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Practitioners of Heilkunst (DHHP)

The following named practitioners have completed their Heilkunst training with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and have been awarded the DHHP diploma (or in some cases the FHCH – special postgraduate fellowship for students coming from other institutions of study in the early years). The Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst (DHHP) program consists of the following studies:

  • Philosophy and Principles
  • Materia Medica
  • Case-taking
  • Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Drug/Herb/Nutrient Interactions
  • Running a Successful Business
  • Anatomy, Dynamic Physiology and Cellular Pathology
  • Dynamic Philosophy
  • Clinical Internship and Externship

The study program is equivalent to more than five years of post-secondary education. The total study time is close to 3000 hours, plus almost 2,000 hours of clinical work for a total of 5,000 hours of training. Some have in addition completed the Heilkunst training in the treatment of animals (noted by the DAHH designation). Information on those with DAHH training can be found here

CIHA logo This symbol is displayed next to those practitioners who are members of the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association.

Someone who adheres to the CIHA’s standards of practice and Code of Ethics, who engages in continuing education and research to advance their understanding and to ensure their practice adheres to the principles set forth by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

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Marlaina Eykelbeysh Top↑


Marlaina Eykelbeysh
10708-78 Ave.
Alberta T6E 1P6
780 431 2894

Write to Marlaina.

Marlaina’s own journey to wholeness started years ago with a desire for a more natural approach to health. After a nutrition degree, she had her first experiences with homeopathy and she knew she wanted to study further at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. After graduating in 2005, she began practising in Edmonton, Alberta.

Marlaina wishes to share this wonderful medical system and facilitate “wholing” for others so they may live a happy, healthy life.

A phone call is welcomed to answer any questions on how this therapy will work for you and your own particular goals. In person and long distance skype/phone consultations are available by appointment.

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Laura Edwards Top↑


Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards
14 Mission Avenue
St. Albert

Write to Laura.

I first became interested in alternative and holistic health as a teenager while traveling in England. I came down with a cough and my mom ran into a little drug store and bought some homeopathic remedies. I was snarky with her and demanded that she give me some real medicine like Halls cough drops. But mom knew better, and after all when in England… do as the royal family does.

I began studying Heilkunst shortly after the birth of my first child, when – against my better judgement – I had him vaccinated at two months old and he had a terrible reaction. At that moment, I knew that there had to be a better way. I was led to Heilkunst through a close friend who knew of a holistic doctor in our city who treats vaccine injury. I sought this doctor out to help my son, only to discover that she was practicing a new (to me) and exciting system of ‘Real’ medicine called Heilkunst. Under her care, my infant son recovered remarkably, and I never looked back. I knew I wanted study this system of medicine and know it intimately. Over the years of study and clinical practice, I’ve come to know that Heilkunst treatment is a true gift for the body, mind, soul and spirit and I encourage you to begin the journey; whether you are battling chronic illness, looking for preventative health care, trying to find peace within your soul, or simply in the market for something better than Halls cough drops.

In 2009, I graduated with my certificate in Dynamic Nutrition from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. I graduated with my Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst in 2011 and welcome new patients at my practice in St. Albert, Alberta, or by phone consultation.

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Louise Grenier Top↑


Louise Grenier
17 Ainsley Place
St Albert
Alberta T8N 5V8

Write to Louise.

Louise’s interest in Real Medicine came after 15 years of work as an intensive care nurse (1978-1993) and nursing teacher in Montreal and Ottawa (1986-1993). She never questioned vaccination until her son was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic headaches, and the medical system started their routine prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs with the prediction of steroids, wheelchairs and joint replacement surgery to come. Louise knew that under this type of care, her son would rapidly deteriorate. So she started on a long journey to find a way to make her son healthy again. Through the alternative health world, she became a holistic therapist, a herbologist, an iridologist, and massage therapist. When she found that classical homeopathy brought some relief to her son, Louise enrolled in a school of homeopathy in the UK to learn more.

On starting her own practise, she discovered that there were limits to what classical homeopathy could do with the chronic conditions that many of her clients suffered, generally the effects of many years of prescription drugs and surgically-removed organs. Through Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith she discovered Heilkunst and the deeper, lasting effect this system brings. She completed her postgraduate degree with the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst in 2003.

Louise finds that much of her time is spent in teaching clients and potential clients about the options open to them regarding their health. She regularly teaches an eight-hour course called “Homeopathy for your Family” to educate people about the dangers of suppression, the risks of vaccination, the difference between healing and cure, and the difference between a disease and a condition. The class includes using homeopathy remedies for common aliments and minor accidents, and is a great opportunity to introduce Heilkunst to the community. And yes, more than ten years after Louise’s journey began, her son is an active bike-riding, guitar-playing teenager.

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Meghan C. Smith Top↑

RST, SCENAR Therapist

Meghan C. Smith
Leduc/Edmonton area

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Michelle Haley Top↑


Michelle Haley
Grande Prairie
Phone: (780) 882-1750 Fax: (780) 357-1556

Write to Michelle.

Michelle practices from Grande Prairie, Alberta and works with her clients in-person or via phone or Skype for those who are not in Grande Prairie and desire to work with her as their practitioner.

She graduated from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in 2006 and has been practicing since her graduation. She is currently studying and exploring a number of different areas, including advanced Materia Medica studies, regimen and detoxification, along with various literature.

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Nicole Gauthier Top↑


1309 24th Ave.
Alberta T1M 1C9

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Sandra Weizman Top↑


Sandra Weizman
Clinic for Heilkunst Medicine
12 Woodgate Close SW
Alberta T2W 4C1

Write to Sandra.

Sandra became interested in Heilkunst Medicine while exploring alternative treatments for her son with autism. He became a patient of Heilkunst in 2003, and his whole family followed suit within the year. Now an outgoing teenager, he inspires all who meet him with his compassion, work ethic and charm — for much of which we have Heilkunst to thank.

Through the life-changing health benefits that both she and her son experienced, Sandra decided to study Heilkunst as well. She commenced her studies in 2005 and graduated in 2011. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Canadian History and a second Master of Museum Studies degree, both from the University of Toronto. She has worked for more than 30 years as a museum curator, heritage consultant, and historian.

Sandra was born in Edmonton, grew up there as well as in Winnipeg, and has lived in Calgary for 20 years. Together with her husband, she has been blessed with two children, an adult daughter and her son, who have been her greatest teachers.

She is particularly interested in treating children with autism along with their families, and in exploring the resonance in the mother-child dyad. She also has an abiding interest in women’s issues and in helping all people improve their health and sense of well-being through this dynamic system of medicine.

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Tammie Quick Top↑


Tammie Quick
QuickHealth Clinic
21 Bocock Place
St. Albert
Alberta T8N 2K3
(780) 221 - 6127

Write to Tammie.

What do you get when you cross a Heilkunstler with a singer? Tammie Quick. Boy, if the kids in high school could see me now! Once voted most likely to succeed, my becoming a Doctor of anything was never in anyone’s thoughts. I was the girl in all the choirs, all of the theatre productions (and some of the detention rooms), and who won all of the artistic scholarships… but none of the academic ones! Yet being on tour in backroads Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan took its toll on my health, and that led to an obsessive interest in alternative forms of staying healthy. Years later when my firstborn was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, I was drawn further to alternative health care and away from the allopathic system of drugs and surgery. While I am passionate about both art forms (performing and healing), eventually I made the decision to go back to school with the HCH.

I love this work! And I have been so blessed throughout the journey from student to practitioner. The remarkable healings that I have witnessed in my circle and within myself, not to mention in those who have honoured me with the care and guidance of their Heilkunst journeys, leaves me in quiet awe. Step by step the HCH provided the knowledge for the application of the appropriately chosen remedies, given in perfect order… while the universe gave me exactly what I needed to do just that, leading me to a home that already had a clinic built into the back … right in time for graduation! Though I don’t have any other “official” degrees, my ELD (Education of Life Degree) has led me through the road of clinical depression, taken me off the highway of autistic spectrum 101, and then driven me straight into the corner of Type 1 diabetes and faith. Ah, my youngest son and I have learned that diabetes isn’t so bad… when you have a great Heilkunsler just down the road!

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Tammy Wieliczko Top↑


Tammy Wieliczko
Grande Prairie

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British Columbia

Tegan Brophy Top↑

Tegan Brophy
Tegan Brophy
Health Dynamix
4835 Parkridge Drive
587 2292794

Write to Tegan.

My healing journey began in my late 20’s after a stress-induced 6 month period of chronic fatigue and depression which essentially ‘removed’ me from life and zapped my previously abundant, unquestionable vitality. Life changed. Living became a quest for survival, navigating the unpredictable yo-yo of energy slumps and mood swings, experimenting and exploring across the modalities of allopathic medicine – anti-depressants, hormones, psychotherapy and non-useful diagnostic labels; as well as alternative therapies which at best allowed me to keep going. Functional nutrition and bio-resonant therapy (SCIO) were an essential piece of the puzzle allowing me to stabilize albeit at a much lower level of activity. During my research I began to experiment with homeopathy on my animals and studied Veterinary homeopathy at the British Institute of Homeopathy. Seeing the extraordinarily impactful results I wanted to learn more. Heilkunst entered my life. In 2004, I took the ‘blue pill’, and life has never been the same since! The intense 5+ year path of learning and healing, unpacking, resolving and integration of a life of accumulated trauma returned me to myself. Vital, curious, creative and more alive than I’ve ever been. This is the quest and possibility that I would like to offer you.

My Heilkunst journey has literally taken me across the world, from the desert in Namibia to the Yukon in Canada, exploring and sharing the Art of Being Whole. I graduated in 2012, and now live and practice from Kelowna, BC working in-person and virtually around the world. Understandably, I have a particular interest in working with people suffering from anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue as well as PTSD, early childhood trauma and other forms of trauma related chronic illness – arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, autoimmune conditions, allergies and eating disorders. I also support and facilitate people through stages of life transitions, self-exploration and inner transformation combining Heilkunst with Integral Coaching, Embodied Somatic transformation, Embodied Higher Consciousness and personalised Iyengar Yoga.

In addition to Heilkunst (DHHP), I hold a MSC in International Agricultural Development, am a certified Bio-resonance SCIO Practitioner, an accredited Integral Master Coach, Somatic Coach and certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor.

Write to Tegan…

Hello Tegan, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

New Brunswick

Allyson McQuinn Top↑


Allyson McQuinn
Arcanum Wholistic Clinic
5307 Victoria Drive #164
BC V5P 3V6

Write to Allyson.

Allyson McQuinn has been studying Homeopathic and Heilkunst Medicine for over 15 years. Her foray into the medicine began with her son who was chronically ill since his MMR vaccine. He stopped passing stool regularly, making eye contact and his development became more and more delayed. As a result of being told to, “just put him on drugs for the rest of his his childhood, because some boys just seem to suffer from this,” Allyson went on a journey to solve the root cause of her son’s autistic spectrum issues. As a result, she wrote The Path to Cure; The Whole Art of Healing chronically her son’s cure from Autism.

As a result of studying at the Post Graduate level with Steven Decker (Hahnemann’s Orgone of the Medical Art) at The Novalis Institute, Allyson was inspired to study in depth Rudolf Steiner’s medical lectures, secondary texts and just about every thing Wilhelm Reich ever wrote. That is where she found her true desire function. After consuming Character Analysis and Function Of The Orgasm, Allyson began to adopt Medical Orgone Therapies, fashioning them into consistent psycho-therapeutics for her patients. This is the subject of her second book, Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic Potency. Allyson lives on the the Kennebacasis River near Saint John, New Brunswick with her husband and two children where she treats patients worldwide by Skype.

Write to Allyson…

Hello Allyson, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Jeff Korentayer Top↑


Jeff Korentayer
Arcanum Wholistic Clinic
5307 Victoria Drive #164
BC V5P 3V6

Write to Jeff.

Jeff Korentayer has been exploring many aspects of natural healing since 1991, and is now able to integrate all of them through his education in Medical Heilkunst (Homeopathy). His areas of study include Nutrition, Herbs, Bach Flower Remedies, and a BA in Psychology, as well as maintaining a strong interest in the Arts. He draws on this extensive knowledge to provide a unique treatment plan for each patient, in order to best meet their individual health needs.

