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Student and Patient Comments

I am a new student with HCH and I just wanted to write to express how absolutely amazed I am by the material I am learning. I’m currently finishing the study questions for module 2 and working through the recorded lectures (I will soon import them onto my iPod and listen to them when I walk my dog). It is so helpful to be studying as I work through my own treatment (I just started the first round of Miasms). I initially understood how treatment supports the study process, but now I also recognize that studying supports the treatment. When I have an intense healing reaction, I find myself studying with even more passion and it reassures me that the experiences are worth it.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be studying Heilkunst! I graduated with an honours degree in philosophy, and while I excelled at my studies, I felt as though my soul was starving. I studied in an intimate context, and my professors were unusually receptive, but when I spoke about the dangers of abstract theorizing and the need for practical contextualization, I nevertheless felt as though my emotional outbursts were being dismissed as a lack of sophistication. And for a while, I accepted this as the truth, thinking that as I continued with graduate studies I would learn how to distance myself appropriately from my studies. Now that I am studying Heilkunst, I feel as though I am exercising my rational capacities with as much rigour as I apply to my University courses. The difference is that my soul is also responding and I no longer have to silence it. My mind was very adept at following the dialectic of the German Idealists and I could effectively present the dynamism of Boehme’s theogony, but I see now that that was nothing compared to the learning that I will have to undergo in order to practice the dynamism of Heilkunst. My nagging suspicions that the theoretical acrobats were not enough have been confirmed and I am so relieved to have discovered this before I really did learn to divorce myself from my intellectual pursuits in order to survive the cut throat atmosphere of the academy.

I recently wrote a paper for my historiography class on “What is History for?” which I qualified with “the student of Heilkunst.” It has so much life in it and I am glad to see that the passion I have for my Heilkunst studies is filtering into my other courses.

All this to say, thanks so much for your role in putting this together! The “philosophical” convictions that I had developed through my studies about nature, theology, health, and technology, are all coming to bare in my studies and it is incredible to feel them all converge through the study of Heilkunst.

And this is just the beginning. I am enthusiastic to continue learning this fascinating science and art.

— Source: Carol-Ann. October 2007.

It is our daughter’s 24th birthday today and I don’t believe she would be celebrating it if it were not for Heilkunst. I want to thank you so much for your devotion and determination in bringing it all together.

She was so low when we found you, I shudder to think of it. She had permanent liver damage. The damage was a direct cause of her being started on phenobarbital, dilantin and finally valproic acid right after her birth for seizures. She had suffered a subdural hematoma during an unnatural forced delivery. All the Gerson Therapy and regimen in the world would not have restored her health and we couldn’t run fast enough to keep ahead anymore.

Before finding you, the classical homeopath had taken her down further. It was referred to as “peeling the onion”?? Initially there was improvement but six months into treatment her health dove to a level worse than when we started. Instinct told me it was not the fault of the remedies but how they were used. There was never been any mention of her emotional or spiritual health.

When we began Heilkunst she weighed eighty pounds, was jaundiced, and suffering constant reflux, hemorrhoids and having seizures daily. She drooled constantly, her speech was incoherent and she was not able to walk without assistance. Most critical of all was the condition her spirit was in.

Without Heilkunst and the the treatment of her traumatic timeline I know her recovery would not have been possible. You brought it all together for us and I am eternally grateful. [As a graduate of the Hahnemann College and a practitioner myself now] I feel I am giving back when I treat other young people with the same disorder. You have made this possible.

Our entire family is happier and healthier. Some are tagging along but will get there when they are ready. It is a very freeing experience, even if I did think we would die from the [mental, emotional, physical] pain of some of the healing reactions.

Now I am off to bake a birthday cake. My daughter has been devouring cookbooks all morning and has finally decided. It truly is a celebration of life, love and spirit.

Words can’t begin to explain the gratitude I feel towards having you both on my journey of wellness and truth. My eyes and heart keep opening bigger & bigger with all the knowledge I am gaining through my studies in Heilkunst. Rudi your words inspire me, resonate in me and give me the energy to keep “knowing,” and Patty, your mother nature gives me the strength, motivation and discipline to continue on this path of truth. I’m not sure my words are quite capturing my feelings and thoughts… but to be put simply… I love you both and thank you!

— Source: JR.

It was certainly a pleasure to have met the two of you in person. It was even more wonderful to find out that you two were really the great personalities that I envisioned you to be! Thank you so much for being so welcoming and kind to us in the midst of your busy schedules. My wife was very happy about the consultation that she had with you.

You have a very professional setup there. I am very proud to be a student of HCH. During our trip, I listened to the audio of “From Labyrinth to the Light”. It was just amazing!! I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have been exposed to the Truth!! Thank you once again for everything.

