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Testimonials — Clinical Experience

I truly enjoyed the awesomeness of the experience of being in clinical with both of you. Each day was different as you gave each of your flavours to the day and I appreciated and valued both of them.

Personally I had a number of open questions in my mind upon starting clinical, and I felt I was able to answer some of them during the process. May I share a few of them with you?

Question: Does this heilkunst stuff really work?
Answer: Yes

Question: What does it do?
Answer: In addition to addressing the specific symptomatic complaints, it promotes a deeper transformative process within the individuality of the patient.

Question: Do I have what it takes to operate this system?
Answer: Yes. Like anything, the more knowledge, judgement, and supersensible insight you bring to bear, the more successful you will be. But the principles of the system are such that a person of ordinary abilities and limited experience can still be effective.

Question: Are these heilkunst people weird?
Answer: Yes. But they also wield an extraordinary blend of perception and analysis in the pursuit of a noble aim.

Being a distance learner I have to admit that I was quite nervous about attending clinical where the majority of the students had attended the in-class courses, and I often wondered how well I was prepared for it. I had the impression that I would struggle behind everyone. I was pleasantly surprised! We were all there to learn and nobody had all the answers. It also reassured me to know that the distance learning course prepares you very well for clinical.

Every time Patty or Rudi said something I made a note of it, I wanted to learn as much as possible. My time at the clinic was very precious, something I would have probably taken for granted had I attended classes on a regular basis in person. I also have to add that things are finally starting to fall into place. As a result, I feel much more confident and ready to set up my practice.

There is still so much to learn but I know that the next step is start treating clients, they will become my teachers. What impressed me the most over the past six months was to actually watch some clients “GLOW” after only a few consultations. Amazing!

I would like to thank everyone in the class for the learning experience and for making me feel part of the group. A special thank you to Patty and Rudi for the very well-organized and professional clinical classes.

— Source: M.R..

I felt, after the first weekend of clinical, that I knew NOTHING even though I had a good understanding of the principles and philosophy. I had a complete and utter lack of confidence. Patty reassured me that this would change and by the end of clinical I would feel much more confident. And I’m happy to say, she was right!!

I have released most of my fears, have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, and feel much more confident in my ability to practice Heilkunst. I learned that there are many ways to treat – there is no one right way – as long as we are using the principles we’ve learned as the foundation for our treatment.

I learned that every patient will benefit from Heilkunst, even if they were only treated for two to three months in some cases.

After the first month of treatment, with almost every case, we saw improvements. And with each month, we continued to see improvements, in every case. As can be expected in our daily practice, we had a wide variety of cases, particularly with the level of complexity, and even the most complex and deeply diseased patients proved to be positively affected within those six months.

Not only did we see the chief complaints of most patients disappear or drastically improve through the months, but we saw many shifts on the emotional level towards better health.

I am now even more enthusiastic about this Heilkunst path than I’ve ever been (and I was always enthusiastic about it!). I know that my patients will bring to me what I need to learn, and in the process I will be able to help them too.

And the greatest part of it is knowing that I’ll never stop learning (as long as I stay open to it)… that Heilkunst will continue to evolve along with each of our individual evolutions and what we can contribute back to it.

I want to thank everyone here from the depths of my heart for welcoming me into this community while I was here, and for contributing to my learning.

— Source: D.O..