Jeff first discovered Homeopathy when exploring natural treatment for his allergies, and was impressed with the quick results. He was intrigued at how Homeopathy took into account all aspects of a person, and he read as much as he could before becoming a full-time student. He graduated with his full Practitioner Diploma from the Hahnemann College For Heilkunst in 2003 (DHHP), and is an active member of the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association. Jeff is writing a book called The Vaccination Myth, to help new parents navigate one of the most troubling decisions they face with parenthood. Jeff runs Arcanum Wholistic Clinic alongside his wife, Allyson McQuinn.

Write to Jeff…

Hello Jeff, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Newfoundland and Labrador

Lesley A. Breen Top↑

B.A., BEd., M.Ed., DHHP

Lesley A. Breen
Lesley A. Breen
Newfoundland and Labrador
(709) 738-2722

Write to Lesley.

Lesley A. Breen has had a life-long journey with seeking more dynamic health and well-being; along with a life-long love of learning, she has the spirit of “the seeker” for both Truth and Freedom. Lesley holds a B.A. in Political Science and Business Administration, a Certificate in Public Administration, a B.Ed. (Secondary Methods) as well as an M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology). After having experienced the benefits of Heilkunst for herself, she fell in love with this dynamic system of medicine and decided to enroll as a student with the HCH to study Dynamic Philosophy, a “study in the evolution of human consciousness in terms of its meaning and spiritual goals.” Within time, Lesley moved on to complete her Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst Program (DHHP), and is presently continuing her studies in Romantic Heathcare. For Lesley, the Heilkunst journey has been not only one of gaining integrated and dynamic wellness, but also of personal evolutionary growth in consciousness, love, truth and freedom.

Lesley enjoys the privledge, joy and freedom of working from Dynamis Health Centre in St. John’s Newfoundland, and can be reached via email:, or phone (709) 738-2722 for an appointment.

Write to Lesley…

Hello Lesley, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Molly Graham Top↑


Molly Graham
Molly Graham
95 Torbay Rd.
St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador A1A 2G9
709-738-2722 (phone & fax)

Write to Molly.

Molly graduated from university with degrees in Fine Arts and Education. She taught high school and had her own company that produced environmental education materials. When her first child was born with health problems that the medical system could not help, she looked elsewhere. She consulted with a well-known “classical” homeopath with some success and decided to pursue an education in homeopathy.

Molly studied with two different “classical” homeopathic colleges, but still felt the need to search for a better understanding of disease, and a logical system for treating chronic, complex conditions. She then carried out post-graduate studies with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, where she found the education she was looking for.

She also has training in Live Blood Analysis and dark field microscopy. Her busy clinic in St. John’s, Newfoundland attests to the efficacy of Heilkunst treatment.

Write to Molly…

Hello Molly, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Nova Scotia

Deborah Monte-Eekels Top↑


Deborah Monte-Eekels
Oakwood Clinic
212 Main St. Suite H
Nova Scotia B0T1K0

Write to Deborah.

Born and raised in Noord Brabant, The Netherlands, Deborah started her journey into natural medicines when she was a teenager. Attracted to the power of plants and herbs, Deborah was fascinated by her Dutch folk-culture of using plants for ailments and disease, which stirred a life-long love for the knowledge of their use and applications.

Her grandmother would sometimes refer to a Homeopathic Doctor who lived in Germany, the one person she would go to, if the local conventional Doctor couldn’t help her. This memory inspired Deborah later on in life to start her studies in Homeopathy, which lead to the integrative study of Heilkunst.

Deborah Graduated from The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and Homeopathy and became recognized as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathic Medicine and Heilkunstler. She takes an active role in introducing and teaching the treasures of Heilkunst and Homeopathy to the public. She is currently working on Advanced Materia Medica studies and wants to continue the Romantic Science Regimen program.

Residing in Northern Ontario, Deborah does consultations in the Sudbury/North Bay area, where she also teaches Dynamic Nutrition to her community for free, introducing the importance of consuming quality whole foods and how to obtain the natural vitamins and minerals from those foods.

She is currently working on introducing a workshop for creative expression to aid in the healing process of her patients. She believes that the arts can be a vital aspect of this process when patients are faced with complex or chronic conditions which can take an emotional toll:

When allowing ourselves to see what we subconsciously feel, as expressed by a painting for example, we can truly begin to face our fears, depressions, frustrations or any other hindrance to our sense of being. In Heilkunst, a disease is not only seen as an event with physical symptoms, but diseases also present certain states of mind within a patient. Unfortunately, for many patients, these states of mind can be utterly overwhelming. The workshop can thus be an outlet to those patients wishing to work through those issues.

She creates her own Flower Essences, gathered from the vast array of flowers that grow each year around her farm. Flower Essences can be a great aid for emotional distress and can have a very calming effect. In the summer, when the flowers bloom, she organizes workshops on which flower does what and how to create the Flower Essences.

Deborah has also had the opportunity to work with some animals (notably dogs, cats, birds and horses). Even though there are separate accredited Veterinary Heilkunstlers that specialize in animal treatment and health, Deborah can also help with certain animal health issues, using Heilkunst and Homeopathic medicine.

Consultations are done in person, over the phone or Skype. Deborah is currently working on creating her physical practice in her immediate area.

Write to Deborah…

Hello Deborah, I’m writing to you and here’s my 


Sheila Earl Top↑


Sheila is a member of the ***Faculty***: Director, Student Affairs.

Sheila Earl, Director of Student Affairs
Sheila Earl

Write to Sheila.

As a child Sheila enjoyed good health, so it wasn’t until she suffered from depression in her teens that she realized conventional “medicine by authority” seemed to offer no true solutions.
After a psychotherapist introduced her to homeopathy she began her studies at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy and fell in love with the brilliant art and system of Medical Heilkunst. It provided the cure for the diseases underlying the depression, while revealing the deeper meaning behind the suffering and a roadmap for true health on all levels.
Inspired by the possibilities offered by Heilkunst, Sheila opened her practice in 2004, where she has deepened her knowledge and experience in the treatment of many chronic conditions, particularly in the areas of anxiety and depression.

She has served as a faculty member with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy since 2008 and currently holds the position of Director of Student Affairs there and also serves on the Board for the International Heilkunst Association (IHA). She continues to further her education through studies at the School for Romantic Science and Healthcare.

Sheila is available for consultations by phone or Skype/Face Time and can be reached at 289-431-1062 or by email at

Write to Sheila…

Hello Sheila, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

CoCo Verspoor Top↑

DHHP, DMH 中文, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH)

CoCo is a member of the ***Faculty***: Director, Programs.

CoCo Verspoor
CoCo Verspoor

Write to CoCo.

CoCo offers a unique holistic healthcare service, combining Heilkunst homeopathy, sequential timeline treatment, holistic nutrition, and movement therapy, designed to improve your overall physical and emotional health. She currently focuses her practice in the areas of allergies and traumas for women and children.

A graduate of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and the Spring Valley Eurythmy School, CoCo is a faculty member at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and the Program Director at the School for Romantic Science and Healthcare. She’s an active member of the International Heilkunst Association and the Eurythmy Association of North America.

Additional websites:

Write to CoCo…

Hello CoCo, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Astrid Merkisch-Keller Top↑


Astrid Merkisch-Keller
Astrid Merkisch-Keller
P.O.Box 2118
Ontario N0M 1G0

Write to Astrid.

Astrid was born and raised in Germany, where she also obtained her degree as a Physiotherapist. After immigrating to Canada she and her husband Gerd moved to the small, beautiful village of Bayfield, along the shores of Lake Huron, where they were busy raising three children and looking after their main business, a Campground and Trailer park.

Astrid was always interested in a natural approach to health and started to study in this field, receiving a diploma as a Natural Health Educator. She soon felt that this training was not deep enough and did not provide enough answers to many health-related issues. Doing more research about different medical systems she came across Heilkunst, and was intrigued by its logical and wholesome approach to health and disease based on scientific principles and natural laws. She decided to take the DHHP program at the Hahenmann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy and graduated in 2011 with a Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst.

She plans to set up practice in Bayfield,ON. Consultations can be done in English and German.

Write to Astrid…

Hello Astrid, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Rudi Verspoor Top↑

DMH, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH)|CoRe Bioresonance Practitioner|SCENAR Therapist

Rudi is a member of the ***Faculty***: Dean.

Rudi Verspoor
9-4338 Innes Rd

Write to Rudi.

Rudi Verspoor has two decades of extensive clinical experience in treating complex and chronic illnesses. He has written several books based on his research and clinical experience.


  • AUTISM, The Journey Back
  • Homeopathy Renewed A Sequential Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Illness (with Patty Smith)
  • A time for Healing
  • Homeopathy Re–examined: Beyond the Classical Paradigm (with Steven R. Decker)
  • The Dynamic Legacy: Hahnemann from Homeopathy to Heilkunst (with Steven Decker)
  • Rudi also writes a blog.

Rudi Verspoor has been studying Hahnemann’s medical system for more than two decades and has acquired extensive clinical experience, particularly relating to complex and chronic cases, in the application of this system. His abiding interest in history and philosophy has led him to undertake continual research into various problems and issues that have arisen in traditional homeopathic treatment. This research has led to the development of a systematic dynamic approach to therapeutics that is now being offered in a comprehensive form to others through a five-year program.

Rudi Verspoor has written several books providing new insights based on his research and clinical experience and has lectured widely in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe. He served as the Director of the British Institute of Homeopathy Canada from 1993 to early 2001, and developed their Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma Program. He has taught extensively both in-class and on a distance learning basis. His previous experience has been in public policy, planning and administration.

He helped to found and is still active in the National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH) and the International Heilkunst Association (IHA). He has advised government on health-care policy. Part of his time is spent advising the Canadian government on health-care policy and in working for greater acceptance of and access to homeopathy and Heilkunst amongst policy makers and the public.

His publications include: Homeopathy Renewed, A Sequential Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Illness (with Patty Smith); A Time for Healing; Homeopathy Re-examined: Beyond the Classical Paradigm (with Steven Decker); The Dynamic Legacy: Hahnemann from Homeopathy to Heilkunst (with Steven Decker). He also has written various articles for Canadian and International journals.

Write to Rudi…

Hello Rudi, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Alysa Neal Top↑


Alysa Neal
Alysa Neal
The Annex Centre
344 Dupont Street, Suite 107
Ontario M5R 1V9

Write to Alysa.

Alysa’s first introduction to healing outside of the allopathic medical model was in 1984, when she learned about Metamorphosis. Based on reflexology, Metamorphosis recognizes a prenatal timeline mapped along the spinal reflexes on the feet, hands and head. This learning opened the door for further exploration into alternative therapeutic treatments and workshops on various topics including reflexology, meditation, and Bach Flower remedies.

Alysa’s undergraduate degrees in Math and Psychology, Teacher’s Certification, a Master’s degree in Library Science, and a Diploma in Human Services Counseling have all contributed to her successful career in public and legal librarianship. Helping people with their informational needs has indeed been rewarding, but she always felt she’d like to do more. After experiencing some challenging life lessons, she discovered homeopathic remedies and personally experienced their gentle yet powerful effect on her physical, mental, and emotional health. This was the beginning of taking the responsibility for her health out of the hands of the allopathic medical system and into her own intuitive intelligence.

Her search for the truth led her to explore Samuel Hahnemann’s complete system of medicine called Heilkunst. After beginning her own Heilkunst treatment, which had a tremendously positive effect on her health, she enrolled in the DHHP program at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa. She successfully completed that program of studies, was accepted into the professional body of the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association and is committed to continuing her professional development as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst.

Alysa’s office is located in the Annex Centre, 344 Dupont St. (just west of Spadina), Suite 107, Toronto, ON M5R 1V9. She can be contacted by phone: 647-267-8357 or email

Write to Alysa…

Hello Alysa, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Andrea Coulter Top↑


Andrea Coulter
Soul Journey Holistic Center
21517 Nissouri Street, RR #2
Ontario N0M 2P0

Write to Andrea.

After struggling, physically, spiritually and emotionally through my teenage years, and yet maintaining a deep inner conviction that there was more to life than I was being led to believe, I made it my mission to uncover the secrets to True Health.

