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Financial Assistance

The HCH is a privately funded institution and relies on the generosity of its supporters and donors to provide financial assistance to deserving students.

Programs are available to eligible students

  • Students who require financial assistance are advised to apply for a student loan at their local bank; the HCH can provide a letter of intent for those who require it.

In addition, the HCH Trust offers the following scholarships

  • The Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Scholarship Fund and the Alumni Fund provide a limited number of scholarships to students strongly committed to the study of Heilkunst who face severe financial constraints.
  • The Mary Margaret Whitelaw Memorial Fund provides financial recognition to students undertaking research and special projects that contribute to knowledge of Heilkunst.
  • The Alumni Scholarship Fund for students in their final year and for those wishing to benefit from a clinical externship in the year following graduation.

Please contact the Registrar for further details.