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Donna Smith

Donna MacKenzie


Donna is a member of the Faculty.

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Donna’s interest in homeopathy started when she was told by a well-known homeopath that her health was “incurable using homeopathy.” She didn’t believe him, so she began her search to find the homeopath or the system of homeopathy that would prove that statement wrong. After one year of searching, she met with a homeopath who practiced Heilkunst, which she learned was an advanced form of homeopathy used for more complex cases, providing a more systematic means of correcting the cause of illness and restoring health. This treatment returned her to a state of health. She was curable, after all, and wondered how many others given the same diagnosis and prognosis might also be cured using this new system of medicine based on Hahnemann.

She was so intrigued by homeopathy and the results that it achieved that it has become a passion for her. She studied with Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith, and received her DIHom.(Pract.) diploma as well as the DHHP diploma of the Hahnemann Center.

Donna is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH) with the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association. She is also a Colour Therapist, and sees many correlations between colours and homeopathic remedies. One of her goals is to help others who may feel discouraged, like she did, when they are told or feel that that there isn’t any cure or any hope of feeling better. She now knows that there is a way of achieving lasting health!

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