I spent years trying every alternative approach available and was most gratified with Homeopathy. I exclusively used homeopathics for many years, with the help of a qualified practitioner. Then after the death of my father to cancer, I decided I needed to learn how to properly use homeopathics on my own, and so enrolled in the practitioners course at the BIH, which was soon transferred to the HCH after an informative talk with the registrar I knew this was where I was meant to study this amazing system.

Once I started being treated within the system of Heilkunst I knew I had found the missing link I had searched many years for, in obtaining my optimum health. I felt that instead of walking peacefully along the road of life and treating the little bumps as they came along with simple homeopathics, Heilkunst opens up a door right in the middle of the road, and there you are presented with a set of stairs; to take those stairs feels so right, and they lead you higher and higher to your ultimate purpose and health.

I graduated from the HCH in the summer of 2003 and have a private practice at home, where I can be available to my family. My loves in life are my family, children – Jesse and Summer and my husband Paul.

My other deep passion is horses and I have trained and shown in many different forms of equestrian competitions over the years. I still train when I can but now it is more for my own soul & spiritual satisfaction. I enjoy being creative and spend a lot of my free time gardening, doing crafts, reading/writing and teaching.

I am extremely grateful for the path I have been shown through Heilkunst, and enjoy being a guide and teacher to those who choose to enter my life.

Write to Andrea…

Hello Andrea, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Anna Galati Top↑


Anna Galati
Soul Remedy Holistic Clinic
99 Queen St. South

Write to Anna.

Anna graduated from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy (HCH) with a Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy & Heilkunst in July 2018. She has accreditation as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst with the International Heilkunst Association where she currently sits as a board member.

In 2017, she graduated with a diploma as a Dynamic Health Counsellor also with the Hahnemann College. She is a Certified Bowen Practitioner, a designation that she acquired after graduating from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia ( Bowtech®) in 2011. In 1995, she graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors degree in Physical & Health Education.

Her journey into holistic healthcare started when her son was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia at the age of two and the medical system insisted it could only be corrected with surgery. Drawn further to alternative health care, the hernia was corrected through a system of medicine called Heilkunst. Intrigued by the fundamentals of the Heilkunst system including its principles, science, deep understanding of cure and as they relate to health or disease, she embarked on her studies with the HCH.

While studying Heilkunst, she received treatment for herself and her family. Through their journey, they have discovered truth, resonance, and freedom.

In 2012, Anna opened up her own practice in Mississauga, Ontario. She also resides in Mississauga with her husband and their four children.

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Anne-Marie Cholette Top↑


Anne-Marie Cholette
193 West Boundary Road
Ontario K0C 1A0

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Ati Petrov Top↑


Ati Petrov
Real Medicine Holistic Center
2625 Elmhurst St.
Ontario K2B 7N5

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“Every living being has a right to good health and a fulfilling life. It is my purpose to assist all those who have come to me for help to regain their innate strength of body, mind and spirit and thus to be able to make real choices for a resonant path in life. Heilkunst is an advanced form of wholistic medicine including homeopathy, sequential treatment and regimen. Proven safe and effective for the treatment of chronic disease.”

Ati is a professional Heilkünstler and homeopath living and practicing in Ottawa, Canada. She is a graduate of the Practitioner Program developed by Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith and a tutor for the HCH College. She has been trained in German New Medicine. Ati is also a member of the ANN, the Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists, Canada. She holds master degrees in Fine Arts and in Canadian Studies.

Ati was first introduced to Heilkunst as a patient. The amazing results to her and her family’s health led to what was a natural next step – her study of Hahnemann’s full medical system and how to apply it. Today she is a passionate student of the science and art of living in health and in truth, a passion whose fruits she hopes to share with students and patients alike.

In addition to the English language, she is fluent in Bulgarian, Russian and Spanish, and conducts consultations in those languages. She lives in Ottawa with her two young children, her mom and their cat Misty and dog Charlie.

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Carol-Ann Galego Top↑

DHHP, B.A. (Hons), MPhil., Professional Bowenwork Practitioner

Carol-Ann Galego

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Carol-Ann’s interest in effective ethical health care was prompted by personal need and informed by careful study. Her background in philosophy allowed her to adopt a critical orientation to the health sciences, but her personal experiences reminded her that it is not enough to simply undermine the status quo; one must also find and further a viable alternative. Accordingly, she decided to pursue her studies in a more committed capacity: she decided to become a practitioner of Heilkunst.

Her engagement with this remedial art not only restored her health; it also renewed her desire for life. As such, she brings to her practice a profound respect for effective remediation and the life giving potential of disease. She is interested in working with people who have felt the futility of moving symptoms around and are well-poised to instead be moved by their symptoms.

Carol-Ann is currently pursuing her interests in the history of medicine and German Romanticism as an interdisciplinary Doctoral student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her areas of research, which develop alongside her practice, include sexual health, the ‘politics of health,’ and the impact that our relationships have on our capacity for meaningful work.

Consultations are available in person or by distance.

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Catharine Reynolds Hamilton Top↑


Catharine Reynolds Hamilton
421 Woolwich St
Ontario N1H 3X2

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Catharine came to homeopathy through her children. Tired of the endless rounds of antibiotics with no obvious improvement to their health, she sought an alternative and found homeopathic practitioners in Ottawa working with a new approach to homeopathy then called Sequential Therapy, now incorporated into Heilkunst. Observing her family’s increasing health and well-being, she began to study this holistic approach.

In 1999, Catharine completed a Diploma at the Advanced Studies level, with The British Institute of Homeopathy. In 2003, she completed a DHHP with Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst and Homeopathy. She is a Member of NUPATH, the National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths. She is also a graduate of Queen’s University (B.A.) and Mount Allison University (B.Ed).

Catharine has worked as a homeopathic practitioner since 2001, in Ottawa, Europe, and now in Guelph, Ontario. Although her childhood roots are in Europe, her adult psyche is rooted in Canada.

Je suis bilingue: consultations homéopathiques sont disponible en français.

Catharine lives with her husband, in Guelph . Her two sons are young adults exploring the opportunities of life.

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Catherine Bradley Top↑


Catherine Bradley
St. Catharines
Ontario L2R 4E5

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Prior to Heilkunst Medicine and since 1994, Catherine has been working in the social services, health care, education and natural health industries, gaining a wealth of experience with regimen, homeopathy, acupuncture, poverty/homelessness, mental health, behavioural and special needs populations including those labelled with ADD, ADHD, PDD, Autism, OCD, ODD and medical/physical disabilities. She also deals with those with addictions to alcohol, as well as substance abuse including the medical aspects of these such as Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, TB, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. Also embraced in her position are the clinical therapeutics of providing compassionate support, counselling, and case management in these areas, primarily in the Niagara region and surrounding areas including Western New York.

Catherine was lead to the studies, philosophies and practice of Heilkunst through the introduction of various holistic/alternative practices experienced firsthand and which brought about much relief to chronic health ailments she suffered with. It was at this point she realized that there was a missing link to the approach of therapeutics in both the medical and clinical (counselling) practices, so she began researching schools to find programming that could integrate her Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology and Family-Child studies acquired from the University of Guelph, in order to offer a much more comprehensive approach of treatment and therapeutics in her community. After one year of studying with the BIH, the transfer to HCH in 2001 was considered and she has never looked back. It was a long process of juggling career, lifestyle, studies and healing through the journey of Heilkunst Medicine. A personal testimonial: After suffering for 25 years from debilitating migraine headaches and trying every approach possible prior to Heilkunst Medicine including various pharmaceuticals, surgery, diagnostics, counselling, and regimen there seemed no end to the chronic pain and suffering she experienced. It was when she entered into timeline treatment and the system of Heilkunst Medicine that real healing and, better yet, real curing, took place. As a result, it‰Ûªs been four years and counting … the migraines have completely disappeared.

Personally, Catherine has spent a lifetime involved in sports, extensive training, regimenal practices, and various creative ambitions and has dedicated much time, effort and education of practicing healthy living and owning health. She loves a challenge and as such, continues to evolve in learning new techniques, changing interests, and keeping educated in various domains for both personal interest and professional practices.

Unfortunately there has been limited support offered in the Niagara Region and most individuals must travel to Hamilton, Toronto, London or Buffalo, N.Y. or further to get the medical help or specialized clinical and therapeutic help and/or supplies in both allopathic (conventional medicine) and natural medicine (traditional medicine). Catherine will be providing services from a home office based in St. Catharines Ontario to promote healthy living and helping her community establish a healthier state of health. Services will also be offered to those living in the Niagara Region and surrounding areas including Norfolk, Hamilton-Wentworth, and Western New York Regions, as well as nationally and internationally.

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Catherine Dombroskie Top↑


Catherine Dombroskie
Catherine Dombroskie
Heilkunst North
201 Ross St.
Thunder Bay
Ontario P7E 1A3
807 627 5283

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When Catherine began studying Heilkunst, she walked through a door into a world that made sense. Heilkunst gave her a framework and a focus for her pursuit of higher education.

With greater health, Catherine opened Heilkunst North in 2007 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to accommodate her growing practice. She has been invited by several organisations to speak about Heilkunst and share her expertise. She is a member of the Canadian International Heilkunst Association and a tutor with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.

Catherine is busy with her healthy, vibrant family but always has time to share, to care and to smile. Her steady and quiet enthusiasm for her work shines through in all aspects of her life.

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Catherine Shields Top↑


Catherine Shields
Catherine Shields
2653 Elmhurst St.
Ontario K2B 7N7
613 721 8100

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Catherine first learned of the homeopathic system of medicine from a sister who had spent years exploring conventional and alternative therapies, before regaining and securing her health through homeopathy. Her initial curiosity became a growing awe in the transformative potential of Heilkunst, the more sophisticated application of Dr. Hahnemann’s medical system.

Catherine earned her B.A. in Literature and a B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa before beginning her formal education in human dynamics and relationships as a wife and mother. She has worked with children through community centre programs, emergency shelters, home care and foster care. Observing homeopathic treatment to be a respectful, accurate guide, Catherine feels privileged to be able to tutor students on their educational journey into learning how to assist directing individuals to their own health and wholeness.

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Cheryle Houle Top↑


Chapel Hill Holistic Centre
1579 Meadowfield Place
Ontario K1C 5V8
613-806-WELL (9355)

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The healing art of Heilkunst and Homeopathy found its way into my life after searching for an alternative approach to help restore and regulated my hormonal irregularities.

Knowing very little about Homeopathy and nothing at all about Heilkunst, I quickly began to experience a profound difference in my physical and emotional health, even after my first consultation. This made me question why conventional medicine was unable to ease my suffering. Then it became clear – allopathic physicians treat symptoms and ignore the root cause.

I soon realized with the guidance of my Heilkunstler, that my dis-ease was linked to prior life traumas and stresses, both physical and emotional. Treatment worked to clear my body of memories from past shocks and traumas by using energetic remedies prepared from natural sources.

The results were amazing. This gentle approach to healing got to the root of the problem and granted me the freedom to live life in a much fuller and deeper way. I became the joyful and healthy person I was meant to be, and I knew I had to offer the gift of assisting others to develop their true sense of belonging and self-empowerment.

Less than a year after starting my own healing journey, I was inspired to enroll into holistic education at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, graduating with a Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst in 2006. As a student in my final year of studies, I worked at the Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst assisting practitioners and answering client inquiries.

In my practice as a Heilkunstler and Homeopath, my main focus is providing individual care for adults and children with a variety of health problems. We are all beings with many facets – emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. To permanently remove disease and restore long-lasting health, I place great importance on healing all levels of our being. I ask the suitable questions to get at the heart of the problem and to assist clients to connect with their inner wisdom. Tapping into this wisdom contains infinite potential within to achieve healing and growth.

I am also trained in the technique of German New Medicine, Flower Essences, Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology and have been attuned in Reiki. My previous studies include earning an Honours Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University, to later pursue careers in local media, documentary production and communications.

My interests include reading, organic gardening, yoga, meditation, canoeing and camping. I live with my husband Charles and our two special felines Shanti and Sphynx in the east end of Ottawa.

