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The College

The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst is a private educational institution, founded in 1997 for the benefit of current and future generations, through in-class and distance learning, research and other activities. It relies entirely on earnings from its educational activities to carry out its work.

The College is a proud member of the innovative iTunes U offered by Steve Jobs and the creative team at Apple to promote international learning and to take advantage of the potential of the computer, silicon chips and the internet. More information can be found by going to the iTunes U site through iTunes.

The College offers

  • professional practitioner diploma programs at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels in homeopathic medicine and medical Heilkunst for both humans and animals
  • a liberal-arts diploma grounded in an appreciation of the arts and sciences from the perspective of the principles that underlie Heilkunst (Dynamic Philosophy)
  • certificate programs for existing medical/health-care/natural health practitioners and for parents/care-givers/self-care
  • comprehensive certificate programs in various specialized fields of study, such as Dynamic Blood and Dynamic Health Counselor Certificate.

The College’s objectives are

  • To train practitioners of Heilkunst to ensure the ability of individuals to attain the greatest level of health in body, mind, soul and spirit.
  • To provide education in the principles of the Dynamic System to ensure the ability of healthy individuals to reach their potential for individual spiritual development and to make the fullest contribution possible to the healthy evolution of humanity.
  • To continue research into Heilkunst and the Dynamic System to ensure these gifts are available for the benefit of existing and future generations.
  • To provide assistance where possible to all those seeking the benefits of Heilkunst and the Dynamic system, through financial support.
  • To make the principles of Heilkunst and the Dynamic System of thought better known internationally and to support individuals and communities wishing to operate on these principles.

The College features

  • an experienced, professional teaching and supervisory staff
  • the latest in communications technology
  • flexible programs (in-class seminars, distance learning and a mix of contact hours and self-study) to enhance individualized learning, research, development, and treatment
  • personal tutoring
  • “knowledge-based learning” rather than memorization/regurgitation

Study is based on the idea that true learning comes only from enthusiasm for self-knowledge, love of the material, respect for the teachers and consideration of the individual requirements of the student.