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CoCo Verspoor

CoCo Verspoor


Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH).

CoCo is a member of the Faculty: Director, Programs.

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CoCo Verspoor holds a BA and Ph.D (ABD) in economics. She decided to study healthcare at the Hahnemann College for Heilkusnt (HCH) after receiving treatment for herself and her son. It is her desire to share her experience of Heilkunst and Romantic Science Healthcare with others, an experience that continues to allow her to develop at all levels of body, mind, soul and spirit. She sees life as an ongoing expressing, unfolding and understanding of one’s true self. Science, philosophy, art, and healing have come to a rewarding resonance in her life through working with the development of Romantic Science Healthcare and her continuing education in the movement art of eurythmy.

Her practice with the HCH Clinic seeks to help others achieve better health and integrated well-being at all levels through dynamic nutrition, energetic medicine and therapeutic education. She serves as Programs Director for the Center for Romantic Science and the School of Romantic Science and Healthcare.

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