I am available for in-person or telephone appointments Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Evening appointments and insurance receipts are available upon request.

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Cynthia Cochrane Top↑


Cynthia Cochrane

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Donna Smith Top↑


Donna is a member of the ***Faculty***.

Donna MacKenzie
Donna Smith
Village Clinic
361 Churchill Ave.
Ontario K1Z 5C4

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Donna’s interest in homeopathy started when she was told by a well-known homeopath that her health was “incurable using homeopathy.” She didn’t believe him, so she began her search to find the homeopath or the system of homeopathy that would prove that statement wrong. After one year of searching, she met with a homeopath who practiced Heilkunst, which she learned was an advanced form of homeopathy used for more complex cases, providing a more systematic means of correcting the cause of illness and restoring health. This treatment returned her to a state of health. She was curable, after all, and wondered how many others given the same diagnosis and prognosis might also be cured using this new system of medicine based on Hahnemann.

She was so intrigued by homeopathy and the results that it achieved that it has become a passion for her. She studied with Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith, and received her DIHom.(Pract.) diploma as well as the DHHP diploma of the Hahnemann Center.

Donna is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH) with the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association. She is also a Colour Therapist, and sees many correlations between colours and homeopathic remedies. One of her goals is to help others who may feel discouraged, like she did, when they are told or feel that that there isn’t any cure or any hope of feeling better. She now knows that there is a way of achieving lasting health!

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Frances Quin Top↑


Frances is a member of the ***Faculty***.

Frances Quin
Frances Quin

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Heilkunst treatment and studies has allowed me to understand more about myself and everyday challenges which are part of my journey to healing body mind and soul. It has changed my life and continues to allow me to grow.

For me personally, health is freedom. Disease and illness rob you of your freedom.

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Georgina Hanchar Top↑


Georgina Hanchar
Tri-City Wellness Centre Inc.
53 Ainslie Street North
Ontario N1R 3J6
(519) 267-8855

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Georgina Hanchar resides in the Kitchener-Waterloo area with her husband and two children. As a young adult she experienced healing through holistic medicine and has never looked back. In 2010 she decided to change her career path and listen to her calling. She graduated with the Hahnemann College and became a Dynamic Blood Counsellor as well as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst. For more information about Georgina Hanchar or Tri-City Wellness Centre, please visit-Tri-City Wellness Centre Inc. – Bowen Therapy – Cambridge Kitchener Waterloo Ontario.

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Gudula Bauer Top↑


Gudula Beythien
Gudula Bauer
4081 Concession 11
Ontario K0B 1G0

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Irma Boyle Top↑


Irma Boyle
Health Dynamics
c/o The Village Clinic, 361 Churchill Ave.
Ontario K1Z 5C4

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For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in health – my own health and the health of others. I was and still am on a mission of discovering the many dynamics and layers of health and dis-ease, effectively applying the treatment of health issues using natural medicine.

My careers have spanned many fields – Human Resources, Travel, living and owning a bar in Greece, and Project Management in Information Technology. I have a degree in Psychology and a degree in Computer Science. I am naturally inclined to be an investigator, putting pieces of the puzzle together and uncovering the depths and breadth of health issues as treatment of the root causes is an effective and lasting method of attaining improved lasting health.

As a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, I am committed to guiding people on their journey to better health – mind, body and soul, physically, emotionally, mentally and soul/spiritually, excitedly watching them feel better, have more energy and unfold and discover their natural healthy selves more.

I am a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine HD(RHom.) registered with the National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH) as well as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH) with the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association (CIHA). I have a successful and busy clinic practice in the Westboro area of Ottawa, Ontario and treat individuals all around the world through Skype and phone consultations.

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Jennifer Greatrex Top↑


Jennifer Greatrex
Jennifer Greatrex
505 Bagot St.
Ontario K7K 3C6

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Seeking solutions for my own deteriorating health, I was introduced to the benefits of homeopathy. Through the application of Dr. Hahnemann’s complete medical system of Heilkunst I have experienced a profound renewal and growth in my health. The freedom I’ve gained has allowed me to follow my deepest convictions and purpose in life. Both as a parent and a practitioner I am greateful to be able to offer you a safe and effective system of medicine, and I am committed to providing a compassionate, non-judgemental and empowering atmosphere for healing.

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Joan Wallace Top↑


Joan Wallace
Joan Wallace
The Annex Centre
344 Dupont Street, Suite 107
Ontario M5R 1V9
416 617 0677

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Joan’s interest in natural medicine began in the 70’s when she explored herbology as an alternative for treating various conditions. From there she made a quick leap to homeopathy after experiencing personal healing while being treated for the effects of an injury. With an undergrad degree in Psychology and Teacher Education, and a Masters of Science in Health, she was compelled to pursue further education in homeopathy. After a few serendipitous occurents she was introduced to Heilkunst – Samuel Hahnemann’s complete system of medicine, which includes homeopathy. Always a seeker of Truth, she decided to participate in Heilkunst as a patient first and experienced cure of a long standing ailment. Her cat, Nellie, also underwent treatment and showed a remarkable improvement in health and temperament. Thus Joan began the three-year program of advanced studies at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa. After successfully completing the DHHP program, she continued with the DAHH program in order to be able to treat animals too.

Joan’s Heilkunst practice and office is centrally located in Toronto in The Annex Center. To set up an appointment with her please call or email Joan.

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Karin Christlmeier Top↑

DHHP, SCENAR Therapist

Karin Christlmeier
Karin Christlmeier
30C North Street
Ontario K7H 2S7

Write to Karin.

Karin discovered at an early age the limitations of allopathic medicine when her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For the next three years, she watched helplessly as her mother endured numerous surgeries and other treatments, until finally succumbing to the disease in 1977. She remembers thinking at the time, “If only it was ten years later, there would be a cure for cancer,” words that would later come to haunt her.

Following family tradition, Karin completed her studies in engineering, graduating from Lakehead University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. It was during this time that her father was diagnosed with cancer, ironically ten years after her mother. Again she watched helplessly as he was poisoned with chemotherapy and radiation. He lived long enough to see her graduate, passing on shortly thereafter.

Work eventually brought Karin to Perth, Ontario, when she accepted a job with 3M Canada. During this time, she married and had her two children. Her children’s health issues again made her question allopathic medicine. She still remembers the cold feeling in the pit of her stomach as she held her babies while they were injected with the numerous vaccines of the time. Thankfully, the vaccines did not cause life-threatening reactions, but her son developed asthma shortly after a DPTP booster and her daughter was diagnosed with migraines when she was five years old.

Now totally disillusioned with allopathic medicine, Karin began to look into alternatives for her children. With herbal medicine, she was able to wean her son from the three inhalers he was on and was able to reduce the frequency of her daughter’s migraines. She now spent much of her spare time looking into the various types of alternative medicine, and discovered Heilkunst. She graduated from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst with her DHHP in 2004.

Karin has been seeing patients at the Johnson Chiropractic Clinic in Perth since the fall of 2004. Karin lives just outside of Perth with her husband Allan, her two children Garrett and Kaitie, two German Shepherd dogs, Zorro and Toska, and Sophie the cat. Just a few minutes down the road are the family’s three horses CC Ryder, Talo Nazeer and California Kiss. When Karin is not with patients, you can find her at the hockey rink or soccer field watching the kids play, or at the farm training her horses.

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Linda Clifford Top↑


Linda Clifford
Linda Clifford
The Wellness Group
9-420 Hazeldean Road
Ontario K2L 4B2
613 271-8555

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As a mother of 2, and grandmother of 1, Linda Clifford’s passion to understand how to be healthy began 15 years ago when she was asked to assist the patients of a busy Ottawa chiropractic office in their journey to better health. Linda had no experience with illness, however, she always had an intuitive sense of what food her body needed to be healthy. This request to teach what she did naturally led Linda on her own journey which started at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, (CSNN). Although her studies at CSNN provided her with a great foundation in the science of food, Linda was driven to learn more about why some people reacted well to certain foods while others didn’t. Linda then began her studies in Darkfield Microscopy. This research gave Linda an understanding of nutrition at a cellular level, and helped her come to the conclusion that there is much more to optimum health than just proper nutrition, supplements and exercise. Linda’s next step was to enroll at The Hahnamen College of Heilkunst, (HCH) where she completed a comprehensive 4 -year program giving her a system to work with which is based in Natural Science and Grounded In Nature which verified, confirmed and provided her with a more complete understanding of the true meaning of health and wellbeing.

So, as things have a way of coming full circle, Linda now joins her son Dr. Michael Gibson, chiropractor, as part of The Wellness Group in Kanata, Ontario. While her son is doing amazing work through chiropractic care, Linda continues to do what she does best and educates her patients, step-by-step, on how to stay healthy naturally, guiding them through the maze of conflicting information in the field of nutrition. She welcomes patients of all ages who want to go beyond suppressing symptoms to resolving the underlying cause(s) of their health issues.

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Linda Lou McQuinn Top↑


Linda Lou McQuinn
Linda Lou McQuinn
624 Clancy Street
Ontario K1J 7T9
613 745 6802

Write to Linda Lou.

I began this journey into health, outside allopathic medicine, in the early nineties when I took the NLP training. That led me to search out other methods for wellness, and I was introduced to homeopathy. I started studying homeopathy in 1996, first joining a school of classical homeopathy. I soon discovered that it was extremely limited and controlling, so I left that school to begin my studies with the Hahnemann College. This journey is never over, and I still attend formal and informal classes with the HCH.

The path to wellness is always being tested and with Heilkunst treatment a patient is so much better prepared to partake of this amazing journey we call life. I treat patients of all ages, from children to seniors.

I have two daughters and four grandchildren, and they all bring joy and wonder into my life. I also have a great gray cat named Mouse, and I treat her regularly for the trauma her name causes her, ho, ho!

I hold the designation of Homeopathic Doctor, HD(RHom.), through the National Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths, as well as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, (DMH), from the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association, and am a NLP Practitioner. I also provide pain relief with the SCENAR energy device.

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Manuela Mueller-Code Top↑

DHHP, DMH, DynBC, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH)|Dynamic Blood Consultant|SCENAR Therapist

Manuela Mueller-Code
Manuela Mueller-Code
Nature's Truth - Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst
946 Mill Ridge Road
Ontario K7S 3G8
613 623 8804

Write to Manuela.

Manuela researched alternatives to the conventional medical system in Germany as a result of allopathic treatment, where doctors were unable to identify the cause of her suffering. Experiencing the success of Naturopathic therapy, Manuela decided to study Naturopathic Medicine in 1989 for one year. Born and raised in a small city in Northern Germany, Manuela moved to the Frankfurt area, where she met her husband and immigrated to Canada in 1997.

While it took a few years to fully settle in the Ottawa Valley, Manuela remembers being aware of the fact that increasingly people around her were diagnosed with cancer, and she eventually lost a dear sister-in-law to lung cancer. Fearful of getting cancer herself and determined to help those fighting cancer, Manuela searched for alternatives, which would not only be able to effectively treat conditions like cancer and minimize the sufferings, but could also act preventatively.

Intrigued by the fundamentals of the Heilkunst system including its principles, science and deep understanding of cure, and grounded in the laws of nature, Manuela embarked on her studies with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa and graduated in July 2004. She continuously furthers her studies with a special interest in orgonomy and anthroposophy. Her deep understanding of the laws and principles of nature and as they relate to health or disease, continuous to help her patients to heal and reach their full potential living a life in truth and love. Always intrigued by the possibility to have our body show us the evidence of our life styles, stresses and ignorance through displaying it in the blood, Manuela embarked on her studies and graduated from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in July 2010 as a Practitioner in Dynamic Blood Analysis. Integrating the Live Blood Analysis as well as the Dried Blood Analysis into her Heilkunst clinic has enabled her to further focus the healing possibilities and provides evidence based results. Please keep in mind “ The body is designed to heal itself, when we give it what it needs for this healing” – and this can be of physical, mental/emotional or soul/spiritual nature. Her own journey through Heilkunst treatment has taken an evolution beyond her expectations, and she enjoys living a life in truth and love, making resonant choices within her life.

Manuela is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, DMH, with the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association. She is also a member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists, A.N.N.

