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Mod 39 Specifics of Animal Homeopathy and Heilkunst

Module 39

Specifics of Animal Homeopathy and Heilkunst

  • Animal diploma students must first follow the course of study for the DHHP (for the DAHH) Diploma, and then complete Module 44 and this Module.

For those wishing to apply the benefits of homeopathy and Heilkunst to animals, this Module provides the necessary additional knowledge and clinical examples to apply the general principles of homeopathy and Heilkunst most effectively, while also emphasizing those situations and remedies most likely to be found and needed when treating animals. The shorter lives of animal pose an extra challenge to the practitioner because of the undue impact of poor nutrition, in-breeding and intense vaccination and drugs. For this reason, more traditional methods seldom work in animals, but here you will learn how to bring the therapeutic power of homeopathy and Heilkunst to bear to great effect.