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Our students...

New students

New students seeking the most effective means of helping others to become healthy. You will benefit from the complete range of knowledge and therapeutic insight offered by this comprehensive program of study, from nutrition and various supportive therapies, through medicine, to counseling and education.

Current students

Current students of homeopathy or graduates of homeopathy from other schools. You will benefit significantly from the additional insights offered (available nowhere else) and will gain a clearer understanding of various complex issues that remain essentially confused, vague or undeveloped in the traditional presentations of Dr. Hahnemann’s teachings.

Health professionals

Health professionals who are looking for a more profound and integrated approach to the problems of illness and disease. You will benefit from an in-depth look at the various contributors to Heilkunst, learning of the powerful tools of knowledge that can be applied to health and life in general. You also will learn how your particular discipline fits into this dynamic system of remediation through the understanding of its essential and timeless principles.

Students wishing to learn more

Students wishing to learn more generally about the underlying scientific (material and spiritual) principles of Heilkunst, known as the Dynamic System of thought and its place in the evolution of human consciousness.

Students come from all walks of life and from the four corners of the globe. They all possess an open and inquiring mind, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to benefit humanity. They also are committed to advancing the total of human knowledge on the basis of clear principles of science. Students work in a team and develop a strong network with their peers. They are prepared to enter into treatment using the methods of Heilkunst during their course of study on the basis of the Hippocratic maxim: “Physician, heal thyself.” This treatment will be done with one of the existing practitioners (Heilkünstler) certified by the Center. Completion of secondary school and some post-secondary education is desirable. We take into consideration life experience and self-study in this regard.