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Study Options

Distance Learning

The diploma programs are designed with mature adult learners in mind, so their format is based on a distance learning model. Extensive study material is provided on iTunes University, consisting of audio recordings of class lectures and teleconferences, written study material and books (paper and electronic), video clips and short movies. Students are assigned a personal tutor to guide them through the study material; communication with the tutors can be by mail, e-mail, fax and telephone. Students are welcome to attend certain in-class sessions during their course of study, subject to space and availability.

Telephone conferences are scheduled every two weeks during the academic year which runs from September through June. The cost of the teleconferences is included in the course fees, but the student is responsible for the long-distance charges incurred.

In-class Sessions

Most in-class teaching occurs during regular intervals, such as Summer, Winter and Autumn Schools (see below).

Study Sessions: Summer, Winter School and Autumn School

Each July the College hosts a week of intensive study covering various topics in Heilkunst in Ottawa, during our annual Summer School. Similar events, Winter School and Autumn School, takes place in a warm southern location in February and on the Canadian West Coast in the Fall (September-October). These study weeks are open to all students, starting or advanced, as well as graduates. These study sessions offer an opportunity to meet other students from around the world, to study various topics in greater depth and to get a chance to discuss issues related to Heilkunst with tutors and peers. Study fees are included in the general fees for the relevant diploma program, to a maximum number of credits depending on the course of study (contact the Registrar for more details).