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Mod 27-33 Postgraduate Enrichment Modules

Module 27

These modules are intended to widen and deepen your knowledge as a practitioner in various topics beyond that learnt in the diploma programs, and to focus on specific areas of interest relating to your particular practice. Units are usually taken individually. Contact the Registrar for more details.

Module 27

Understanding and Dealing with the Treatment of Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autism and ASD form the fastest growing medical condition and present a difficult challenge to even experienced practitioners. Almost all such cases are complex and multi-causual, demanding and highly rewarding. This module takes you deeper into the understanding and treatment approach within Heilkunst.

Module 28

Understanding and Treating Cancer

Cancer is endemic and a great challenge to practitioners, not least because of the fear associated with this condition. This module gives you an in-depth understanding of what cancer is from a Heilkunst perspective to assist in the approach to and treatment of this condition.

Module 29

Introductions to the Works and Ideas of Wilhelm Reich (Clinical Orgonomy) and Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophical Medicine)

Module 30

Treating for the Ontic Organisation – Removing the Ego and Raising the True Self

The removal of the ego (false self) and the development of the true self is a critical part of treatment, particularly later on in the process as people get healthier overall. This module leads you to a better understanding of various treatment options for handling the challenges of treatment at this level, including the use of the Lanthanides and the mineral remedies in general.

Modules 31-33 – in Development

Immunization and Prophylaxis – Role and Alternative

Labor, Pregnancy and Birth – Dynamic Midwifery

Deeper into the Chthonic Realm – Snake Remedies and Beyond

Understanding Rage – Male-Female Relationship Dynamics

The Second Organon – John Brown, Excitation and the Law of Opposites

The HCH is continually researching and developing enrichment courses for its graduates to go deeper into the understanding and treatment of specific conditions and issues. Contact the Registrar for more details.