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Susan Cohen

Susan Cohen


Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH)‚ CoRe Bioresonance Practitioner‚ SCENAR Therapist.

Susan is a member of the Faculty.

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As Susan’s children started growing, and unfortunately started getting the eternal ear infections, colds and occasional cases of strep throat, she began questioning the advice she was receiving from the pediatricians and specialists. Her children never seemed to really get better, and never seemed to be fully healthy. She started studying at a natural health school, just to be able to help her children. Her time there was spent studying the ancient art of Chinese medicine, and she was subsequently introduced to a homeopath who taught in the school. With her interest piqued, she launched her quest to find the best homeopathic school that she could. Her enquiries took her to another city, to Ottawa, and before long she was studying at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and traveling to get to classes.

Susan started her adult life in the accounting profession and spent many years with a private practice. What she enjoyed most about the accounting profession was that there is a correct resolution to any problem, and a sense of accomplishment when the job is done. She is very happy to have found these qualities in the practice of Heilkunst. There are no problems that are insurmountable, and the personal growth, freedom, and level of health that can be attained through Heilkunst is the best and highest accomplishment possible.

Although Susan has finished her diploma program, she has continued her studies and investigations into this field through continuing education at the Hahnemann College in order to be able to be up to date in all the newest information that is uncovered. She has added the application of the NeuroSCENAR to her practice to help alleviate acute pain while treatment is ongoing.

Susan (DHHP, DMH) is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst with the International Heilkunst Association (Canadian/International Heilkunst Association). She is also a member of the National Association of Naturopaths (N.A.N.).

Because Susan’s clinic in Montreal is a member-clinic of the Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst based in Ottawa, Ontario, Susan has access to all of the research and advantages of a multi-practitioner, multi-office association that will greatly benefit her clients.

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