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Plans for the future

The HCH is always looking to improve and expand so as to make Heilkunst more effective and more available to those seeking its benefits. We continue to work with the best of modern technology to provide the most effective means of study at the lowest cost possible right across the globe.

We are now part of iTunes U, the innovative brainchild of Steve Jobs and Apple Inc., so that we can reach out to many more people around the world and see this expanding in an exciting way as we develop new material to use the potential of iTunesU for students and patients.

We are reaching out to many new areas of natural health to bring them within the scientific and integrated framework of Heilkunst so that therapeutics will be even more effective against the legion of diseases and conditions afflicting people, including the host of new health problems arising.

We have a vision of learning that is innovative, exciting, motivated and focussed on each individual student, regardless of where they live, what their background is. We wish to see the HCH become a growing force internationally for health and education. We want to work with the wonders of modern communications to make Heilkunst treatment even more available to anyone on the globe, and thanks to the scientific principles of Heilkunst, this can be done.

We wish to be able to provide more financial assistance to those who need it, for studying or for treatment and hope to have even more people provide donations to the Trust so this goal can be accomplished.

Our work is based on the wisdom and genius of the past, updated in the present and aimed at the future. Come and work and grow with us!