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Hours of Study

The DHHP represents four years of study based on a ten-month school year, which is equivalent to five years of post-secondary study. The total study time is some 2850 hours plus 1650 hours of clinical work for a total of 4500 hours of study.

There are more than 35 weekends of classes (or their distance equivalent in Study Modules), plus a annual summer school (each 5-6 days), various tutorials or teleconferences, days in the Teaching Clinic, clinical study and suprevision, plus additional self-directed study (reading, research, assignments, projects).

The DAHH is essentially the same as the DHHP, with an additional 150 hours of study for a total of 4,650 hours of study.

The Postgraduate Diploma (FHCH) requires about 2500 hours of study, including research for a final thesis or equivalent project.

The Dynamic Philosophy and Honours diploma program (DPh. and the DHPh.) are awarded after three or four years of training respectively on a somewhat less intense schedule. The study time totals approximately 2250 for the three-year diploma and 3000 hours for the four-year diploma.