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Books / Technology Requirements

Students should own or have access to a computer with a connection to the Internet. Much of the study material, including the main textbooks, is made available in electronic format and is accessible from our internet site. In addition, many resources for study and research can only be found on the internet. All written assignments must be provided in type-written or electronic format. To the extent that a student wishes to use computer programs for some of the clinical work, a computer will also be required.

In addition to the main textbooks, provided in electronic format as part of the tuition fee, the student is required to purchase some additional books for reference and eventual use in their practice. All material in electronic format made available by the College can be obtained in hard copy (at cost).

The Resource Center contains various resources that in-class students may use for study or research or to assess the value of homeopathic and other medical-related computer programs prior to purchasing.

If you are looking at purchasing a desktop or laptop computer, we would strongly encourage you to consider an Apple product. Not only will you be instantly and seamlessly part of our wireless internet access system when you are in-class, you will be purchasing what we consider a superior approach to the use of computers for learning and everyday use.

The HCH made the decision to purchase Apple computers because of their superior quality and Apple’s strong commitment to the use of computers (including easy access to the internet) in education. Apple systems are more user-friendly, virtually uncrashable, and virtually impregnable to computer viruses. Since switching over to Apple we remain very satisfied with the versatility and quality of their products, their technical support and the expandability of their systems for future uses. For example, we are looking at the possibility of videoconferencing, so students studying with the HCH internationally could attend classes in Ottawa – virtually!

In your studies, you will learn of the value of the creative (generative power). Apple is a company, in our view, that reflects this creative power in its products and its commitment to the use of computers for life-long learning.