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Mod 07-10 Philosophy and Principles - Level II

Module 7

The Chronic Miasms and Diseases

A fundamental aspect of Hahnemann’s system is the underlying and generally inherited chronic diseases of constant (chronic miasms) and variable Wesen (chronic diseases). It is only by your knowledge and mastery of these diseases that you can begin to be able to effect a deep and permanent cure of cases of chronic, protracted disease. This Module provides you with the conceptual framework and understanding as well as the essence of the five chronic miasms that all of us inherit from our families.

Module 8

The Highest Disease and the Deepest Disease

  • Prescribing on the State of Mind (The Hidden Case/Sankaran)
  • Prescribing on the Thermotic Principle
  • Hahnemann’s Case-taking of the Old School Mentality

This Module takes you beyond the Chronic Diseases into the realm of the highest, psychic-spiritual diseases and the deepest pathic diseases. Both of these domains remain largely unexplored in traditional teachings, if they are mentioned at all. Knowing them is vital to an understanding of the full scope of disease and to the full utilization of your later study of the medicines appropriate to their treatment. A vital aspect of treating the highest diseases is an understanding of the “state” as a true phenomenon and how you can determine this (building on certain concepts of Module Six).

Module 9

The Basis for Prescribing

  • Treating the Disease
  • Sequential and Concordant Diseases
  • Dual Remedy Prescribing
  • One Remedy per Disease
  • Timeline of Traumatic Shocks (Elmiger/Verspoor/Smith)
  • Treatment of Chronic Miasms (Elmiger)
  • Prophylaxis

Here you will learn the main principles for approaching disease treatment in a given case, with emphasis on the tonic diseases, and in particular the homogenic (shocks and traumas to the system), pathogenic (infectious, including the inherited chronic diseases) and iatrogenic (doctor-caused), as well as the means for addressing multi-miasmic cases on the basis of clear principles. This Module relies on a solid knowledge of the preceding Modules.

Module 10

Homeopathic Pharmacy

  • Historical Development of Dose and Dilution Scales
  • Dilution and Succussion
  • Sources of Medicines
  • Principles for Selecting Dose (Potency, Quantity and Frequency)

An explanation of how remedies are made, their usual systems of preparation and the means of determining the proper dose for a given disease in a particular case are provided, as well as methods for storing and dispensing remedies.

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