Manuela has established with her Arnprior clinic the first affiliation of the Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst. Manuela has moved her Hahnemann Clinic from the Kenwood Corporate Centre – one of Arnprior’s Landmarks – to a more private and natural setting, just minutes outside of Arnprior to reflect the natural healing style . Even though she has initially established her Cinic for Heilkunst to serve the Ottawa Valley, her clinic has grown to include patients from all over Canada, U.S.A, Germany and even Australia and the South Pacific. Thanks to today’s technology, distance consultations are handled in a smooth, effective and inexpensive matter.

Arnprior is her home away from home and since 1999 the residence of her choice on the beautiful Madawaska River. In her previous life she travelled the world on business working for Multinational Organizations in capacities, such as Travel, Finance, HR, Customer Service, Quality Management and Security Management, visiting many places. She fell in love with the Ottawa Valley, and particularly Algonquin Park, which she now embraces in her own backyard. Arnprior is also known as the Town of two beautiful Rivers, the Ottawa and the Madawaska. It is located only 30 minutes West of Ottawa on Highway 417, and with its picturesque setting and beautiful charm is an attraction for everyone.

Manuela holds dual citizenship, Canadian and German, and conducts consultations internationally in either language. Her passion is to help individuals find their full potential, empowering them to make choices and guiding them to enjoy a happy and healthy life. “Living a life in truth will set you free”. Manuela will guide you into a higher consciousness as true healing and cure find place once we unite body, mind, soul and spirit.

Manuela enjoys the Canadian country lifestyle and the pure nature in the Ottawa valley.

Write to Manuela…

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Mary Rothschild Top↑


Mary Rothschild
Mary Rothschild
1366 Shylo Crescent
Ontario K4M 1B7
613 692 6464

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Monique Racette Top↑


Monique Racette
Monique Racette
441 Goodwill Road
Ontario P3L 1E8
705 693 5795

Write to Monique.

As a teenager, I remember being fascinated by different methods of healing and read anything I could get my hands on relating to herbs, nutrition, reflexology, etc. This interest was put aside while I attended University, started teaching, got married and had children. Gradually, I could feel my health deteriorating. While we were in our early 30’s, my husband and I physically felt like we were in our 60’s. This was frightening.

Once again, I was drawn to the alternative side of medicine since the present medical system could not give me answers to the questions I had concerning my family’s health challenges. Deep down, I knew there had to be an answer somewhere and I was determined to find it. Gradually we made many changes in our lifestyle and, as a result, our health greatly improved. Unfortunately, we eventually reached a plateau; something was missing.

Homeopathy had always interested me but I often heard that classical homeopathy had limited success, which made me skeptical about it. Because things were starting to fall apart again, I decided to give homeopathy a try. I registered with the British Institute of Homeopathy Canada (BIH Canada) and later transferred to the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst (HCH). Along with studying, I also began treatment and I haven’t looked back. This changed the course of my life, I had finally found my passion. For the first time, my health and that of my family took a definite turn for the better. There are still challenges to deal with but I welcome them as part of my healing and learning experience.

I graduated from the HCH in the summer of 2004 with the DHHP diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst, and have a private practice in my home in Garson, Ontario (Sudbury area). I am a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine HD(RHom.) with the National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH) and a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH) with the Canadian and International Heilkunst Associations.

I enjoy studying, teaching and gardening. Being bilingual, I am available for phone or in person consultations in both French and English.

Write to Monique…

Hello Monique, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Natalie Lauzon Top↑


Natalie Lauzon
Natalie Lauzon

Write to Natalie.

Truth. A word I have carried with me from the beginning. I have always known that I was there to learn, express, and represent Truth. It only makes sense to me that I am now a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, which in my opinion, means Doctor of Medical Truth.

I enjoy my work mostly because I learn so much from it. My patients are incredible spiritual, dynamic, and generative beings with so much to teach and so much to learn. We do a nice little waltz together and we both win first place.

I like to teach people about their freedom of choice. My identical twin sister once suffered from a deadly genetic liver disorder; there was nothing that could be done by the medical system to save her. The alternative medical world not only gave her options but it helped her to fully recover within weeks! Homeopathic Medicine was the number one treatment used in this case. It was a huge revelation for me. Another world full of possibilities within my world had been born.

The introduction of Heilkunst meant that my homeopathic practice was taken multiple steps further and that many of my questions were finally answered. I thank the HCH for providing me with a “new set of glasses” where I can now live a life of learning, spiritual growth, and evolution.

My practice is located at the Paradigm Centre for Wellness in the beautiful city of Guelph, Ontario; a place where many talented and caring practitioners work in a harmonious partnership, providing various alternative medical services for the holistic individual.

Over time, I have developed a special interest in treating:

  1. Children suffering from mental/emotional, behavioural, neurological disorders and learning disabilities.
  2. Women and men in search for truth, emotional freedom, and personal development
  3. Holistic practitioners

I am honoured to have the ability to march the journey of life with my patients in love, knowledge, truth, and consciousness.

Write to Natalie…

Hello Natalie, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Natashia Guidi Top↑


Natashia Guidi
Trinity Natural Health Centre
9 Lake Ave S
Stoney Creek
Ontario L8G 2V1

Write to Natashia.

Write to Natashia…

Hello Natashia, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Nicole Lalonde Top↑


Nicole Khan
Nicole Lalonde
78 Edgehill Drive
Ontario N1H 5E5
905 593 2755

Write to Nicole.

Hello, my name is Nicole Lalonde. I was raised in Sherwood Park AB, moving to Guelph when I was ten and now I practice homeopathy and Heilkunst in the city of Missisauga. I grew up always wanting to have a career in the science field. I was studying Animal Biology at the University of Guelph when I developed an interest in homeopathy. When I read about the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa, my education changed paths. Little did I know that when I began my studies in homeopathy and heilkunst I had found my life’s work and true calling.

I also use a secondary Location

Wright’s Wellness Clinic
1570 Kipling Ave, Suite 3
Etobicoke, ON, M9R 2Y1
Phone: 416-241-9355
Fax: 416-245-9355

Write to Nicole…

Hello Nicole, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Phyllis de Ruyter-Vranckx Top↑


Phyllis de Ruyter-Vranckx
Phyllis de Ruyter-Vranckx
The Niagara Center for Dynamic Healing
371 Ridge Road West
Ontario L3M-4E7
905 945-0609

Write to Phyllis.

I am blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of Heilkunst practitioners.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I immigrated to Canada in 1975, leaving behind my much enjoyed job as a Kindergarten teacher. My love for nature and plants got me involved in joining the family greenhouse operation and I worked in this field for the next 25 years.

It was my mother who inspired me to explore the Natural Health field. At the age of 84 she was suffering several health problems that soon needed 14 drugs per day to “stay healthy”; many drugs were treating the side effects of the former one. But instead of getting better and cured of her diseases she slowly grew weaker and weaker and this was unacceptable for me.

My quest directed me to study Classical Homeopathy with the British Institute of Homeopathy in the late 1990’s but I always felt there was a missing link in how to determine and get to the root of the true cause(s) of disease and I craved to learn more. The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa gave me the answers and I embarked in the study of a comprehensive system of Medicine that is grounded in the Natural Law of the Dual Nature of our Life Force as well as the Dual Nature of Disease so also of the Dual Nature of Remediation. There does not exist a missing link anymore, I have found my true calling and am now looking forward to help my patients regain true and lasting Health through Heilkunst treatment. I am a graduate of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst with a Practitioners Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst (DHHP). Besides Wellness counseling as part of the overall Heilkunst treatment I will provide a special separate service to those people that are using multiple drugs by analyzing and counseling on their side-effects, their interactions and their nutrient depletion.

Consultations can be done in English or Dutch and I will make house calls in the Niagara Peninsula. Services can also be provided by telephone, Skype or Messenger to patients living elsewhere in Canada and World-wide.

Write to Phyllis…

Hello Phyllis, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Roxanne Harris Top↑


Roxanne Harris
The Gilead Centre
12875 Hwy 43
Ontario K0C1H0

Write to Roxanne.

Roxanne Harris is a wife and mother of four who has been entrenched in health care of many forms since 1990. Once having a solid foundation in allopathic medicine, Roxanne studied at the University of Alberta in the Bachelor of Nursing program, Roxanne began to expand her wisdom and obtained training and degrees in Kinesiology, Nutrition, Live Blood Analysis, Capillary Puncture, Lymphatic Massage, Glutenology and Healing Prayer.

Roxanne began struggling with her own health issues at the age of 16, with a major back injury. Unable to find any relief or real help from the regular medical system Roxanne started seeking assistance elsewhere which began opening the doors to alternative health and other available options not discussed in the mainstream medical clinics. After the birth of her fourth child, what was deemed to be recurring pain from the old back injury was finally “diagnosed” as Ankylosing Spondylitis when she was unable to function normally in regular daily activities like showering, walking, lying down, and climbing stairs. After years of attempts from the medical system to “control” the pain and excessive inflammation and a prognosis of a wheelchair by 2005, Roxanne stumbled upon Homeopathy and Heilkunst, and the rest is history… June 2nd 2007, Roxanne received a miracle from God and the devastating and crippling disease process stopped immediately and the pain disappeared. Drug and pain free, Roxanne has been healed physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually, making for the complete and full remediation that is strived for in in order to make us truly whole. Roxanne firmly believes in, and is proof that we can be healed from the “incurable”, and live happy, healthy, richly blessed lives.

Always striving to provide clients with the most up-to-date treatments and strategies to help clients obtain their health and wellness goals, Roxanne pursued a postgraduate doctoral degree program in Bioregulatory Medicine, obtaining honours. Bioregulatory Medicine is a comprehensive integrative medicine discipline that beautifully blends a wide range of alternative as well as traditional assessment tools and treatment strategies to bring about a comprehensive, safe, and successful remediation to even the most stubborn clinical cases.

Roxanne has a specially affinity for digestive disorders of all types, pain/ mobility disorders, and chronic fatigue. Roxanne has a special place for children in her heart and practise. Roxanne’s own son was cured of severe asthma through Heilkunst treatment and the hand of God, and she has seen firsthand how even small children benefit from the sequential timeline treatment, giving them a brighter, healthier, more joyful life free of the suffering and sentencing of many health conditions that are so commonplace today.

Roxanne is a Christian, and firmly believes in God’s healing power and grace. It is a rare opportunity to be able to obtain medical care physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all in one place, and it is within all four of these facets that healing occurs, on all levels to bring about a true state of health.

Whether you struggle with arthritis, anemia, Crohn’s, constipation, depression, anxiety, fears, ADD, ADHD, autism, fibromyalgia, fibroids, PMS, infertility, eating disorders, weight issues, heart disease, cancer, sleeplessness, GERD, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, self-esteem issues, allergies, substance abuse, environmental sensitivities, IBS, asthma, back pain, skin conditions, or diabetes, or whether you would just like to become more balanced, and increase your state of health, Roxanne welcomes you to ENGAGE WELLNESS, and invites you to embark on a journey towards health that will transform your life.

Write to Roxanne…

Hello Roxanne, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Sara Dubeau Top↑


Sara Dubeau
Sara Dubeau
Dynamic Medicine Holistic Clinic
226 Donald Street
Ontario K1K 1M8

Write to Sara.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be in the healing profession. Growing up, the natural sciences and the complexities of human nature always held a certain intrigue for me. Little did I know where this interest would lead me.

After college and a year abroad, I returned home with the intention of becoming a healthcare provider. Initially, I pursued an education within the conventional medical system. However, as things progressed, I quickly began to realize that practicing medicine in this way did not resonate with me. Upon further introspection, I found that I connected more profoundly with the healing principles of the alternative therapies.

In my search for a system of holistic medicine, I discovered the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. In 2009, I completed their diploma program, earning my DHHP, and I also became a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst with the Canadian-International Heilkunst Association. Being an eternal student, I continue to expand my understanding of this dynamic system through additional education. In the community, I am currently working with Sustainable Living Ottawa West to develop a model of sustainable medicine and community alternative healthcare.

Every person deserves the right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. In my practice, I aspire to help my patients achieve health on all levels. Health is more than simply the absence of symptoms; it is the ability to make healthy, resonant choices in your life. Witnessing my patients attain freedom from disease, experience a feeling of empowerment, and live an abundant life is my greatest reward as a practitioner. Remediation with Heilkunst has improved my state of mind, my physical health and my sense of self. I feel privileged to be able to share this experience with others.

In my day to day, I strive to nurture positive relationships, enjoy great food, live wisely and laugh often. I am fortunate to be able share my life with my partner Shawn in a little home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Write to Sara…

Hello Sara, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Satinder Bajaj Top↑

DHHP, SCENAR Therapist

Satinder Bajaj
Satinder Bajaj
1656 Orford Crescent
Ontario K4A 1V4

Write to Satinder.

I graduated from the Hahnemann College located in Manotick, Ontario in the summer of 2007 and have since begun a small practice at home. Prior to this, I ran a family business (Baskin Robbins) for a good twelve years, was a real estate agent, a florist, a travel agent, worked with the federal government and the private sector in administration, and as a supply teacher in Singapore. But first and foremost, I am the mother of three children and grandmother of adorable twin girls.

Earlier on in life, I always dreamt that I would like to be a teacher or a lawyer or a doctor. I had taught and loved it and I find myself still teaching (in a different way) and even took a couple courses in law but did not find it to be my area of interest. Medicine however has turned out to be the bull?s eye.

An interest in energy works was the beginning of my love for the healing arts. Situations in my life led me to seek answers and other healthy ways to improve my health and that of my children; the approach and behaviour of an allopathic doctor led me to find other methods of healing.

So I studied Universal energy, Reiki, Auricular coning, Shiatsu, Iridology, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Homeopathy (classical), Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Live Blood Analysis, Scenar, Workshops in herbology, Yoga, The Art of Living (breathworks and yoga exercises), and the most important field of study in my life, Heilkunst, the art of making whole. I have recently completed the dynamic nutrition course at the HCH. I self taught myself the EFT therapy, simple massage techniques, colour therapy and still delve occasionally in aromatherapy, crystal healing and Bach flower essences.

It is truly gratifying to be of service and support in assisting others to health and wholeness. Many who have little knowledge of Heilkunst and homeopathy are beginning to appreciate this ?new? health support they receive. I know that having gone through the treatment myself, I have seen many positive changes in my life and have gained better health and I am very thankful to have been exposed to this system that opens doors allowing me to share and help others to seek their true selves and live a life of resonance.

I am extremely grateful for the path I have seen in Heilkunst as it is very much in resonance with my faith and spirituality. I enjoy its presence in my life.

Write to Satinder…

Hello Satinder, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Sonja Schlosser Backs Top↑


Sonja Schlosser Backs
Sonja Schlosser Backs
107 Second Ave
613 622 5448

Write to Sonja.

Write to Sonja…

Hello Sonja, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Taz Janeen Top↑


Taz Janeen
Taz Janeen
The Heaven + Earth Clinic
Young and Wellesley
Downtown Toronto

Write to Taz.

Taz began her journey to wholism at the tender age of 14, when she expressed an interest in nutrition and natural medicine. She soon began to study nutrition, herbology, massage, and energetic healing techniques. It was when she decided to investigate an education to become a naturopathic physician that she discovered homeopathy and Heilkunst.

In 2001 she moved from Alberta to begin her studies at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa. Following her graduation in 2004, she relocated to Toronto and established The Heaven + Earth Clinic.

As a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst Taz not only strives to offer a complete system of cure, she also spends much of her time researching and integrating the alternative modalities encompassed within the medical art of Heilkunst. In her practice, she guides her patients through treatment by offering Therapeutic Counseling sessions and detailed, personalized nutrition and exercise programs.

Taz’s interests include the arts, vegan cuisine, organic skin care, and gardening.

Write to Taz…

Hello Taz, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Wendy Knight Agard Top↑


Wendy Knight Agard
True Health Holistic
8A Sweetnam Dr.
Ontario K2S 1G2
866-925-WELL (9355)

Write to Wendy.

Wendy’s journey with complementary medicine began in 1990 when she began to search for ways to treat her asthma without inhalers and steroid pills. While she was able to achieve some reduction of the symptoms, after a few years of improved health it became clear that the underlying cause of her asthma had not been eliminated. Having children was a trigger for a new set of symptoms — eczema, chronic fatigue and hypothyroid. While conventional medicine confirmed that eczema and asthma are typically caused by the same underlying factors, the only suggestions for treatment were drugs and cortisone creams. Having used these medicines since she was a child, Wendy understood that they were not solving the problem Ð they were only suppressing the symptoms and were ultimately causing her health to deteriorate.

When both of her children developed severe eczema at just a few weeks old and multiple food allergies as soon as solid foods were introduced, Wendy resumed her search for alternatives and answers. After trying several naturopathic approaches and classical homeopathy with only marginal success, she began treatment for herself and her children at the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst. The first change Wendy noticed was that her one year-old almost instantly went from being cranky, colicky and unsettled to calm, affectionate and happy. Wendy and the children began to thrive with Heilkunst treatment and it became obvious that this was the system of medicine she had been looking for, as it addressed the underlying physical, emotional and soul/spiritual cause(s) of the symptoms she and her children had suffered from.

After experiencing this personal success as a patient, Wendy embarked on the intense program of study at the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst and is now a practicing Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH). Wendy is a member of the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association, and the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists, and continues to invest in additional education. She welcomes patients of all ages who want to go beyond suppressing symptoms and resolve the underlying cause(s) of their health issues.

Write to Wendy…

Hello Wendy, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Yasminka Kresic Top↑


Yasminka Kresic
Yasminka Kresic
116 Helena St.
Ontario K1Y 3N1
tel: 613 761 9200 fax: 613 761 9002

Write to Yasminka.

Yasminka was first exposed to homeopathy when her son suffered from allergies and chronic ear infections. His experience with antibiotics only seemed to weaken him, and did not stop the symptoms. He was treated by Rudi Verspoor, and the treatment produced amazing results within six months, as his ear infections disappeared, his tolerance for dairy products improved, and he was not catching the colds and flus that were ever-present over the fall and winter.

Fascinated with the effectiveness of homeopathy, Yasminka and other family members started their own healing journeys that led to a better sense of wellness, both emotionally and physically. It was during that journey that she decided to study the art of Heilkunst and homeopathy.

Yasminka’s Heilkunst practice and her consulting experience in helping individuals and groups implement changes that lead to a greater sense of well-being in the workplace, blend well with her goal of helping people achieve wholeness at all levels. Her practice is based in Ottawa, in the Westboro neighborhood.

Write to Yasminka…

Hello Yasminka, I’m writing to you and here’s my 


Susan Cohen Top↑

DHHP, DMH, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH)|CoRe Bioresonance Practitioner|SCENAR Therapist

Susan is a member of the ***Faculty***.

Susan Cohen
Susan Cohen
Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst - Montreal
6100 Monkland, #5
Québec H4A 1H4
514 488 1085 fax: 514 488 9525

Write to Susan.

As Susan’s children started growing, and unfortunately started getting the eternal ear infections, colds and occasional cases of strep throat, she began questioning the advice she was receiving from the pediatricians and specialists. Her children never seemed to really get better, and never seemed to be fully healthy. She started studying at a natural health school, just to be able to help her children. Her time there was spent studying the ancient art of Chinese medicine, and she was subsequently introduced to a homeopath who taught in the school. With her interest piqued, she launched her quest to find the best homeopathic school that she could. Her enquiries took her to another city, to Ottawa, and before long she was studying at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and traveling to get to classes.

Susan started her adult life in the accounting profession and spent many years with a private practice. What she enjoyed most about the accounting profession was that there is a correct resolution to any problem, and a sense of accomplishment when the job is done. She is very happy to have found these qualities in the practice of Heilkunst. There are no problems that are insurmountable, and the personal growth, freedom, and level of health that can be attained through Heilkunst is the best and highest accomplishment possible.

Although Susan has finished her diploma program, she has continued her studies and investigations into this field through continuing education at the Hahnemann College in order to be able to be up to date in all the newest information that is uncovered. She has added the application of the NeuroSCENAR to her practice to help alleviate acute pain while treatment is ongoing.

Susan (DHHP, DMH) is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst with the International Heilkunst Association (Canadian/International Heilkunst Association). She is also a member of the National Association of Naturopaths (N.A.N.).

Because Susan’s clinic in Montreal is a member-clinic of the Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst based in Ottawa, Ontario, Susan has access to all of the research and advantages of a multi-practitioner, multi-office association that will greatly benefit her clients.

Write to Susan…

Hello Susan, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Claude Boisvert Top↑


Claude Boisvert
39 Cartier Avenue
Pointe Claire
514-426-8877 fax: 514-426-9562

Write to Claude.

Perhaps my interest in achieving better health and inner harmony always was. As a teenager I was studying Hindu and Buddhist religions and was diligently practicing yoga and meditation. I then continued with a more formal education in university and graduated with three bachelors (psychology, philosophy, literature) and one post-graduate diploma in linguistics (plus other certificates in related fields). Afterward, I travelled and lived abroad for the following 12 years.

A neck injury, which resulted in constant, severe headaches and much confusion of mind, completely changed my life for nearly 10 years. Traditional medicine was to no avail in restoring my health, or permanently alleviating the pain. I became a recluse and no longer believed in a cure. It is through Heilkunst that, in time, my health slowly returned. What I have gained from Heilkunst’s therapy is more than physical health. It gave me a greater sense of awareness and a feeling of wholeness. As a result, I realized that health was much more than just an absence of pain or symptoms.

My interest in health also lead to certifications in Aromatherapy, SCENAR therapy, German New Medicine, and soon Naturotherapy. I studied homeopathy for one year at the Centre de Technique Homéopathique (CTH) before being admitted to the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and, after five years, I graduated with a DHHP and became a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH) with the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association (C/CIHA).

I always had a predilection for the therapeutic methods that acknowledge the emotional and/or psycho-spiritual components of diseases, as they often are a primary cause, but I am also very interested in researching the various healing protocols aimed at restoring a balance on the more physical level. Heilkunst’s scientific approach encompasses both, and more. Because of the value of Medical Heilkunst in changing people’s lives, I now feel compelled to share the knowledge and offer this system of medicine to others.

Write to Claude…

Hello Claude, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Jennifer Bauer Top↑


Jennifer Bauer
Jennifer Bauer

Write to Jennifer.

Being the daughter of a mathematician and an actuary made me science-minded and empirical. Choosing to study in the arts made me an analytical thinker. Being disappointed by Western medicine and its ability to cure led me to study at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.

Getting healthier as I grow older has amazed me.

My past five years of study with the HCH has changed the way I live and heightened my respect for the human body. I am thankful to have the knowledge and understanding to be able to sift through the ever-changing information about health that is available to us today. And as a new mother, knowing the truth about treatment options when my baby is sick has been an invaluable asset.

I love to work collaboratively with my patients; learning along with them is the best part of my job!

Write to Jennifer…

Hello Jennifer, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Sandy Bubolic Top↑


Sandy Bubolic
Sandy Bubolic
Clinique Holistique Zen
90 Rue Morgan, Suite 205
Baie D'Urfé
Québec H9X 3A8
514 799 6688

Write to Sandy.

Sandy had been on a journey of self-discovery and health when the system of Heilkunst came into her life. It happened at the most opportune time as she had begun questioning whether what she had been doing was really enough to set her free from those invisible bonds that kept her trapped in a world where she felt she was a stranger. She had begun wondering whether she would ever attain a state of health where she would feel she was a free soul able to think, act and perform without having the weight of guilt, anger, grief and sorrow weighing prominently in almost every thought and action she performed. Although she was a skeptic, she took a chance and allowed Heilkunst into her life in the hopes it would make a difference. As her healing journey continued and her state of health improved, she was convinced that Heilkunst applied in the proper fashion was a system worthy of her time and energy.

