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Certificate in Home and Basic First-Aid Use in Animal Care

Provides those responsible for the day-to-day care animals with a basic, but thorough knowledge of homeopathy and Heilkunst in first aid, emergency situations pending expert evaluation and treatment. This certificate provides you with the tools required to handle such situations as poisonings, insect bites, burns, sprains, strains, coughs, etc. and other situations requiring immediate aid. Often, the need for further treatment is eliminated and recovery is speeded up considerably.

Course Outline

  • What is homeopathy? What is Heilkunst?
  • Part I: Historical Context
    • Modern Research
  • Part II: Basic principles
    • Study Exercises – Part II, Section B: the Birth of Rational Medicine
  • Section C: The Organon: Hahnemann’s Formal Call for Medical Reform
  • Section D: Two Approaches to and Two Types of Specific Remedies for Disease
  • Section E: Disease: Material or Dynamic in Origin?
  • Section F: Two Sides of the Living Principle
  • Section G: Initial Action and Counter-action. Process of Disease, Remedial Process
  • Section H: Summary
  • Part III: Homeopathic Pharmacy

Materia Medica

  • Part IV: Therapeutics
    • Section A: Tonic Versus Pathic Prescribing
    • Section B: Three Areas for Tonic Prescribing
    • Single Diseases (Traumata)
      • Contusions, physical traumas
      • Burns:
      • Emotional Shock with Fear
      • Emergency eye conditions
      • Fractures
      • Hemorrhage, bleeding, loss of vital fluids
      • Insect or animal bites or stings, and puncture wounds
      • Muscle strain and poison ivy
      • Mushroom poisoning, frostbite
      • Nerve trauma
      • Overeating, over-indulgence
      • Septicemia, infections
      • Tendon and ligament trauma (sprains)
  • Complex diseases (Traumata)
    • Head injuries
    • In a muscular strain or sprain
    • In a surgical intervention
    • Septic conditions
    • Abscessed tooth
    • Following dental work with injections
    • Crushed paws or damage to the spine
    • Compound fractures
    • Pathic prescribing, or Hahnemann’s “so-called Acute Diseases”
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Remedy
  • List Resources

1 Formerly titled ‘Certificate in Animal Care’