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Joan Wallace

Joan Wallace


Joan is a member of the Faculty.

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Joan’s interest in natural medicine began in the 70’s when she explored herbology as an alternative for treating various conditions. From there she made a quick leap to homeopathy after experiencing personal healing while being treated for the effects of an injury. With an undergrad degree in Psychology and Teacher Education, and a Masters of Science in Health, she was compelled to pursue further education in homeopathy. After a few serendipitous occurents she was introduced to Heilkunst – Samuel Hahnemann’s complete system of medicine, which includes homeopathy. Always a seeker of Truth, she decided to participate in Heilkunst as a patient first and experienced cure of a long standing ailment. Her cat, Nellie, also underwent treatment and showed a remarkable improvement in health and temperament. Thus Joan began the three-year program of advanced studies at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa. After successfully completing the DHHP program, she continued with the DAHH program in order to be able to treat animals too.

Joan’s Heilkunst practice and office is centrally located in Toronto in The Annex Center. To set up an appointment with her please call or email Joan.

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