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The logo

The curriculum and atmosphere of the HCH inspired one of our students, Bill Rankine, to design the logo you see on this web site and on much of your study material.

Bill describes the meaning of the logo in the following way:

The three radiating circles symbolize the three realms of Heilkunst – Therapeutic Regimen, Medicine and Education.

I also ‘saw’, when including the inner circle, Wilhelm Reich’s Life formula of tension, charge, discharge and relaxation, and the state of health of spirit, soul, mind and body, as well as the four-fold man.

The Vitrurian Man stands rooted in the earth pole and then expands upwards through the three realms as it sweeps open to the heavens, to the spiritual pole.

The overlappaing figure in the center of the design (based on Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitrurian Man sketch) represents the duality of nature – Being-Becoming, Spiritus-Dynamis, Sensibly-Supersensibe, sustentive and generative powers.

The opening at the top represents the attainment of ‘enlightened health’ as it sweeps open into a vast and pure form of health, pure Wesen.

— Source: Bill Rankine.