completed by distance under the close supervision of your personal tutor.

This module involves the treatment of ten new cases (organized by the student) with an initial case-taking and assessment, followed by five follow-up consultations. In each case, the student-practitioner provides the analysis of the case at each consultation to the clinical supervisor for comment and receives approval for the remedies suggested.

Clinical Work – Level II

Module 36

Advanced Clinical Analysis

Individual programs set up for those undertaking post-graduate work or wishing to broaden and deepen their clinical experience and understanding once they have graduated and have been practicing for more than a year (details can be obtained by contacting the Registrar).

Clinical Work – Level III

Module 37

Clinical Externship (Advanced)

A DSH/DHHP/DSV/DAHH graduate of the HCH can receive on-going supervision of his or her cases for a period of six months after graduation, and also as needed, by separate arrangement (details can be obtained by contacting the Registrar).

Clinical Work – Level IV

Module 38

Clinical Experience

Intensive periods at the HCH Clinic by arrangement with the Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs.