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Dynamic Nutritional Analysts

This directory contains the name and contact information of Dynamic Nutrition Analysts.

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New Brunswick
New York



Laura Edwards Top↑


Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards
14 Mission Avenue
St. Albert

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I first became interested in alternative and holistic health as a teenager while traveling in England. I came down with a cough and my mom ran into a little drug store and bought some homeopathic remedies. I was snarky with her and demanded that she give me some real medicine like Halls cough drops. But mom knew better, and after all when in England… do as the royal family does.

I began studying Heilkunst shortly after the birth of my first child, when – against my better judgement – I had him vaccinated at two months old and he had a terrible reaction. At that moment, I knew that there had to be a better way. I was led to Heilkunst through a close friend who knew of a holistic doctor in our city who treats vaccine injury. I sought this doctor out to help my son, only to discover that she was practicing a new (to me) and exciting system of ‘Real’ medicine called Heilkunst. Under her care, my infant son recovered remarkably, and I never looked back. I knew I wanted study this system of medicine and know it intimately. Over the years of study and clinical practice, I’ve come to know that Heilkunst treatment is a true gift for the body, mind, soul and spirit and I encourage you to begin the journey; whether you are battling chronic illness, looking for preventative health care, trying to find peace within your soul, or simply in the market for something better than Halls cough drops.

In 2009, I graduated with my certificate in Dynamic Nutrition from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. I graduated with my Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst in 2011 and welcome new patients at my practice in St. Albert, Alberta, or by phone consultation.

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New Brunswick

Andrea Breau Top↑

DynHC, DynBC

Andrea Breau
50 Clark Rd
New Brunswick E2E 2K8

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I am a wife and mother of two daughters who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1994. The condition left me disabled, forcing me to resign from my career in business and accounting. Frustration built as I was spending 20 hours a day in bed. This was the result of chronic pain and fatigue, making my life miserable. Headaches and migraines worsened, only adding to the misery of my pain. While living in Alberta, I found my way to a Heilkunster which sparked the change of direction for me and my family’s life! Over time, I continued to gain back my freedom from this chronic disease. Additional issues which had affected me throughout my life were allergies, infections, repeated injuries, and fatigue. Through treatment, all issues were resolved. Finally, I am living free from pharmaceuticals and disability. Discovering natural health has been life changing for me.

Once healing started, and the journey to health began, I realized that one day I might be able to return to work. It was natural health medicine that gave me my life back so that I could become a contributing part of society again. Natural Medicine became my passion, my goal to help others in chronic health situations; dealing with all types of illness and imbalances. I can help others from becoming ill by creating changes in behavior, beliefs and thoughts — early on if deficiencies and imbalances are recognized and addressed, more severe illness can be avoided.

During my time studying Dynamic Health and Dynamic Blood with Hahnemann College, I have been taught how to look at my patient as an individual with unique needs and treatment required. Blood cannot lie and shows very powerful information in assisting patients. By looking at the blood under my microscope, I can see the state of health of my patient, while they can also see the concrete evidence in front of them. The human body is very complex and designed for survival. Recognizing what is happening in the body, and the signals being given to help address the specific needs, can change the path of the patient’s health. Our bodies are amazing and want to be healthy!

Education in Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy gives me the ability to understand the effect of pharmaceuticals, herbs, and natural medicines in the patient’s body. It also gives me the ability to know what deficiencies have been created. The goal is, as the patient returns to health, that it will be recognized by the medical doctor that the pharmaceuticals are no longer needed; the patient will become healthy and there will be no existing need for them. Part of the process is educating the patient about their body and how regimen and behaviors affect their health. In treatment, a complete history is taken in order to understand the patient and how their body is functioning. Natural health is for those who are ready to take responsibility for their own actions and the resulting effects on the body.

As a Christian, I have discovered that the strength of God in the healing process is very powerful. My goal is to give patients an improved quality of life, no matter what condition they are suffering from. During the treatment process, I will consider the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of my patient, which are all a part of the whole being. Through Journey to Health Inc., I would love to partner with you on your journey to wellness and wholeness.

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Natalie Lauzon Top↑


Natalie Lauzon
Natalie Lauzon

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Truth. A word I have carried with me from the beginning. I have always known that I was there to learn, express, and represent Truth. It only makes sense to me that I am now a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, which in my opinion, means Doctor of Medical Truth.

I enjoy my work mostly because I learn so much from it. My patients are incredible spiritual, dynamic, and generative beings with so much to teach and so much to learn. We do a nice little waltz together and we both win first place.

I like to teach people about their freedom of choice. My identical twin sister once suffered from a deadly genetic liver disorder; there was nothing that could be done by the medical system to save her. The alternative medical world not only gave her options but it helped her to fully recover within weeks! Homeopathic Medicine was the number one treatment used in this case. It was a huge revelation for me. Another world full of possibilities within my world had been born.

The introduction of Heilkunst meant that my homeopathic practice was taken multiple steps further and that many of my questions were finally answered. I thank the HCH for providing me with a “new set of glasses” where I can now live a life of learning, spiritual growth, and evolution.

My practice is located at the Paradigm Centre for Wellness in the beautiful city of Guelph, Ontario; a place where many talented and caring practitioners work in a harmonious partnership, providing various alternative medical services for the holistic individual.

Over time, I have developed a special interest in treating:

  1. Children suffering from mental/emotional, behavioural, neurological disorders and learning disabilities.
  2. Women and men in search for truth, emotional freedom, and personal development
  3. Holistic practitioners

I am honoured to have the ability to march the journey of life with my patients in love, knowledge, truth, and consciousness.

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Roxanne Harris Top↑


Roxanne Harris
The Gilead Centre
12875 Hwy 43
Ontario K0C1H0

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Roxanne Harris is a wife and mother of four who has been entrenched in health care of many forms since 1990. Once having a solid foundation in allopathic medicine, Roxanne studied at the University of Alberta in the Bachelor of Nursing program, Roxanne began to expand her wisdom and obtained training and degrees in Kinesiology, Nutrition, Live Blood Analysis, Capillary Puncture, Lymphatic Massage, Glutenology and Healing Prayer.

Roxanne began struggling with her own health issues at the age of 16, with a major back injury. Unable to find any relief or real help from the regular medical system Roxanne started seeking assistance elsewhere which began opening the doors to alternative health and other available options not discussed in the mainstream medical clinics. After the birth of her fourth child, what was deemed to be recurring pain from the old back injury was finally “diagnosed” as Ankylosing Spondylitis when she was unable to function normally in regular daily activities like showering, walking, lying down, and climbing stairs. After years of attempts from the medical system to “control” the pain and excessive inflammation and a prognosis of a wheelchair by 2005, Roxanne stumbled upon Homeopathy and Heilkunst, and the rest is history… June 2nd 2007, Roxanne received a miracle from God and the devastating and crippling disease process stopped immediately and the pain disappeared. Drug and pain free, Roxanne has been healed physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually, making for the complete and full remediation that is strived for in in order to make us truly whole. Roxanne firmly believes in, and is proof that we can be healed from the “incurable”, and live happy, healthy, richly blessed lives.

Always striving to provide clients with the most up-to-date treatments and strategies to help clients obtain their health and wellness goals, Roxanne pursued a postgraduate doctoral degree program in Bioregulatory Medicine, obtaining honours. Bioregulatory Medicine is a comprehensive integrative medicine discipline that beautifully blends a wide range of alternative as well as traditional assessment tools and treatment strategies to bring about a comprehensive, safe, and successful remediation to even the most stubborn clinical cases.

Roxanne has a specially affinity for digestive disorders of all types, pain/ mobility disorders, and chronic fatigue. Roxanne has a special place for children in her heart and practise. Roxanne’s own son was cured of severe asthma through Heilkunst treatment and the hand of God, and she has seen firsthand how even small children benefit from the sequential timeline treatment, giving them a brighter, healthier, more joyful life free of the suffering and sentencing of many health conditions that are so commonplace today.

Roxanne is a Christian, and firmly believes in God’s healing power and grace. It is a rare opportunity to be able to obtain medical care physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all in one place, and it is within all four of these facets that healing occurs, on all levels to bring about a true state of health.

Whether you struggle with arthritis, anemia, Crohn’s, constipation, depression, anxiety, fears, ADD, ADHD, autism, fibromyalgia, fibroids, PMS, infertility, eating disorders, weight issues, heart disease, cancer, sleeplessness, GERD, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, self-esteem issues, allergies, substance abuse, environmental sensitivities, IBS, asthma, back pain, skin conditions, or diabetes, or whether you would just like to become more balanced, and increase your state of health, Roxanne welcomes you to ENGAGE WELLNESS, and invites you to embark on a journey towards health that will transform your life.

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Satinder Bajaj Top↑

DHHP, SCENAR Therapist

Satinder Bajaj
Satinder Bajaj
1656 Orford Crescent
Ontario K4A 1V4

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I graduated from the Hahnemann College located in Manotick, Ontario in the summer of 2007 and have since begun a small practice at home. Prior to this, I ran a family business (Baskin Robbins) for a good twelve years, was a real estate agent, a florist, a travel agent, worked with the federal government and the private sector in administration, and as a supply teacher in Singapore. But first and foremost, I am the mother of three children and grandmother of adorable twin girls.

Earlier on in life, I always dreamt that I would like to be a teacher or a lawyer or a doctor. I had taught and loved it and I find myself still teaching (in a different way) and even took a couple courses in law but did not find it to be my area of interest. Medicine however has turned out to be the bull?s eye.

An interest in energy works was the beginning of my love for the healing arts. Situations in my life led me to seek answers and other healthy ways to improve my health and that of my children; the approach and behaviour of an allopathic doctor led me to find other methods of healing.

So I studied Universal energy, Reiki, Auricular coning, Shiatsu, Iridology, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Homeopathy (classical), Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Live Blood Analysis, Scenar, Workshops in herbology, Yoga, The Art of Living (breathworks and yoga exercises), and the most important field of study in my life, Heilkunst, the art of making whole. I have recently completed the dynamic nutrition course at the HCH. I self taught myself the EFT therapy, simple massage techniques, colour therapy and still delve occasionally in aromatherapy, crystal healing and Bach flower essences.

It is truly gratifying to be of service and support in assisting others to health and wholeness. Many who have little knowledge of Heilkunst and homeopathy are beginning to appreciate this ?new? health support they receive. I know that having gone through the treatment myself, I have seen many positive changes in my life and have gained better health and I am very thankful to have been exposed to this system that opens doors allowing me to share and help others to seek their true selves and live a life of resonance.

I am extremely grateful for the path I have seen in Heilkunst as it is very much in resonance with my faith and spirituality. I enjoy its presence in my life.

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New York

Karen Robinson Top↑


Karen Robinson
New York

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My initial impetus for studying in the natural health field was my own relentless search for personal healing and meaning. I wondered why truly individualized counseling for therapeutic regimen didn’t seem to exist. I knew many practitioners skilled in their own disciplines, but they only seemed able to provide tools in their particular toolkit. I was more interested in seeing the forest for the trees and continued to seek a rational way to navigate what seemed a natural health jungle.

After decades of trainings and personal study, I began studying Heilkunst in the medical program and DynNC certificate program. the Dynamic System has created a rich and meaningful context for my personal and professional work, which I hadn’t found anywhere before. My approach to therapeutic regimen counseling is always informed by the insights flowing from the broader context of the Dynamic System.

I work with clients all over the world who are deeply interested in the philosophy of natural healing – as well as those who would simply like to improve their regimen in a practical way. My websites offer professional services as well as free articles and other resources:

A bit about some other pursuits over the years—I managed a forum for natural medicine on CompuServe; edited a book for the Veterans Administration (a patient’s guide for new amputees); was health editor for a major alternative news site; was a research assistant for an air quality/health effects study at the Harvard School of Public Health; trained as a classical pianist at Binghamton University and New England Conservatory and taught privately.

I live in upstate NY—and that’s really upstate!—continuing to pursue my lifelong love of study in the fields that resonate deeply–-music, philosophy, healing, and true medical science.

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