Hi Rudi & Patty,

I’d like to thank both of you for the guidance and support we have received. It truly is a new-lease-on-life feeling… so great to welcome every new day & every new adventure. You are greatly appreciated by the gals from our small town! God Bless.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the first weekend of classes. You very eloquently expressed and confirmed many of the ideas and thoughts that have been floating in my mind for years. It also was very enlightening and fun. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to the next weekend of classes!

Matthew made some progress during the year that you helped us… then I left for a while and I’ve tried almost everything since and not seen much progress… I am certain that homeopathy is the answer for Matthew and I want to use the best approach in the field.

Every time (the Registrar) sends someone to us to ask about naturopathic medicine vs. Heilkunst, we give our honest opinion: naturopathic medicine is (not what it’s cracked up to be) …we paid a LOT of money for an ND designation and yet we …are jack of all trades & masters of NONE. The one and only thing that I can say I got from four years of naturopathic training is a better understanding of allopathy (knowledge of which has its merits for communication and such, but that’s about all).

I have had many life experiences, attended multiple schools, and met all kinds of different people around the world. Last year, I studied in Toronto at another school of homeopathic medicine. I have had the chance to study at the Hahnemann College for a year now, and this year has been the most life-altering and enlightening one yet. I have met many unbelievably gifted people. The material that I have had the chance to study is mind-blowing. I have promised myself, and the world, that I would continue my search for the truth, for the best possible system of medicine, for what really works, and I believe that the material taught at the HCH is vital to my quest.

I am thankful everyday for what I have learned and feel blessed that my healing journey led me to the HCH.

I read your Autism book and it is awe-inspiring, hope-inspiring. The patients I have seen in my office this week… they need a bigger context (Heilkunst) than what they are experiencing. The way I am thinking about their situations, I don’t expect I will feel good about leading any of them forward into any landscape without the map provided by Heilkunst.

Each time I hear the information I seem to understand it and absorb it on a different level. It is always new and interesting. Your explanations are so concise.

Heilkunst has been and continues to be an awesome journey, as a student, a mother and a patient I am so grateful for the opportunity I have been given and I look forward to continuing this lifelong education.

Great work to have, this study process!

I’m beginning to appreciate the alive nutritive value in regimen, both physical and mental. The coursework gets my 5-star Zagat rating ;-).

Must just tell you once again how grateful I am to be learning this fascinating system. With every module I read, I can feel the resonance of the teachings within me…[M]y world view is changing so much…and much of the time I really just want to quit and devote my time and energy to studying (and eventually practicing) Heilkunst (as well as my other pursuits)…

— Source: BB.

Just a note of thanks for a wonderful first year of the rest of my life. It has been enlightening, inspirational and highly educational. I feel truly privileged… and a little humbled by the teachings of Hahnemann and Heilkunst.

I am thoroughly enjoying my research and studies to answer the questions you sent us, and my only suggestion would be to even give us more questions to answer in the future!

— Source: JP.

This evening was my first HCH distance tele-conference. It was awesome to be connected and to be a part of a group where others are taking the program this way. Very inspiring.

— Source: RD.

What a powerful summer school! The most moving were the different energies that congregated….outstanding!!! Congratulations to both of you for creating a vessel to share the cherished energies that you attract by your light and warmth! I am profoundly grateful for the work and play you put into allowing it all to happen by Grace! I look forward to cherishing its effects within me as it all unfolds.

— Source: MT.

Hi all, thank-you so much to all of those people who played a role in organizing summer school …It was truly a very memorable & informative experience. I was delighted to put faces to the names of everyone I have chatted with on line. It was truly empowering to be among so many positive and caring people, who are making a difference in our world.

— Source: CB.

Thank you so much for the wonderful and intriguing opportunity to come together and experience the electromagnetic energy of powerful ideas…I had a great time and enjoyed meeting and connecting with people I had only met online. This was a great learning and unlearning experience for me; a great source of releasing and understanding….It was an AWESOME 5 days.

— Source: L.

As a Heilkunstler in training, and only months into it, for that matter – I wondered how I would feel about summer school and the ceremony of graduation. I was touched by the time/effort and emotions that the students brought forth in expressing their gratitude…for helping them along their journey…I heard later from students that the graduates were deeply touched…

— Source: HC.

Just a note of thanks for a wonderful first year of the rest of my life. It has been enlightening, inspirational and highly educational. I feel truly privileged… and a little humbled by the teachings of Hahnemann and Heilkunst.

— Source: BR.

