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Summer school

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Foot notes

A selection of photographs from our summer schools.


Patty’s disclaimer about the 2002 Summer School photos: The day before Summer School 2002 began, my gorgeous new digital camera had some trouble and needed to go out for a minor repair. (Of course, it was returned to me a few days after Summer School in perfect condition!) The kind folks at the camera store loaned me a replacement, but it was inconsistent – taking one shot in perfect focus and the next completely out of focus, and some were pure white. The photos that follow are not all necessarily as crisp as we might like, but consider perhaps that the “soft focus” makes us all look younger!


The Summer School opened with a benefit concert by Canada’s most incredible musical satirists, the Arrogant Worms, and a splendid time was had by all!


One day of classes, as well as graduation and our special guest speaker, was held in the Azrieli Theatre. John Taylor Gatto, the special guest speaker, spoke on the true meaning and purpose of public school education. More information is available at


Azrieli Hall (Saturday, Sunday) Weekend lectures on the treatment of autism and other disorders on the autistic spectrum.


Practitioner’s Day was held at the Hahnemann College, on Mill Street in Manotick, following Summer School.