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It has been a while since I have spoken with you. So much has been going on here with my sister and her wedding, but I wanted to send an email off to you to let you know that I started following your regimenal recommendations.

Well, I got weighed and measured today, and from about six weeks ago I have lost three pounds and 6.5 inches! But that isn’t what I’m really happy about – that is just icing on the cake.

I feel so much better physically, I don’t feel so bloated and fat. I don’t have those crashes in the afternoon anymore. I even have some ice cream once in a while, or another dessert, but I really don’t even want it most of the time. I have found two salad dressings that don’t have any vinegar in them at all and once in a while I have oil and vinegar, and now I don’t even care for it! I just wanted to share this good news with you. Thanks so much!!

Each time I hear the information I seem to understand it and absorb it on a different level. It is always new and interesting. Your explanations are so concise.

Heilkunst has been and continues to be an awesome journey, as a student, a mother and a patient I am so grateful for the opportunity I have been given and I look forward to continuing this lifelong education.

The biggest improvements we have seen in our children have been due to homeopathy. You are our third homeopath. We saw good improvements with T’s constipation with the first, but no real behavioural improvements. We saw some behavioural improvements with the second, but nothing consistent.

We started with you in September 2004. The first big improvement was that both kids got a really good report from schools within three weeks of starting with you. They had gone from having lots of problems and meltdowns to doing quite well. The changes noted by both schools really corresponded to the time when we started with your treatment.

The kids have gotten consistently and gradually better as we have followed your treatment. T’s eye contact has gradually improved since Feb. 2004 (she totally lost eye contact within two months of her vaccination prior to starting kindergarten), but recently took a really good leap forward after completing your treatment for the vaccine that took away her eye contact.

T still has a long way to go with social skills, but she is able to interact quite well with other children at times. When she was younger, she used to run away when other kids came around. Now she’s interested in friendships, and does have one little buddy at school. She has times when she plays really well with friends, and times when she isolates herself, but she is really so much better than she was two years ago. Most of the improvement has been since we started working with you.

P is a different boy. When we first started with you, I felt like running away from home. P was extremely aggressive and violent, and would have rages for simple things like asking him not to climb up on the bannister. He would hit me (and, of course, his sister), and bite/yell/call names (luckily he doesn’t yet know any swear words, or he would have been using them!). He would throw furniture or try to damage property when he was mad. He couldn’t make friends and every single time I took him to a park and other children were there, he would behave aggressively toward those children and we would have to leave the park. No amount of coaching on social skills helped. Nor did “consequences” like having to leave the park. His violence and anger were just escalating, and I couldn’t take my kids places people normally go as a family.

Now, P is a very pleasant little boy. He does have occasional “nasty” periods, but whereas he used to go into a rage any time I asked him not to do something, now he usually just says, “O.K., Mom” and stops what he’s doing.

His social problems didn’t emerge until after he was two and half. Prior to that he was a really charming little guy, and would make friends at the park with older children because he had really good language and social skills for his age. Now, I feel like I’m seeing my little boy come back. A year ago, I had fears that by the time P was a teenager, I wouldn’t be able to have him at home because of his violence. Now, I never feel that way. He still has a way to go, but he’s doing so well, I doubt he’ll get special funding for his year at school next year.

I’m also being treated by you. I don’t have any really serious health issues, but the challenges I have had with the kids have been emotionally very challenging. It’s hard to separate out the improvements I’ve had related to how much easier parenting has become from how the treatments have affected my constitution, but either way, I’m feeling so much better.

I would recommend you to anyone. Homeopathy, and particularly your treatment, has been an answer to prayer. Our family has benefited enormously from your treatments.