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Diploma in Animal Homeopathy and Heilkunst - DAHH

The DAHH represents the most unique and comprehensive program available, designed to train individuals to effectively treat animals using the principles, remedies and approaches of Heilkunst developed for humans. There is a long history of the application of the insights of Dr. Hahnemann and other health practitioners, in particular homeopaths, to the area of animal work.

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The approach to animal health involves the body, mind, soul and spirit of the animal in a way that allows the practitioner to understand the dynamic context of disease and imbalance, and to be able to find a remedy, even in cases where the cause is not obvious or understood. The physiology of the animal is studied in a living context to enable us to see the animal as a living entity with feelings and needs essential to health, to understand each animal within its species, and to learn how to restore and maintain healthy functioning at all levels. The interaction between animals and humans is also studied as an important part of the assessment of each case.

Students will be given a thorough grounding in the principles applicable to the cure of disease and the healing of the organism consistent with the main DHHP (human) program, but with specific application to the animal world.

The DAHH involves some additional study modules beyond that of the DHHP that are specifically geared to the treatment of animals using Heilkunst principles and the clinical internship portion involves animal patients.

All classes and lectures are recorded for simple downloading from the student website, and there is access to periodic teleconferences designed to bring everyone together for more personal question and answer sessions and to be given specific guidance on study issues. Your personal tutor is always available as well for any questions you might have throughout your program.

There is also the opportunity to attend or listen to recordings of the Summer and Winter School.

Students can also undertake a combined DHHP/DAHH study program given the overlapping nature of much of the material, so that they can treat both humans and their animals in their future practice.

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