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Testimonials — Life After Graduation

(The day after an Open House to start a new practice)

Thanks to all of you…you are just a great big bunch…
I am overwhelmed with the response in the community and now it keeps going…
I am in a total awe state… booked solid until the end of next week, I don’t even have time to deposit the money or order remedies, but I love it.

I would have never thought I am able to talk this way to clients… you would think I’ve been doing this for decades. It’s just this combination of this deep understanding of our principles, living in the truth, having faith, hope and love to trust that the universe will bring on what I can or need to handle to further evolve.

I can’t thank the Rudi an Patty enough to enlighten me this way.

Love, MMC

Manuela Mueller-Code DHHP, DMH, DynBC
Homeopathy & Heilkunst
Arnprior, Canada

— Source: Manuela Mueller-Code DHHP, DMH, DynBC.