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Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst - DHHP

As of the year 2017 the DHHP is no longer offered. A similar program is now offered through the School for Romantic Science and Healthcare.

The DHHP is organized on a ten-month school year in terms of the various teleconferences and study weeks (Summer and Winter School) – September to June. The study program is equivalent to more than five years of post-secondary education. The total study time is close to 3000 hours, plus almost 2,000 hours of clinical work for a total of 5,000 hours of training. While it is extensive and comprehensive, the format of the study program allows you to both study and work at an existing job, or fulfill family obligations, based on good study habits. The pace of study is at your discretion, though we feel that four to five years is a reasonable timeframe to complete your studies, and graduate as a confident, competent practitioner with a proven, effective system to help others with their health problems.

Study is largely by distance learning based on provided written, audio and video study materials, with the help of your personal tutor. There are regular teleconferences accessible to all students on specific study topics and new material, as well as the in-person opportunities (Summer and Winter School – with audio recordings for those who cannot attend).

The successful completion of the DHHP advanced study program entitles the holder to:

  • graduate with a DHHP diploma and to be listed in the HCH list of graduates
  • practice with the title DMH (Doctor of Medical Heilkunst) designation, upon application to the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association and payment of annual fees.

The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst is accredited by the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association.

Find out more about application and fees.