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The HCH is dedicated to supporting continuing research in order further to advance our knowledge and enhance therapeutic possibilities.

Romantic healthcare is a scientifically-based discipline and can be justified on scientific principles. To this end, faculty and graduates are encouraged to engage in regular research, both textual and clinical, that will help to illuminate its therapeutic applications and possibilities.

The Chancellor, Steven Decker, is engaged in on-going innovative research with the Dean and Chair of Dynamic Philosophy, Rudi Verspoor, to further develop principles and to integrate the various aspects of natural health into a comprehensive,integrated therapeutic approach. The result of their on-going collaboration and research has been the launch of the new Romantic Healthcare and Science program.

Several of our graduates have applied what they have learned to various fields of animal care.

The HCH periodically publishes the Heilkunst Journal, dedicated to providing a forum for articles related to the promotion and development of Heilkunst and its principles. This journal is open to anyone, including students at various stages in their study, who wish to submit works for publication.