Sandy has an avid interest in dreams and incorporates this into her practice. She finds that dreams speak a language all their own and tend to cluster around a “nucleus of meaning” that simply wants to be made conscious. She also utilizes a wide variety of Flower Essences in her practice. Prior to Heilkunst and Homeopathy, her attention had been captured by various healing modalities – all of which incorporated the concept of Energy into their healing in one fashion or another. As a result of her interests, she became involved with dowsing and is a member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. She also began exploring and learning various Energetic Healing Techniques such as Therapeutic Touch, Chakra balancing, Energetic Chelation, Chakra Storytelling etc. She finds that these modalities do have a place within the paradigm of Heilkunst and have proven quite beneficial for some clients as they travelled their own healing journeys. Her B.A in psychology has proven invaluable in exploring the depths of her psyche in her own healing. She is willing to draw on her knowledge of this field as she assists clients on their own journey to true health restoration. Sandy currently practises Heilkunst and Homeopathy at Clinique Holistique Zen in Baie D’Urfé located in the West Island of Montreal.

Write to Sandy…

Hello Sandy, I’m writing to you and here’s my 


Lois Kichula Top↑


Lois Kichula
2031 Styles Cres. E.
Saskatchewan S4V 0P8
306-789-2162 fax: 306-789-7507

Write to Lois.

Heilkunst proved to be a culmination of all that had come before. Following conventional training as a nurse I went on to complete my degree with the intentions of teaching nursing. After the birth of our youngest of four children, the direction of my life changed forever. She was born with a subdural hematoma (bruise beneath the dura matter of the brain) as a direct cause of her birth being artificially induced. She had seizures from the day she was born. Too add to this damage, she was given drugs that are now forbidden for children under the age of two. Immunizations added further injury and years of illness and convulsions followed. Glimpses of recovery came with alternative therapies. They did not cure the underlying problem but did buy precious time off of the drugs that were robbing our daughter of her life.

When threats were made by our pediatrician as to our future if we continued with alternative medicine and therapies, I turned my back on allopathic medicine. Following years of Gerson Therapy, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Herbology, I discovered Homeopathy.

Initially, I found Classical / Kentian Homeopathy and was interested enough to begin studying. The initial positive results with our daughter ended within six months and I once again began searching. Instinctively, I sensed homeopathy was not at fault, but instead it was how it was applied. My search ended when I found Heilkunst. This System of Medicine is all inclusive and the Homeopathic Medicines are given in the right potency at the right time, according to each individual’s specific timeline. This System of Medicine resulted in a steady increase of health as the drugs and traumas were removed one by one freeing my daughters life force.

After completing my DHHP, it seemed a natural progression to continue studying the DAHH program. Having had our own dogs treated, I witnessed first hand the difference in their health following Heilkunst treatment. Although there are similarities between the treatment of humans and animals, I wanted a thorough grounding in the principles as they specifically relate to application for animals. This in-depth study included an internship providing sixty hours of clinical experience which I found to be amazing.

Heilkunst proved to be a culmination of all that had come before. I continue to be more inspired and in awe with each passing day. I am grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to study this amazing System of Medicine that I now share with others.

Write to Lois…

Hello Lois, I’m writing to you and here’s my 



Katherine Ventouris Top↑


Katherine Ventouris
Katherine Ventouris

Write to Katherine.

My Heilkunst journey started when working with autistic children as a Nutritional Therapist and as a Live Blood Analyst. In my research to find a natural treatment to help these children deal with their deeper issues, I came across Rudi Verspoor and Heilkunst. Fascinated by the philosophy and the principles of Heilkunst, I joined the college initially to deepen my knowledge of Live and Layered Blood Analysis (DynBC) and at the same time for the Diploma of Heilkunst and Homeopathy (DHHP).

Through my studies and the life changing health benefits that I experienced from my own treatment, I now have a deeper understanding of disease, thus providing me with the ability to treat chronic and complex conditions beyond the complexity of autism.

The second part of this journey is now to guide people on their own journey to better health, providing consultations by phone or Skype in Greek and in English.

Write to Katherine…

Hello Katherine, I’m writing to you and here’s my 

Kingdom of Bahrain


Mariette Carstens Top↑


Mariette Carstens
Mariette Carstens
Gardenview 8
Number 42
Tala Island
Kingdom of Bahrain
+ 973 39255531

Write to Mariette.

Mariette Carstens (Graduated DHHP in 2012 student number 2012105, B.A. Psych, Social Psych Hons. 1991 University Stellenbosch, Cape Town).

After studying psychology I found that I was still looking for a deeper understanding of life and the children I worked with. I left South Africa in 2000 and moved to the Middle East where I have been working and living ever since. In 2005 I started studying Heilkunst and personally experienced the benefits of the treatment for myself and my three children and was amazed at the level of health and wholeness we attained.

I have worked as a behavior therapist dealing with conditions such as Autism, AD/HD, PDD and other communication, developmental and emotional disorders for 20 years. I specialized in behavior patterns and mental/emotional symptoms which are triggered by the energetic relationships between children and their environment and the people in it.

I began to see the shortcomings of the behavior therapy as I could alleviate the symptoms but could not get to the root cause directly and knew that I needed a tool to go deeper. I recognized that the inappropriate behavior, lack of language, social skills or anxiety and anger were just symptoms of the underlying disease and that with Heilkunst I could address the original energetic disturbance with a safe and comprehensive holistic system of medicine.

Studying and practicing Heilkunst is an important part of my life both at home and at work. It has given me real answers and hope where before there were questions and uncertainty. The increasing number of children who suffer from behavioral, developmental and communication disorders that I encounter in my practice really motivated me to look further. Now I am excited and grateful for a wonderful tool that truly deals with the energetic disturbances that leads to all diseases.

Please contact me via phone, email or skype as I see patients one to one or do long distance consultations.

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Sandra Valle Top↑


Sandra Valle
Integra Medicine
Paseo de la Asuncion 266-A/48

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My search for alternative medicine started in my teenage years after several experiences with allopathic doctors in which my emotional and physical struggles could not be helped, and sometimes were even made worse. I was in such a low point in my life that I decided to try anything under the sun to help me get out of that crisis. So with the help of several natural therapies, I was able to keep a balance within my life but there were always rebounds or downfalls which made me think that I was just “chasing my tail”. I needed to find something that got at the root of disease but the answer would not come until 2003 that I found the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Canada.

Originally from Mexico, I moved to Canada in 2000 after I got married. During my stay in Canada (8 years) I was trained in Reflexology, Reiki and in 2006 I graduated from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that I have found a system that was real and grounded in natural law. Its principles were understandable and aimed for the liberation of disease in every single aspect of the human being. After starting treatment and during my studies I came to experience the liberation of many of the “limitations” that I had struggled with since I was a teenager. Heilkunst opened the door to not only to health but for true freedom, and that has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this wonderful journey. Now, it is my joy and honor to share the experience with those that want to venture in a life changing journey.

We recently relocated back to Mexico and opened the first Heilkunst Clinic in the country, Integra Medicine; where I offer treatment using Heilkunst, Homeopahty and Core Inergetix Bio-resonance therapy.

I live close to Mexico City with my husband, 2 beautiful children and a cat. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and can conduct consultations in both languages.

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New Zealand

Bay of Plenty

Heidi Hutchings Top↑


Heidi Hutchings
Anevay Health Clinic
174 Fraser Street
Bay of Plenty
New Zealand
(64) 7-577-1777 fax: (64) 7-577-1778

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Sonia E. Jaramillo Top↑


Sonia E. Jaramillo
Integrative Holisitic Health & Homeopathy
Northern California
530 692 0331

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My interest in natural medicine began in my teens with my introduction to Yoga & Nutrition back in my home town of Quito, Ecuador.

I pursued formal education at the University of California, Irvine receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Ecology with my last year of studies taking place in Madrid, Spain with which I fell in love.

My own health challenges have led me to search for answers in many fields. I’ve spent hundreds of research and experimentation hours in the fields of health, energetic and informational medicine. All these pieces came together for me when I found Heilkunst. I fell in love with it from the start. Heilkunst training has brought light and order; it has provided me with a solid foundation and a systematic and comprehensive approach to health by aiming at getting at the root causes of disease and not only its manifestations. It has taught me to address all layers of disease and all aspects of the human being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I work with individuals of all ages and with any conditions who are actively interested in improving their health through natural yet powerful means.

Work with me and you will receive my full attention and sincere effort to help you overcome your health challenges and grow more and more vibrant and complete.


I am certified through the International Heilkunst Association (IHA) as a Doctor in Medical Heilkunst. My studies with the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, Canada have granted me a DHHP diploma as Heilkunst Homeopathy Practitioner. My education continues to be a life-long endeavor for which I am grateful.


Skype: soniajaramillo44

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Lauri Germain Top↑


Lauri Germain
Help Your Health

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After suffering a string of emotional traumas from 1994-96, Lauri’s health deteriorated. Later, chronic and complex symptoms forced her to leave a career as an optician. She studied nutrition for two years, then worked part-time at a health food store. Though she ate an organic, whole food diet and took a few quality supplements, chronic symptoms did not improve. Then a coworker handed her a brochure on Heilkunst, a German word which means ‘the art of helping one to become whole’. Heilkunst includes sequential treatment of a person’s traumatic (life) timeline with natural remedies to remove the effects of emotional, mental, and physical trauma. This information deeply resonated with Lauri.

She immediately booked an initial consultation and has never looked back. She decided to study with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa and now has a diploma in homeopathy and Heilkunst, and is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst. She also has a diploma in Animal Heilkunst.

Lauri dreamed of helping people to heal since the age of five. After raising three wonderful children, it is now her passion to help others achieve health and wholeness at all levels – body, mind, soul and spirit.

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Plato

Animal Heilkunst

From raising rabbits and lambs in Idaho for 4-H projects, to adopting family pets when my kids were growing up in Alberta, my love for the animal kingdom goes way back. So it’s no surprise that I was drawn to study Animal Heilkunst & Homeopathy. I welcome animals of all ages and breeds to my practice in Edmonton. It is not necessary to meet the animal, only to talk to the owner about their pet’s symptoms, behavior, and history. But a photograph is always nice to see!

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Ondyena Oshyn Top↑


Ondyena Oshyn
Ondyena Oshyn

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Ondyena resides in California, and works via skype with clients internationally.

In addition to working with Heilkunst using the Core Inergetix technology, she also prescribes Flower Essences, and she does intuitive angel readings, archetypal astrology readings, and she now offers deep soul journeys using Algonquin shamanic medicine.

She can guide people through soul healing using Algonquin shamanism and Holodynamics, which can even include homeopathic remedies at an etheric level, as well as the transformation of any negative or unhealed energy patterns at soul levels.

She also is a Coloratura soprano and sings healing sacred music, and she is very passionate about moving the body with yoga and belly dance.

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Patty Regalia Top↑


Patty Regalia
PO Box 347
California 94938
415 488 1744 Toll Free:866 606 3270

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Patty lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born in San Francisco and raised just north in Marin County. She taught in a Montessori preschool for nine years. During her teaching years, she realized that too many children were put on antibiotics for repeated ear infections, when they could have been treated with safe,-non-toxic, natural medicine instead. She knew this because she had been using homeopathy with her own children and cured their ear infections with homeopathy the first time they had one, and actually found they never got them again. So she quit teaching and decided to study with Patty & Rudi at the Hahnemann College, and is now focusing her practice on children. She enjoys seeing parents learn the effectiveness and safety of homeopathy as an alternative for their children’s medical care, not only for ear infections, but for all ailments, complex and chronic as well as acute.

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Karelyn Vickers-Gaines Top↑


Karelyn Vickers-Gaines
Hawai’i Heilkunst & Homeopathy
14-3561 Hawai’i Rd #2348
Pahoa HI 96778

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I began my studies with Hahnemann College for Heilkunst when my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I witnessed the devastating effects of chemotherapy first hand and knew there had to be a better, more effective way to work with cancer. In doing research on alternative cancer care, I came across Heilkunst and shortly thereafter, my mother was working with a Heilkunstler. When it was clear that the chemotherapy was going to cause my mother’s death, she abandoned all conventional therapies and continued to work with her practitioner. This happened in 2007, and today she is cancer free. I pursued training in Heilkunst to work with and help people and their pets live their best lives.

ANIMAL HEILKUNST There is an increasing need for alternative medicine in the veterinary world as well. I have been working with animals for many years and have seen a devastating decline in the overall health of many species as well as an incline in diseases an animal should never be stricken with. I am passionate about working with and empowering all people with the information necessary to improve the health and longevity of themselves and their beloved companions.

