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Mod 11-12 Philosophy and Principles - Level III

Module 11

Guidelines for Treatment

  • Direction of Cure and Healing (Hahnemann, Hering and Kent)
  • Differences in Tonic and Pathic Direction of Cure/Healing
  • Homeopathic Aggravation
  • Healing Reaction
  • New Symptoms: Intervening in the Healing Reaction
  • Suppression
  • Therapeutic Approaches: A Systematic View
  • The Second Prescription

You need to have the necessary framework and knowledge to interpret the reactions of your patients to a given treatment in order to ensure that the case is proceeding in a positive direction. Various aspects that arise in this context are thoroughly explored, providing you with a solid basis for making your next prescription with great confidence.

Module 12

Constitution and Prescribing

  • What is Constitution in Homeopathy?
  • Genotypes and Phenotypes
  • Kent and Constitutional Prescribing
  • Determining the Constitution

A very confused and misunderstood aspect of traditional homeopathic teachings, this Module explores the concept of constitution and reveals the realm of action of the constitutional remedy, as well as how you can determine it. It is based on the idea of health, not disease, and requires a different approach to the Materia Medica.

Mod 07-10 Philosophy and Principles - Level II