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Certificate in Dynamic Bioresonance

The Dynamic Bioresonace Analyst (DynBR) program is for those graduates wanting to successfully integrate bioresonace into their Heilkunst practice. The specific technology used, the CoRe, has been further and custom developed to make it relevant to Heilkunst. However, it’s successful use, as with all bioresonance technology, depends on the mind and consciousness of the user.

The need for such a program has become more and more clear as the knowledge and use of the CoRe expands within Heilkunst, particularly as we develop a more comprehensive Heilkunst set of trays for the CoRe and work to integrate it more fully into Heilkunst treatment. While the preferred route is for DHHP graduates to take the diploma program on Anthroposophic-Orgonomic Heilkunst this is not always possible for all who might wish to use the CoRe. At a minimum, for the CoRe to be used with any great effect therapeutically requires a minimum training of the mind, which is what properly directs the CoRe itself.

Students taking the DynBR should own a CoRe at the start of this program (the cost is not included in this certificate), and at about the two-thirds mark, the Heilkunst trays will be provided.

While the DynBR is set out as a three-year certificate, those who work consistently at it can reasonably complete the program in twelve to eighteen months.

The program will be necessary for graduates to obtain access to those custom CoRe analysis trays developed for use with and through Heilkunst principles and therapeutics. It will consist of:

Initial requirements

  • A minimum of the DHHP program and significant actual practice upon graduation. Those who graduate with the DSH or DSV will not be eligible.
  • A desire to develop one’s etheric mind.
  • A capacity for absorbing the study material.
  • Initial interview.

Upon acceptance

The following modules, plus study assignments

  • Dynamic Sciences.
  • Cancer.
  • Ontic Development.
  • Autism.
  • Bioresonance Introduction.
  • CoRe Introduction.
  • Advanced Therapeutics Weekend.
  • The Second Organon.
  • History of Philosophy Modules.
  • Scriptural Weekend.

Study assignments

  • Dynamic Philosophy Modules 1-8 (unless previously completed as part of the DHHP)
  • A-O Teleconference Audio Collection (Years 2007-2009) Some study questions will be added, and also an oral discussion overall.
  • Clinical Case Studies – minimum of 6
  • Credit may be granted for additional work relevant to the development of the etheric mind.

Study will consist of readings, audio recordings, and periodic telephone conversations, plus possible in-person events depending on timing and numbers. Study assignments will vary from study questions to interviews and essays, plus a final oral interview. Clinical will consist of six actual CoRe readings

The effective use of the CoRe depends on its being made subservient to Heilkunst principles and to its use by a mind that has been properly trained to direct it, given that reality is a function of consciousness. All such bioresonance systems, the CoRe included, are highly susceptible to error and therapeutic impotence unless directed by a mind given over to noetic ideation and connation.

Once the student has achieved a certain level of understanding, they will be given a basic Heilkunst CoRe set of trays to work with under supervision, in particular through detailed discussion of six cases.