I conduct in person and over the phone consultations and I am happy to make house/farm calls on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

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Aleksandra Mikic Top↑


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Aleksandra was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia. She left her country following her graduation from The University of Architecture in Belgrade.

Facing health challenges along with the harshness and limitations of conventional medicine, she was forced to look for a path of no harm. At first she turned to Reiki and Craniosacral therapy, and she still offers those treatments to patients within the broader perspective of Heilkunst. But Heilkunst was the ultimate answer, clearly defined through principles and natural laws.

Aleksandra is a graduate of Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and is a member of the International Heilkunst Association. Her practice welcomes all species, either in person or through phone consultations.

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Laura Plourde Top↑

DMH, DHHP, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH)

Laura Plourde
138 Main St.
Me 04021

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Laura Plourde DMH, DHHP is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst. She earned her Physician’s Diploma in Heilkunst and Homeopathy at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa, Canada where training is rooted in the dynamic system of thought put forth by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and other scholars including Wilhelm Reich, and Rudolf Steiner.

A decade ago Laura’s two sons were diagnosed with serious health conditions and when conventional medicine didn’t offer solutions, she dove intensively into researching disease.

Guidance from interdisciplinary medical professionals across North America gave her first- hand experience with, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, helminthic immunotherapy, antifungal and antibacterial treatments to combat candida and bacterial imbalance, nutritional supplementation, Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS), Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Body Ecology Diet, and chelation therapy.

Laura saw improvements in her children’s condition but was fraught by the inability of medical practitioners to clearly identify, and ultimately, to cure disease. Words liked, “recovery”, “balance” and “heal” seemed to hold only partial significance and relapses seemed inevitable as the underlying predispositions were not being addressed.

Laura diligently searched for the approach that would emphasize causes, and cures. Common sense and a deep desire for a true cure for her children spurred her into digging deeper for the solution.

At long last, the path was lit when a world renowned, highly sought after medical doctor suggested that Laura explore Heilkunst. Further research into this practice steered her entire family toward treatment.

Finally, she had found a system of medicine that breeched the gap by going beyond simply managing disease to actually curing it! Removing the underlying predispositions to illness using an approach guided by sound logic, and divine wisdom, was the way to health she had been seeking.

Since embracing Heilkunst treatment, Laura has been able to replace 3 hour sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, dozens of nutritional supplements, regimented schedules, anxiety, exhaustion, and the thousands of dollars in monthly expenses with the peace and pleasure of watching her family thrive.

Through her own family’s struggles, and the clarity that comes through Heilkunst, Laura was able to discern her soul’s purpose: to share her knowledge and experience with those seeking the truth about the origin of disease, and with those who are searching for the peace of mind that comes with true health.

Prior to studying Heilkunst, Laura spent several years working closely with an experienced naturopath in Portland, Maine. In 2008, she opened, Autism Hope and Healing, where she offered resources and support to parents who have children with learning disabilities including Autism, ADHD, PDD-NOS and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Laura held local support group meetings for parents of children on the Autism spectrum and moderated discussion groups tailored to helping parents heal their children.

She has spent countless hours teaching others to prepare specific foods based on the teachings of Dr. Westin Price, and Sally Fallon while helping families transition from a typical diet to include cultured, fermented, nutrient dense and grain free alternatives.

After completing her certification, Laura opened Heilkunst and Homeopathy Center of Maine. She is a member of the Canadian International Heilkunst Association. Her practice consists of patients of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

Treatment is available for distance patients through phone consultation.

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Louise P. Bakley Top↑

DHHP, DMH, M.Ed., CCC/SLP, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH)

Louise P. Bakley
Heartstone Center
15 Hoffses Drive
Maine 04843

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Louise Bakley, DHHP, DMH, is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst; a graduate of Hahnemann College of Heilkunst and current member of the Canadian International Heilkunst Association. Following a long and arduous time trying to find a solution to her son’s health issues, Louise was fortunate to discover the Hahnemann Clinic of Heilkunst Sequential Homeopathy. In a very short time, she felt such a strong resonance with this program, she decided to pursue the practitioner’s program and graduated in October 2012.

When, over a period of eight years, her son was diagnosed with an array of, “conditions,” Louise began a journey she did not choose but intuitively knew she had to take on and began researching the treatment maze. There were many conventional diagnostic labels: Lead Poisoning, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety yet, she was never given an explanation, only speculation as to the cause behind this mirage.

During these many years of her son’s young life, working with conventional medicine, Louise felt like she was constantly chasing after the newest and best approach with that one size fits all mentality. As a result, her son’s treatment consisted of: years of numerous strong medications, chelation therapy, an exhaustive list of nutritional supplements, vitamin B12 injections, herbs, various therapies; the list was seemingly endless. She knew that this treatment regimen was traumatic unto itself and not serving any purpose in helping him. Quite the contrary, they only served to weaken him.

Louise continued to venture on trying to, “see,” the message in this mix until one respite weekend, she discovered Heilkunst. After researching it further, she knew Heilkunst was a principled approach based in natural law that systematically determines and eradicates the underlying root cause(s of the various conditions). It was a slow, safe, gentle and natural process that began peeling away the layers that were blocking him from finding his own truth and living the life he was meant to live.

Louise has a broad and in depth amount of experience working with children, adolescents and adults. She is also a licensed speech-language pathologist and special education teacher working in the field for over 30 years and has been quite humbled in her understanding of the true nature of disease. She now sees her patients and students through a clearer lens; with the knowledge that these conventional medical labels bear no truth in the cause. She knew they would continue to bump up against that brick wall inhibiting them from realizing their full potential so, she decided, in feeling a true connection with Heilkunst, she might bridge the two worlds; treating the whole person.

Throughout all these years, Louise has gained invaluable experience that has helped her with patient care. She continues to enjoy helping her patient’s; students and colleagues learn the benefits of living loving healthy choices. She enjoys learning about and creating various healthy recipes that children and teenagers will embrace.

Louise participates in community events promoting Heilkunst Sequential Homeopathy so more people will have the opportunity to find their own truth in feeling an overall sense of health and wellness.

Louise is happy to work with patients in person or long distance via telephone or Skype.

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Stephen Cobb Top↑


Stephen Cobb
Stephen Cobb
Practitioner of Heilkunst and Homeopathy
179 Avenue A, 2nd Floor
Turners Falls
Massachusetts 01376

Write to Stephen.

After a decade of home study of homeopathy and treating my kids with a homeopathy kit, I felt a strong spiritual leading at age 40 to go to homeopathy school to start a formal career in the healing arts. I went for three years to a classical homeopathy school, and I began to feel some disconnect between what I was learning at school and what I was reading from the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, in his classic medical treatise, the Organon of Heilkunst. Fortunately, I came across the Dynamic Legacy, written by the founders of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, and after reading the 500+ page text – hardly able to put it down in my excitement! – I had transferred to the HCH within a week of reading the Dynamic Legacy, and I never looked back.

As a graduate of the DHHP program of Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, I’ve been educated in the true sense of the word: the healing artist has been drawn out of me by developing my intellectual and intuitive knowledge. I have been equipped with a set of principles grounded in natural laws that I can apply to each case with therapeutic regimen, medicine, and educaton to heal, cure, and enlighten each patient I treat. I have an understanding of dynamic physiology membering the human being – visible and supersensible – so that I can attribute real causes to the sufferings of my patients. Best of all, I can help my patients find meaning in their suffering so that they ultimately connect with their resonant desires and evolve their consciousness toward life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have taken this self-same journey by following my heart’s desire and raising my consciousness, and those who resonate with me, my patients and colleagues, are my teachers and fellow travelers.

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Carrie Bartnik Top↑


Carrie Bartnik
Carrie Bartnik
Loving Touch Solutions
86 Dayton Street
Michigan 48371
248 860 7793 | 248 628 0258

Write to Carrie.

Do you want to feel pain free, joyful, true happiness and excitement about your future? I did and my journey started here with Heilkunst. I am a graduate of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and a member of the Canadian International Heilkunst Association. I would love to guide you through the Heilkunst journey and help you find your divine purpose and be rid of emotional and physical dis-ease. Contact me and lets get started today. I work with humans and animals and can do consults in person or over the phone. Don’t wait, You won’t believe how good you can feel!

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New Mexico

Ethan Miller Top↑


Ethan Miller
5021 San Mateo Ln. NE #31
New Mexico 87109

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New York

Susan Wendover Top↑


Susan Wendover
New York

Write to Susan.

Susan began her quest in 1997, after feeling uncomfortable giving conventional medicine to her young son who was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Doctors kept telling her it was safe, while she felt otherwise.

She followed her intuition by safely using an herbal tonic while taking her son off all conventional asthma meds, including shots!

In 2005, at a crossroads, Susan began seeking meaning and purpose in her own life, which led to researching alternative medicine. Heilkunst resonated with her because it is based on defined principles grounded in natural law. It is a medical system that looks beyond the superficial level to treat the true cause of undesired symptoms.

She enrolled in the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, an accredited college offering a four year diploma, where she earned her DHHP and also became a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst with the Canadian-International Heilkunst Association.

We should all experience the privilege of health, happiness and well being. If you are ready to make lasting change in your life, end your suffering, and participate in your own journey, then you owe it to yourself to schedule your appointment and begin living the life you deserve.

Susan also appears here on the Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network website.

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Santa Fe

Debra Sherry Top↑


Debra Sherry
Wholistic Health
603 Dolores Rd. (P O Box 592)
New Mexico 87571

Write to Debra.

Alternative health and medicine became interesting to me about 20 years ago after finding myself becoming more and more “sick” on the “allopathic” road to (un-)health. Something told me I would never become healthy again unless I took responsibility for my health and found alternative solutions. After experimenting with aromatherapy, vitamins and supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, energy healing and several other alternative healing modalities, I found that none were able to elicit a cure for my long list of chronic ailments, although most helped temporarily. I knew there had to be something better – something more – something that would help me “wholistically” not just physically. Luckily, I found Heilkunst and the HCH, and immediately became a student.

As a requirement for all students, I underwent Heilkunst treatment, and soon found much more than I expected. Not only did it prove to be the key to physical health and true cure, I became much healthier on all levels – mind, body, soul. Through the course of the first two years of treatment, this new path led to meaning in my life, along with a new lifestyle, career, relationships, and residence. The treatment changed “me”, so that whatever was unhealthy in my life vanished, to allow for something new and healthier to come in. I continue to strive towards deeper and deeper levels of health and recognize that I can only take my patients to the level of health I enjoy.

I graduated from the HCH with the DHHP and DynBC in 2004. Since then I have been granted the Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH) accreditation by the CIHA. I live in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico and have a private practice under the name of High Desert Homeopathy.

I’m very excited about the continued challenges and opportunities for growth and learning that my patients will bring me, and about the health I know that many patients will find through this wonderful art of medicine!

Write to Debra…

Hello Debra, I’m writing to you and here’s my 


Judy Jarvis Top↑

DHHP, SCENAR Therapist

Judy Jarvis
Judy Jarvis
117 Riverside Farm Lane
East Hardwick
Vermont 05836

Write to Judy.

Judy has been organically farming fruits, vegetables and herbs for 20 years and knows the soil is our foundation of life but there is more to health than what we feed our bodies. She was a massage therapist for 6 years and is now working with the Tennant Biomodulator, and has great success relieving pain with her clients.

She became interested in alternative health with the early death of her parents when she was in her teens. While working through chronic health problems of her own using diet, herbs, essential oils and acupuncture, she began to use homeopathy. With the birth of her children Judy found a new appreciation for the effectiveness and ease at which homeopathy worked for acute problems, but found that it wasn’t effective for chronic issues. Judy also began to see similar weaknesses in their bodies that she had in hers, as well as her parents, and didn’t want them going down the path of antibiotics that she had been on. She wanted to strengthen their systems in all ways and eliminate the genetic weaknesses that were handed down through the generations. Heilkunst is a comprehensive approach that delves deeper than the symptoms to reach the cause of the problem. She is presently learning the tricks of the trade with teenagers and the art of letting go and empowering them to take on their own health care.

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