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Advice on Courses and Career

The College offers students the opportunity to seek counseling and advice at any stage regarding their studies and their prospective careers related to Heilkunst.

New Students

Once a new student is accepted to the College and has returned the registration forms to the Registrar, a Registration Packet is sent out. This packet includes:

  • welcome letters from the Dean and Dean of Student Affairs;
  • assignment of faculty member as Personal Tutor;
  • individual class schedule for the academic year based on the program chosen (in-class only);
  • outline of study for Study Modules (distance learning only);
  • details of access to textbook and study material on-line;
  • details regarding the Resource Center;
  • Student Guide;
  • details of Formal Assessments required for graduation;
  • transfer evaluation (if applicable);
  • other specific information regarding registration or program requirements.

New students have an opportunity to meet their Tutor at Summer School or at one of the first weekends, or by scheduling an appointment at any time prior to the beginning of the semester. New students are encouraged to contact their Tutor prior to the start of the semester.

Academic Advising

In addition to their Personal Tutor, students can seek advice from one of our Academic Advisors, who are available to see students by individual appointment, through group-advising sessions and by phone or e-mail contact. Contact the Dean, Student Affairs for more details.

Several reasons to talk to your Tutor or an Academic Advisor

  1. to review your sequence of courses and diploma program;
  2. to discuss schedule changes;
  3. to clarify, review and track your progress;
  4. to discuss academic difficulty and/or personal hardships you’re experiencing;
  5. to discuss graduation requirements and plans for the future.