It took me years of searching to discover the truth. …I am in awe of the family I now join. I will forever be indebted to Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith-Verspoor for helping me on my journey. Rudi’s passion for homeopathy, the teachings of Hahnemann and the Organon are inspiring. His ability to continually challenge and excite his students; his perception and patience; his insights; his gift of being able to teach, make him a wonderful ambassador for the HCH. …The Practitioner program and the supervised internship program are valuable hands-on tools that not only helped fuel my passion for homeopathy and Heilkunst, but have spurred me on to apply for the advanced post-graduate courses. This is no mean feat as I am married, have a full-time job and four children. My family is very supportive and willing to make the sacrifices required to support me both emotionally and financially. I consider it an honor to study with Rudi Verspoor.

— Source: J. T. DIHom(Pract.).

The material written by Rudi has enhanced our understanding of Hahnemann greatly. My classmates and I have been greatly excited to learn the new concepts and ideas with which Rudi has enriched the beginning course, making it a truly good foundation course for beginners. Knowledge should not be a deterrent. To some who sign up for a quick diploma to hang up on their wall, the material may be a bit of a challenge as it forces one to think and read – the Organon, Kent and the masters. I see no merit in simplifying and lowering the standards of a homeopathic education to accommodate those who have no deep interest in excelling as homeopaths or heilkünstlers.
There is much more to be said about Rudi’s life-giving input in the course development. Students are coming to classes just because he and Patty are teaching — I joined the class precisely for that reason too!

— Source: A. P. DHHP, DIHom(Pract.).

I have to tell you after attending Summer School and listening to Rudi, it all came together for me. I wrote a note during one of our sessions in Ottawa to a friend and said “I feel like I’m a part of something really big here.” The light bulb came on, my understanding of Heilkunst became clearer, and [I felt] that homeopathy was taking a huge step forward. Rudi really put the pieces in place, using Hahnemann to back him up.

Some people find a clear path out of the box, others are still stuck in the packaging tape.

— Source: S. B. DIHom..

I was a student of another Classical Homeopathic School in 1996. I left this school due to their narrow and rigid ways. I began studying with Rudi four years ago because of his incredible insights and integrity. He offers information, and the students who wish to pursue a higher level of knowledge do so. Those who want to remain in the strictly classical approach to Homeopathy are free to do so as well.
I have also been treated using Heilkunst. I have obtained a much improved state of health mentally, physically and spiritually because of this approach to wellness. I use this method with my own patients and could not imagine using strictly “Classical Homeopathy” with them, for it would be like trying to heal a tumor with a Band-Aid.

— Source: L. L. M. DHHP, DIHom(Pract.).

I now know that my introduction to Rudi and Patty through my learning was a true blessing, one that I can never thank them enough for. (Thanks again guys!!) A defining point in my life. I not only was able to open my mind to the true intent of the Organon to better serve my patients but also reaped the benefits myself. Others have also been able to advance homeopathy since it’s beginnings, but I am still in awe of how much Rudi and Patty have done towards the development of homeopathy, it’s practice and our ability to understand the big picture. I speak from experience when I say that Heilkunst should be in their teachings globally. It truly captures the intent of the Organon.

Thank you for providing me with an incredible gift that I can now use to help others — to truly understand disease and how to cure it. But most importantly, thank you for Rudi and Patty, who through their hard work, dedication and conviction have given me the greatest gift of all — Heilkunst.

— Source: D. B. DIHom(Pract.).

Every Canadian student I have had contact with shares my opinion that we are advantaged in our access to Rudi’s understanding of homeopathy. Rudi’s excellent reputation here and very successful practice give credence to the validity of his work.

— Source: C. M. DHHP, DIHom(Pract.).

After searching for truth for some 20 years in the health field, my first weekend spent in the classroom with Rudi was like someone opening a door to freedom and health. My journey towards truth and homeopathy had begun and I’m still as excited as that first day in the classroom with Rudi. Not only does Rudi deliver his teachings with enthusiasm, it is clear that he has a profound intelligence and a deep, resonant understanding of Hahnemann’s teachings and intuitive genius. Rudi’s ability to express Hahnemann’s principles and philosophy with constant reference to the Organon, the Lesser Writings, Chronic Diseases etc. creates a very grounded sense of trust and confidence among his students. …I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity to learn and experience homeopathy through such a gifted and innovative scholar as Rudi Verspoor.

— Source: B. K. DIHom..

After doing some considerable research for several years into the field of “alternative medicine” I happened upon Rudi Verspoor, who very generously gave me his time and expertise. He answered my questions with patience and accuracy. I took even more time and did even more research into various schools of homeopathy and naturopathy available in Canada before finally deciding to study with Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith-Verspoor.

— Source: N.S. PhD, RN, DIHom..

