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Mod 13 Dynamic Regimen

Module 13

Dynamic Regimen

  • History of Diet and Nutrition as Therapy
  • Modern Developments and Pioneers
  • Basic Principles of Therapeutic Regimen
  • Typologies in Regimen
  • Four Cardinal Points: Nutrition/Hydration/Dormition/Recreation
  • Role of Supplements, Vitamins and Whole Food Approaches
  • Concept of Pleomorphism
  • Role of Regimen in Other Areas: Spirit, Soul, Mind
  • Role of Sexual Regimen
  • Sequence of Treatment in Dynamic Regimen

The use of the natural law of opposites to achieve a healthy balance (homeostasis) is an important support in all cases of treatment. Therapeutic regimen based on a dynamic understanding of our functioning removes imbalances due to excess or lack of a given nutrient or necessary input for health and also supports the healing process after disease has been removed by the appropriate energetic medicine according to the law of similars. The often confusing realm of nutrition, supplements, exercise and various therapies is now placed on the firm foundation of law and principle so that therapeutic actions fully complement overall treatment and can mostly be used by you in your practice. You are also given the tools to evaluate conflicting claims of the many new products and approaches being promoted so that you can provide relevant guidance for your patients in this area.