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Quick facts

What Are We?

The Hahnemann College is a private educational institution operating internationally through the internet with private tutoring and certain in-class venues (Summer, Winter and Autumn Schools), offering innovative, dynamic and expansive education in health-care, and a proud member of Apple’s iTunes U.

The College has over 300 currents students and graduates, mostly in North America but increasingly around the globe.

At the same time, the HCH operates internationally through its innovative distance learning program, using the best of modern, computer-aided communications and teaching tools, and is a member of iTunes U, along with other centers of higher learning committed to excellence for all potential students regardless of geography. All students study at their own pace with supervision by a personal tutor.

Where Are We?

The HCH’s administrative offices are located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

Who Are We?

The HCH has several staff members working at the College and in the Clinic and more than a dozen faculty members, of whom almost all hold the highest degree in their field. The College program is also based on the works and genius of an impressive “virtual” medical faculty (MDs, ODs, NDs, HDs, etc.) all contributors to the dynamic system of thought and the development of medical Heilkunst to the current high level of therapeutic effectiveness.

What Do We Offer?

The Hahnemann College offers

  • advanced diploma programs for aspiring practitioners of medical Heilkunst for humans and/or animals. More…
  • specific practitioner certificate programs in more select areas, such as Dynamic Health Counselor Certificate, Dynamic Blood, Dynamic Dentistry and Bioresonance. More…
  • mini-courses aimed at providing a general introduction in Heilkunst, such as our Heilkunst for Home, Work and Play, Heilkunst for Animals and Heilkunst for the Health Practitioner. More…
  • a general liberal arts diploma program in the dynamic system of thought for those wishing to learn more about the general principles of Heilkunst as they apply to areas of human activity beyond medicine, such as education, economics, political science, the natural sciences, law, philosophy, history. More…

The Hahneman Clinic offers professional and comprehensive treatment for various ailments and conditions for the general public as well as students of the College based on the principles of Heilkunst.

The Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst Trust offers some financial assistance from private donations for both those who are committed to studying Heilkunst or being treated using Heilkunst yet find themselves facing financial constraints.

How Do I Register?

Registration is year round given our unique study program. Contact the Registrar for more details. She is committed to helping you get answers to all of your questions, to helping you get started and to dealing with any matters that arise while you are studying.

Can I Work While Studying?

Our program is specifically designed to provide the flexibility for you to continue your current work or parenting responsibilities while still studying full-time with us. Most of our students are able to obtain their diploma within the 4-year study program on this basis.

What Does Study Involve?

You are assigned a personal tutor and work at your own pace. You will have access to comprehensive written and audio material, as well as access to on-going teleconferences throughout the year open to all students at all levels of study. You will be part of a college discussion group to help in learning and to make new friends. You will be able to attend several annual study sessions in person, one normally held in Ottawa in the summer months and one in a warmer southern location in February, and one normally on the West Coast of Canada in the Autumn. These are opportunities to meet fellow students and graduates in person.

Is There Financial Aid?

While the HCH itself receives no government funding, it provides a number of scholarships thanks to private donations. Students strongly committed to the study of Heilkunst who face severe financial constraints can benefit through the Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Scholarship Fund and the Alumni Fund. Through the Mary Margaret Whitelaw Fund, the HCH also provides a number of awards (with an honorarium) to recognize research and special project contributions made by its students and graduates. Details are available from the Registrar.

In addition, all students of the HCH College are given student membership in the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association, and are thereby eligible to apply for one of the several financial awards provided annually.

Who Make up Your Students?

You will be part of an international community of people from all walks of life, all ages, but with the same desire for learning about natural health in a caring, committed, and professional and scientific environment. You will find many areas of common interest with fellow students on-line as well as in person, while discovering new interests and perspectives. You will also have the mentorship of the many graduates who continue to study and to provide guidance to new students.

Can Medical Heilkunst be a Career?

There is a rapidly growing demand for quality practitioners in compelementary and alternative medicine. Most of our graduates establish their own practice, though a growing number of opportunities exist to work within an existing practice. You are given specific training in the practical aspects of setting up and managing a practice. Our accreditation by the CIHA and the award of the designation of Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (or DAH) to CIHA members ensures a growing recognition by the public. Because of the effectiveness of Medical Heilkunst in all disease conditions, our graduates find that they obtain most new patients by referral and seldom have to advertise.