I have, from the very beginning of my education with Rudi Verspoor, felt blessed in the extreme to be studying with such a dedicated and brilliant homeopath. I feel I have received a fuller understanding of the treatment of disease than anything I had previously learned. Rudi and Patty certainly have always stressed the importance of following Hahnemann’s teachings, and being true to the letter and the spirit of homeopathy, as set out in the 6th edition of the Organon.
I have only praise for the integrity of my teachers, and the material I was taught.

— Source: H. M. DHHP, DIHom(Pract.).

Rudi, so much in life is still awaiting along the corridors of training. I must congratulate you, in that you are probably the most advanced of thinkers in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine field that I know, and I’m proud to be associated with you, your beliefs and your values. I only hope that I can learn so much more from you in the time that is still available to me during my lifetime. There is so much to learn, but so little time to left to do it in!

— Source: J.F..

This Treatment is sure making a lot of healthier shifts in my life. I just quit my job in the X industry of 22 yrs. so I can focus on my studies and my healing, and I’ve never felt so free and light or better about myself. I feel so blessed to be on this path!

— Source: D.O..

Dear Patty,

It is hard to imagine where I would be today if you and Rudi had not taken me under your wings seven years ago.

Love, J.C.

— Source: J.C..

The real purpose of this message is that I wanted to thank you both very much for your thoughts and efforts and your support of me in my learning process. I have always appreciated you both for what you brought to me and the courage to pursue a passion that I fully appreciate can sometimes feel like “blowing in the wind” – a wind that needs blowing anyway. In a different perspective, I also have really enjoyed my working with (a clinical patient). She has shown me how to live life to its fullest at all times, through hard and good times, without compromise. So your intention to have the three of you present at the graduation means a great deal to me, regardless of the fact it is not taking place physically.

So I want to thank the both of you from the depth of my heart.

Love, E.N.

— Source: E.N..

Dear Rudi and Patty,

I just finished reading this amazing little book (the prospectus) and right at the very end, where others share their experiences – it hit me. You are definitely THE most amazing team, more loved than you could ever know. I wonder if you have any idea, even just a smidgen, of the difference you have made to the lives of countless people out there. Not hundreds, I’d bet its more like thousands because its a ripple and has less to do with treatment than with just knowing, with watching others grow and morph (I live with little boys and Power Rangers, can you tell) with becoming something they didn’t know was even there. Its not about academics, books are books after all. Its not even about Heilkunst as a subject. Its the way you make it LIVE and breathe.

Simply the best.

With love and thanks, D.V.

— Source: D.V..

To Whom It May Concern:

This communiqué serves to testify to the integrity and quality of education offered by the Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst (HCH), Ottawa.

I have been a practising Natural Health Practitioner and Pharmacist for 35 years. I was trained by the British Institute of Homoeopathy in homoeopathy as a modality, and was a student and senior lecturer at several other European and South African universities. My subjects were pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, organic, inorganic and pharmaceutical chemistry, mathematics and applied mathematics, statistics, physiology and anatomy, botany, clinical nutrition, business and basic and applied medical research. When attending schools of Natural Medicine, my specialties were herbology, aroma therapy, homoeopathy, acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine and bio-feedback technologies, all of which modalities I now practice at the Natural Health Clinic in Smithville, Ontario.

At present, Dr. Verspoor and I have developed the CAMCORP Protocol (Complementary and Alternative Medicine Comparative Research Protocol), which documents the effectiveness of Natural Therapies as compared with Conventional Medical Therapies. The protocol will be used as a pilot test at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, during an initiative by Health Canada to integrate natural therapies fully into mainstream medicine. The objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of natural therapies, thus reducing the national health expenditure. Only a school of the calibre of the HCH and its staff could provide this sort of expertise and experience.

Before agreeing to join the HCH, I examined the curriculae of several schools where natural medicine is taught to students, including the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. None of the schools I have investigated could, or are able to, offer courses that fully integrate natural medicine into mainstream medicine. The only school that met the educational standards that I expect Natural Medicine to be at, was the HCH in Ottawa. I subsequently joined the HCH as Chair of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. I now teach these subjects, in addition to Clinical Nutrition and Medical Laboratory Testing and Interpretation to pharmacists, conventional physicians, natural health practitioners (including naturopaths) and students of all of these fields of medicine.

The HCH is presently the only school of Natural Medicine in the US and Canada that is able to offer these subjects to students in a highly scientific, comprehensive and integrative manner. The HCH is presently the only North American school that fully accommodates modem medical issues in its curriculum. From this standpoint, it can be safely stated that the HCH training base potentially can save lives do reduce the dollar drain of chronic disease on the Canadian Health Care System.

— Source: Francois Jooste, HM, BSc Pharm/Chem, MBA, ACS, FBIH.